Prophecy: Supporting Cast

Supporting Cast


Residents of the Village of Camiram

Elyl Shona (female halfling Noble): Elyl Shona
is the Honorable Mayor of Camiram, and a bailiff for Lord Prisius,
and has been for the past several years. She’s middle-aged, with a
mellow personality and a dry wit, but also quite capable of
quieting down a room full of concerned villagers to make herself
heard. She likes the quiet life and wants nothing more than peace
for the village. Camiram’s current problems with raiders concern
her greatly.

Tam Flinder (male dwarf): Perhaps Camiram’s
most famous citizen, Tam is the local blacksmith. He traveled a
great deal in his youth but has settled down to practice his craft.
He’s well known as the most skilled smith in all the surrounding
villages, although he’s quite modest about his abilities. Tam’s
more than capable of turning out a masterwork piece now and then,
and they fetch a fair price in the marketplace. The dwarf also
likes to drop in at the inn for a drink or two after work each

(female human): The owner and proprietor of the Inn of
the Rose is a vivacious red-haired woman with sparkling blue eyes
and an easy smile. She lost her beloved husband Andres when they
had been married only two years and has never remarried (although
not due to lack of offers). Her two teenaged children, Dev and
Kianna, work at the inn. Ynda loves to chat and hears every bit of
gossip in the village.

Ekam Relles (male half-elf): Ekam Relles was
appointed Sheriff of Camiram, reeve to Lord Prisius, several years
ago and takes his duties quite seriously. He’s a seasoned warrior,
having fought in other territories before settling in the village.
He also has a discerning eye, but he can be somewhat rigid at

Evet Skarm
(male human): The wizard Evet Skarm is fairly
young for a man of his skill in magic, only in his late twenties.
He likes Camiram because he’s the most skilled wizard in the area
(at least, so far as he knows) and he spends his time studying,
teaching his apprentices, and performing minor magic for the
village as needed.

Jinna Yost (female human): The priestess of
Pelor came quite suddenly into her duties when her mentor and
superior, Mika Pharos, was killed in one of the raids on an
outlying farm where he was tending to an injured man. Jinna feels
somewhat overwhelmed by her responsibilities at times, but
maintains a brave front for the sake of her people, praying daily
to Pelor for the strength she needs to carry on.

Sister Serka (female human): Part of the
answer to Jinna Yost’s prayers is Sister Serka, a monk from the
Monastery of the Divine Light of the Order of the Golden Fist. She
has come to aid the village in its negotiations with the barbarians
and to assist the temple however she can. Her discipline,
intellect, and cleverness have proven invaluable to Jinna over the
past weeks. Two lower ranked monks accompany Serka.

Naj Robel (male human): A lower-ranked knight,
Naj Robel, a member of the White Paladins, was sent by the Church
to aid in Camiram’s negotiations and eventual expansion. He and
Sister Serka complement each other in that Robel favors more
direct, martial solutions while Serka prefers a more peaceful and
conciliatory position. Two newly made knights in the service of the
Church accompany him.

Members of the Tribe of
the Cresent Moon

Sollek Silver-Axe (male half-orc): The proud
Sollek Silver-Axe is the chief of the barbarians dwelling near
Camiram. Although he is a half-orc, Sollek is no fool, and he’s
willing to negotiate with the people of the village rather than
risk a war that may ultimately do his people more harm than good.
Although Sollek loves a good brawl, he also wants what is best for
his people. If cooperation with Camiram is it, then that is what he
will do. On the other hand, if wiping out the village is what he
thinks is best, he’ll do that just as easily.

Vosta the Veiled (female human): The
mysterious Vosta is Sollek’s constant companion. She is a
sorceress, feared and respected by the people of her tribe for her
abilities. She always wears veils that cover her head and face,
leaving only her smoky-colored eyes visible. She speaks softly and
defers to Sollek in most things, but he turns to her for advice,
particularly about omens and all things magical.

Durak Wildeye (male half-ogre): The
adopted son of Sollek, Durak is a foundling who, while still very
young, has become the tribal champion. Anyone wanting to threaten
Sollek must get through Durak first. While he is not very bright
for a human, he is huge and strong, at times more animal than

Residents of Duvik’s

Mayor Cristofar Sendars (male
human): Cristofar Sendars is the Honorable Mayor of Duvik’s Pass,
and a bailiff for Lord Prisius, and has been for the past several
years. He’s middle-aged, with a somber personality, quite capable
of quieting down a room full of concerned townspeople to make
himself heard. He likes the quiet life, but was enjoying the town’s
newfound popularity and wealth. The town’s current problems concern
him greatly.

Stefan Doverspeak (male numan): An
influential merchant and the mine financier, he is very concerned
over not only his business prospects but also the lives of his
workers and their families.

(male half-elf): The town priest (Rao) and
healer, Father Samual is at a loss as to how to combat this deadly
plague and has prayed unremittingly for succor.

Tobin Tungstan (male human): The son
of the chief miner, he is the only “survivor” of the last
expedition to the mines.

Residents of Melinas (the Lord
Prisius’ seat)

Lord Malrenn Prisius
(male human): The lord granted the small fiefdom
of the valley between the Kron Hills and the Lortmills, south of
Devarnish (off the main trade routes). His elaborate and oddly
styled fortress stands on a hill overlooking his people’s farms.
His people generally respect him as a stern, but mostly fair lord,
hard when he needs to be and occasionally when he doesn’t. He does
not mistreat his people, but he treats them as his servants as is
his right.

Lady Melina Prisius (female human):
Daughter to Lord Prisius and the architect of the manor. She has
been designing and directing (under her father’s watchful eye) the
architectural oddities since the age of 8. She has named the manor,
“Dream,” and the local’s refer to the manor as “Melina’s

Dame Dyra Prisis (female human):
Matron of the line, Lord Prisius’ mother, is getting well on in
years and has become quite senile.

Wondo Brecken (male human): Captian
of the Guard. He has a gruff attitude and takes himself and his
duties seriously. It is his job to protect his lord and the noble
family members. He tends to stutter and the crotchety old guard has
a habit of talking to himself more than he talks to anyone

Jacobius Kranshup (male human):
Melina’s current fiance, a minor noble from Verbobonc who has goals
of becoming a healer after winning Melina’s hand.

Horonimo Prisius (male human): Lord
Prisius’ nephew (his sister’s son). Horonimo is a noble through and
through who fancies himself to be a world-class playwright.

Cora Sir (female human): Steward of
the manor.