Prophecy: Knightly Orders

Knightly Orders

Knights of Holy Shielding (Paladins from Shield Lands)

Knights of the Watch (elite from Bissel, Gran March, Geoff,

Watchers (traditionalists) – Fighter, Priest, Paladin. Polearm
and Sword. Maintain castle.

Knights of Dispatch (guerrilla methods) – Fighter, priest,
ranger, thief. Bow or crossbow & sword.

Knights of the Order of the Hart (elite of Furyondy, Veluna,

Knights of Furyondy – human half-elf fighter, ranger, paladin
3rd+, pass tests, existing member sponsor, lance, sword (not
short), polearm, battleaxe

Knights of Veluna – human half-elf fighter paladin 5th+, priest
6+ (human deity LG, Rao most common), lance, sword (not short),
polearm, battleaxe

Knights of the High Forest (elves half-elves only, fighter
ranger 4+), bow, sword (not short), polearm, battleaxe, or

Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom

Knights of Luna (elven, protect Celene, good)


Other Well-known Fighting Orders

Rangers of the Gnarley Forest