Prophecy: Introduction


A tall figure
in drab
clothing greets you and beckons you to follow, “Follow
me and I will take you to the Seer.” He guides you through a series of natural and constructed passages. You
can hear the sounds of industry coming from some of the passages
you pass by. Eventually he gets to an archway and moves aside a
metal curtain motioning you to pass within to the chamber

The chamber is a large
modified natural cavern that sparkles with some crystalline
substance covering the walls. War banners hang from the walls. In
the center is what looks like a simple
empty throne
. To the right side is a large
table at which sits a woman dressed in black leather armor with an
ornate necklace and an older man wearing padded armor with a sword
at his side. At various places around the table there are few other
individuals who, like you, appear slightly out of place.

The man gestures for you to come to the table and shoves a
scroll with The Accession prophecy on it
towards you.
“Please have a seat and be patient while the rest of the group
arrives and we await the Seer.”

Within a few more minutes others have come into the room and
eventually an attractive half-elf
enters the room. She is dressed in revealing earth-tone leathers.
The armored man and his companion approach the sorceress on their
way towards the exit. “Call should you need us,” he says as he

The sorceress takes a seat at the table and begins, “I am the
Seer. Please be patient while I explain myself and then you may ask
questions. I hope you have all had a chance to read the prophecy.”
She pauses for a moment to make sure everyone has (should someone
indicate they have not, she will read the prophecy aloud to you
all). She continues, “I have recently had a vision in which I saw
the prophecy being fulfilled in the near future. The Seventh
Prophet spoke to me saying, ‘You will guide the new people.” Upon
leaving the trance wherein I had this vision, I studied some
additional resources and determined that there were spells I could
cast that would lead me to the new people or lead them to me.”

She gestures to you all, “You are the people who responded to
the spells that I cast.”

She pauses and a strained look comes to her face before she
resumes, “I am not sure at this point how you figure in the
prophecy or for that matter how I am to ‘guide’ you. Also, I am not
the mentor type. However, I will provide for you what resources I
can, but know that they are few since the Greyhawk Wars. I have
created these Talismans.” She gestures and a chest appears on the
table which she opens and removes the Talismans from. Each looks slightly, if not completely, different from the others.
“The form for each came to me in another dream from the Seventh
Prophet. They will allow you to return to this chamber should you
need to and will allow me to send you back to your companions.”

She leans back in the chair and looks slightly confused, “Um,
that is all I can tell you at this point. Do you have any