SOW Bingus Petrakos

Bingus Petrakos

Bingus Petrakos


Quote: "If I were to tell you that ignorance has been a kind of protection for you and that there’s a price you have to pay if you are to understand your destiny, would you still choose understanding over ignorance?"

Background: Bingus is a studious gnome who is more interested in his arcane studies than being descriminating in his choice of friends. As a result he has gotten into a few tough spots in the past, allying himself with characters who got him into situations he wouldn’t have chosen if he’d been paying more attention. In the end however, he has proven that he is more interested in doing what is right and correcting his oversights.

Appearance: Bingus is very conscious of how appearances make a first impression and so is always impecibily dressed. He favors a top hat and tails even when adventuring and has uses his cantrips to keep himself neat and clean. He has a goatee and aquiline features.

Roleplaying Notes: Fascinated with things arcane, sometimes to the degree that he becomes distracted with the practical matters of life.

Plot Points/Information: Originally enountered the Brindol party in Sinruth’s lair, assisted with party’s escape with released prisoners.


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