Prophecy: PCs

PCs for Prophecy Campaign

The Heroes

Aerdaluna, Grey Elf wizard aka Solaris (Victor)

Nebula, familiar

Charley, Cohort

Smokey, Fanatical follower

Serenity, Human Psion: Telepath (Martin)

Silent Companions (Cohort and followers): Silent Pete and the

Smity, Dwarven Priest of Moradin (Rob)

Jack, Human Jack of all trades (Andy)

Freya, Cohort

Arty, Cohort

Hal, Human paladin of Heironeous (Tom)

Staltwart, mount
Simberious, follower

Lorel Silverthorn (aka Shaft), Elven Ranger (Archer) (Mike)

Night, wolf companion

Lu Fang, half-dragon Monk (Mike)


Those who have fallen

Ioco (son of Peragro), Human Ranger/Bard (Rob)

Iris, Ghaele Rogue (Andy/NPC)