Prophecy: Barbarians

Barbarian Tribes

If you are from one of these tribes, you can take the
feats listed even if they have a region or ancestory requirement
(you must still meet any other prerequisites if they exist).
Additionally, the skills listed are class skills for your barbarian
class. Foe Hunter is available to all Barbarian
tribes (check with DM to determine which barbarians have which
creatures as foes).

Common Skills & Feats
Rovers of the Barrens Run, Endurance, Exotic Weapon (Lariat), Dash, Fleet of Foot,
Wardogs (swift runners gifted with
legendary endurance, masters of close fighting favor hatchet, knife
and lariat)
Bone March Snake Blood, Silver Palm, Survivor, Thug, Twin Sword Style,
Warrior Instinct
goblin chiefs, bandits
Bright Lands Bloodline of Fire, Horse Nomad, Saddleback desert nomads
Frost Barbarians Profession (Sailing), Bullheaded longships, raids
Ice Barbarians Profession (Sailing), Survival, Bullheaded, Survivor, Thug piracy
Plains of the Paynims Riding, Mounted Combat, Horse Nomad, Saddleback nomadic horsemen
Pomarj Blooded, Snake Blood, Thug orc tribes
Snow Barbarians Profession (Sailing), Mercantile Background, Silver Palm trade and raid
Stonehold Sense Motive, Bluff, Resist Poison, Attention to Detail,
murder & assassination
Tiger Nomads Blooded, Ethran, Fearsom and Fearless, Thug lycanthrops, herders & hunters, amazon troops
Ull Blooded, Bloodline of Fire ancestor worship, savage & treatcherous
Wolf Nomads Attention to Detail, Discipline, Fearsome and Fearless,
Amedio Jungle Forester, Snake Blood, Treetopper savage humans
Fellreev Forest Forester, Survivor elf barbarians
Gamboge Forest Forester, Treetopper human, elf, gnome treedwellers
Barrier Peaks Survivor dwarf barbarians
Yatil Mountains Bullheaded, Survivor human, dwarf, halfling mountaineers
Little Hills Blooded, Fearsome and Fearless, Thug, Warrior Instinct human, dwarf ferocious mercenaries
Tusman Hills Discipline, Horse Nomad (griffins), Saddleback human hillmen (griffins)
Olman Islands Resist Poison, Resist Disease, Blooded, Snake Blood, Survivor,
Tattoo Focus, Treetopper
disease, hot, close, jungles