Prophecy: The Flanaess


The Flaness today stands within the portal of a
dynamic new age. The last decade has seen the destruction and
arrival of dozens of kingdoms. Refugee migrations have spread
legends and beliefs far and wide. Today the common person of the
Flanaess encounters a greater intermingling  of cultures than
at any time since the great migrations. Crowded with nations and
groups of every stamp, and threaded through with roads and
waterways, the Flanaess is an object of supreme interest to its
inhabitants, who see it as the center of an enlightened

Some three thousand miles from east to west, it
offers immense variety, and, while there is some interest in what
lies beyond its borders, most adventuresome types find ample
opportunities for exploration within its many lands. The variety
even extends to the area’s inhabitants, for there are many
demi-human and humanoid races scattered across the Flanaess. Even
the humans can be very different, ranging from the native
ruddy-skinned Flan, to the olive-skinned Oeridians and pale Suloise
who first immigrated, to later immigrants, the gold-skinned
Baklunish. A fifth race, the Rhennee, are believed not to be from
Oerth at all.

The lands of the Flanaess are isolated from the
larger world of Oerth by Geography, hostile nations and monsters:
To the east, the Solnor Ocean, filled with sea creatures of every
sort; to the south, uncharted jungles and the mystic tyranny of the
Scarlet Brotherhood; to the west, mountains and deserts scattered
with the remnants of ruined empires, and to the north, bitterly
cold seas and the lands of Black Ice, as well as the empire of the
demi-god Iuz. The Flanaess is indeed home to many nations and
peoples. There has perhaps never been such opportunity for great
profit and gallantry. The Flanaess is rife with adventure, and
awaits those who would shape its future.