Prophecy: Book of Fantastic Travels

Book of Fantastic Travels

This slim volume is bound in a thick leather travel cover. It has clearly been to many places though it has weathered well. The interior has a brief essay on the topic of Fharlaghn priesthood. What follows are instructions for allowing the reader to travel to other places. These are incantations that can be cast by anyone who meets the prerequisities, not just spellcasters.

Invocation, the First: Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell

This invocation if successfully cast transports the caster’s astral projection to the Astral plane. Any individuals designated as fellow travellers in the ceremony are brought along as well, though not all participants in the ceremony need travel. As the casters’ bodies are in a camatose state during the spell, it is frequently suggested that some individuals stay behind to guard the bodies. Other than being an invocation this functions as the Astral Spell.


Invocation, the Second: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This invocation is a teleport w/o error duplicate.


Invocation the Third:


Invocation, the Fourth: Time in a Bottle

This invocation is not at first immediately obvious and can only be discovered by an individual who spends intense time researching the other invocations. Each of the other invocations must be successfully cast by he person who may then discover this spell. Additionally, the student must succeed in a knowledge (arcana) DC 30 check, a Knowledge (religion) DC 30 check, and a Sense Motive DC 35 check.

Invocation, the First: Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell (appears to be similar to an Astral Spell)

Invocation, the Second: Beyond the Silver Rainbow (appears similar to Planeshift to a specific plane) Dreamland

Invocation, the Third: Boat on the River (appears to summon some kind of boat that can fly through planes) summons spelljammer

Invocation, the Fourth: To the Land of Autumn Mist (appears to be another variant on the Astral Spell) travel to Dragon Empire

Invocation, the Fifth: Dreams of the Everyday Housewife (appears similar to Planeshift to a specific plane) Plane of Mirrors

Invocation, the Sixth: Knee Deep in Stardust (appears similar to Planeshift to a specific plane) Plane of Faerie