Prophecy: Famous Orders


Knights of Luna

This secret order was founded in Celene by elven warriors and
spellcasters who opposed Queen Yolande’s neutrality in the Greyhawk
Wars. Members work to involve Celene in supporting the elves of
Veluna and the Duchy of Ulek in their struggles against evil. The
order includes in its ranks Melf, Prince Brightflame, a powerful
elven warrior-wizard, cousin to Yolande.

Knights of Holy

Before they were conquered by the armies of Iuz, the core of the
Shield Lands armies was a religious order of knights called the
Knights of the Shield, or more formally Knights of Holy Shielding.
With the conquest of the Shield Lands and the capture of the head
of the order, Lord Holmer, the surviving knights have been led in
exile by Lady Katarina, Holmer’s cousin and a paladin of the god
Heironeous. The proud knights managed to regain Critwall and
Scragholme Island during the Great Northern Crusade after the
Greyhawk wars.

Knights of the Watch

Before the Greyhawk Wars, great soldiers from Keoland, Gran
March, Bissel and Geoff united and pledged to defend their nations
from Baklunish invasion. Castles and keeps were maintained along
the Ket border, but many of these were circumvented or overrun when
Ket invaded Bissel. When Geoff fell to an invasion of giants,
Keoland and Gran March became the sole centers of Watch activity.
The Knights have since returned to Bissel, and some are in

Order of the Hart

Before the Greyhawk Wars there were three branches of this
order: the Knights of Furyondy, the Knights of Veluna, and the
Knights of the High Forest, which was made up exclusively of
Highfolk elves. These warriors have been much reduced by the wars,
especially the Knights of Furyondy. The High Forest knights are
fighting Iuz’s forces in the Vesve Forest. All the knights hate Iuz
with a passion and dislike Perrenland.

Rangers of the Gnarley Forest

This group holds three goals above all others: to protect the
integrity of the forest, to help good folk in need, and to worship
a power of good (especially EhIonna). The organization is not
concerned about politics or squabbles over land. They render aid to
the lost, injured and persecuted within their woods, but their
first concern is always the forest’s welfare.

The Fellowship of the Torch

This small but famous group has dedicated itself to eliminating
Iuz, his agents and his threats. The Greyhawk Wars claimed several
of the Torch’s members; now the grim survivors follow any lead, no
matter how dangerous, and engage in any battle against Iuz, no
matter how deadly. They eagerly join expeditions to retrieve evil
magical items and slay luz’s followers, and will do anything in
their power to see the demigod destroyed. The members of the
fellowship have many friends, and it is possible to gain news of
their whereabouts through the Gnarley Forest Rangers, the Temple of
Rao or the Knights of Luna.