Prophecy: Melinas


Melinas (thorp):
Conventional; AL CN; 40 gp limit; Assets 60 gp; Population 30
adults; Isolated (27 human, 2 halfling, 1 dwarf).

Notes: Melinas is a fortified manor and
surrounding farms which serves as the seat of Lord Prisius’


The Geography of Melinas

The manor is situated on the northwestern edge of the
Kron Hills overlooking his peoples’ farms. His manor sits on a
small trade route that runs from the Lortmills to Verbebonc.

The walled manor itself is an elaborate fortress with
odd architecture. Giant gargoyles sit atop the walls. Massive
statues stand as sentinels at the corners of the outer walls. A
mishmash of styles and shapes forms the structure itself, as if the
builders had added rooms and towers in a haphazard moment of
childish hysteria.

The History of Melinas

The manor has been the seat of power for the fiefdom
for centuries, but only recently has been renamed Melinas. Lord
Prisius’ daughter, Melina is the architech who has been redesigning
the manor. She designed the fortress in stages over a decade,
beginning when she was eight years old. She named her creation,
“Dream.” The residents in the area call it “Melina’s Dream.”
Cartographers have abbreviated it, recently, to Melinas. Lord
Prisius domain has enjoyed relative peace and prosperity for over
ten years now.

The Manor Residents and Other Key Figures

The manor is home to almost 30 people most of whom
live in the manor proper, a few live in small wattle-and-daub
houses surrounding the manor wall. The most prominent inhabitants
are described under supporting