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Bairdyn Barleycorn

Bairdyn Barleycorn Bairdyn Barleycorn


Quote: “"It’s just like my Grandpa always says… "

Background: Bairdyn is one of the river folk, halflings that travel the worlds rivers serving as intermediaries in many trade ventures. Raised on the stories of his Grandpa Basil, he has become an adventurer practiced in things not alway on the legal side of the law, but always on the moral side of the law.

Appearance: Like many youth his age, Bairdyn has opted for the unkempt look for his hair. His complexion is ruddy from growing up on the waters, but his face is always filled with a smile. His eyes have a playful twinkle. He dresses for adventure, always sure that it will find him.

Roleplaying Notes: Bairdyn is friendly and adventurous. He fancies himself a noble-hearted rogue who helps the underdog, and he works to ensure that both heroes and villains alike get EXACTLY what they have coming to them. He idolizes his Grandpa and seeks to live up to his reputation.

Plot Points/Information:



Basil Barleycorn: Grandfather

Belinda Barleycorn: Grandmother

Beaumont Barleycorn: Father

Bryony Barleycorn: Mother

Andreg: Recurring Enemy

Alariel: Skortnur’s daughter, who Bairdyn now keeps an eye on since he feels partly responsible for her father’s death.


First time in Brindol