Prophecy: City of Greyhawk


Of all the cities of
eastern Oerik none
stand out like the
City of Greyhawk. Known far and wide for its architectural
exotic visitors, infamous residents and opportunities for
sightseeing and adventure,the city can also boast of clean streets
and a fairly low violent crime rate. Although it was relatively
untouched by the Greyhawk Wars, the city nonetheless has

felt its
share of burdens following the marches of so many armies. Refugees
are the
primary concern and difficulty for the city. New construction
is everywhere, and more refugees have set up camp outside the city
walls. Trade was disrupted somewhat, with temporary shortages of
goods from time to time in the cities markets. Crime threatened to
spin out of control, but thanks to additional watchmen hired by the
Chief Constable and some help from the Guild of Wizardry, the
University of Magical Arts and the various temples, Greyhawk’s
violent crime rate remains stable.     

The Free City, like
most large cities, is an excellent place to “disappear” for as long
as several months. The city has numerous resources for aid, food
and shelter, and the believed
swelled population
reduces any chance of being noticed. An individual who keeps a low
profile (and perhaps uses disguises judiciously) might be able to
hide here for
as long as several years.

For those adventurers
who have never visited the famed City of Greyhawk and
for those who have been away for a while, following is a quick
tour of the city as it stands in 591 CY.

The City of Greyhawk is
a roughly oval-shaped, walled city on the banks of the River. To
the north lie the Cairn Hills and the Midbay of the Nyr Dyv. To the
south is the Plain of Greyhawk; on the west bank of the Selintan to
the south of the city is the Gnarley Forest; due east is the
Mistmarsh. The Selintan eventually empties into Woolly Bay. The
city itself is mostly surrounded by farmland with some lightly
wooded areas the north. The climate is moderate, with long, warm
summers, a rainy spring and fall, and a chilly but rarely subzero
winter that usually results in a few inches of snow. A few features
lie outside the city walls. The river docks, outside the center of
the western wall, allow cargo and passengers to arrive and
disembark. Shack Town,
a slum outside the walls on the northern edge of the city, has
stood for as long as anyone can remember, but it has more than
doubled in size in the past few years thanks to incoming refugees.
These (supposedly) temporary quarters housing the poor and indigent have spilled over onto
the opposite bank of the Selintan, with the Rhennee bargefolk appreciating the
opportunity for new business. A community of Rhennee barges still
dock just outside the city’s northern wall. Just outside the
southeastern wall stands the manor of Lord
Several generations of the
family have farmed these lands and built wagons here for sale and
trade. The family has had several prosperous years, but its
personal worth has not increased, since they have assisted refugees
and the City of Greyhawk with picking up the pieces after the

South of the Wainright
manor and closer to the city wall stands the ancient StoneRing. Indisputably built by
druids centuries ago, no one knows the purpose of these standing
stones. Other circles are scattered across the continent, but this
is thought to be the oldest of the lot. Druids often stop to offer
a prayer when passing the circle. Seven gates offer access to the
city. Most are closed during night-time hours, but all require
visitors to sign the city registers upon entering.

Greyhawk is split into three primary sections by two
gated walls running west to east. The northern section is home to
the High Quarter and the Garden Quarter,
where most of the wealthy make their homes. Also
in this area are the Temples of St. Cuthbert, Pelor and Zilchus, a
gambling house, the opera house, the mayor’s mansion, the Wizards’
Guildhall, the High Market (or Grand Bazaar) and the Grand Citadel,
home of Greyhawk’s law enforcement. The central section of the city
is home to the River Quarter, a somewhat seedy section of town with inns, taverns and
warehouses; Clerkburg,
home to the City Mint, Grey College and other institutions of
learning; the Artisans’ Quarter, a peaceful neighborhood of
craftspeople and their families and a number of guildhalls; and the
Foreign Quarter. In the past, this latter quarter was designed for
noncitizens who wished to live in the city. After seven consecutive
years of residence, these folk could apply for citizenship in the
city and then purchase property in Greyhawk. Because of the flood of refugees in recent years, these
rules have been relaxed. The Directing
a panel of
twelve to sixteen members currently led by Lord Mayor Nerof Gasgal
– plans to enforce the zoning codes again as soon as possible.               

The southern portion of
known as Old City (the northern two-thirds
being New City), includes some of the poorer and rowdier
neighborhoods. Divided roughly into the Slum
and the
Quarter, this section is home to
many of the more colorful citizens of the city, but most folk would
rather not
raise a family here. A large section of the central Old
City known as the Great Burn (destroyed by
fire many years ago) has been completely cleared and rebuilt in the
past five years. Much of the available ground in Old City has been
built on, though there is no construction on a narrow strip of
along the inside of the city walls (as per city ordinance, no
building may touch the wall, to prevent unfriendly factions from
drilling into the stonework and breaching the wall). Anyone looking
for adventure (or trouble) is sure to find it here.           

The cities main
thoroughfare is known as the Processional.
Beginning at the southernmost gate, the Highway
Gate, the Processional passes through Old City; Black Gate, the
River and Artisans’ Quarters, the
Low Market (or
Petit Bazaar), the Foreign Quarter and Clerkburg, the Garden Gate,
and finally the High and Garden Quarters to terminate at the Grand
Citadel. Inarguably the best way to see the city; the Processional
is always busy with traffic but well maintained, even in bad


rand Citadel (High Quarter): Within the walls of this large
stronghold on the cities northeast side are the administrative
headquarters for the City Watch and Greyhawk Militia, the great
prison of Greyhawk, a weapons arsenal, and the City Vault, in which
incredible wealth is rumoured to be stored under heavy guard.
Access to the Citadel is greatly restricted; the main gates are
opened only at fixed times of the day except in grave emergencies,
and authorization is required to enter. The Citadel has not had to
serve defensively for centuries, but no one doubts it would be
highly effective against even aerial or magical assault.

The Guild of
(High Quarter): In a city filled with powerful mages, the
guild that supports and regulates them has immense power.
Adventurers wishing to speak with members of the Circle of Eight or
other wizards are well-advised to check at the Guild for available
information about their whereabouts. It can also be tactful for
magic-using characters to check in here on first arriving in the

The Lord Mayor’s
(High Quarter): While not palatial, the Lord Mayor’s Palace is
one of the finest residences in the City – as well as serving as
administrative headquarters for civic doings. The Lord Mayor’s
offices and meeting rooms are here. If a character wishes to bring
some event or plot to the attention of the city administration, he
might very well come here.

The Temple of St.
(Garden Quarter): Like many temples, this one will make
efforts to aid pilgrims and wanderers (except those of an outwardly
evil appearance, of course). The temple will also aid those who
arrive with information about evil activities. Player characters
should first seek aid at the temples of their own deities before
trying an unfamiliar temple; they should also remember to drop a
few coins in the poor box as a sign of good faith and

The University of
Magical Arts
(Clerkburg): One of the most architecturally striking
buildings in the City of Greyhawk is the University of Magical
Arts, a dramatic three­ sided pyramid with no apparent
entrances. Inside, the pyramid contains working space for hundreds
of students of wizardry and their instructors. At any time, a
number of students are off adventuring, since the school encourages
people to gain experience in this way.

If a visitor were to ask a merchant about something that
stands out about the City of Greyhawk, he would undoubtedly answer,
“the guilds!’ Greyhawk rivals every city in the Flanaess for the
number and effectiveness of its guilds. Whether adventurers are
newcomers looking for work or leads, skilled craftsmen themselves,
or employers looking for a job to be performed, the respective
guild should provide more than sufficient information. A cautionary
note: None of the guilds’ services are free, and players should be
prepared to make donations of money, goods or raw materials to the
guild treasuries. 

The following is a
complete list of the City of Greyhawk’s guilds and unions as of 591
CY, with notes:

  • Guild of Apothecaries
    and Herbalists

  • Guild of Architects
    and Stonemasons

  • Guild of

  • Guild of Bakers, Cooks
    and Millers****

  • Guild of Barbers and

  • Union of Beggars

  • United Guild of
    Blacksmiths, Armorers, Shieldmakers and Ironworkers***

  • Guild of Butchers

  • Guild of Carpenters,
    Furniture makers and Barrel makers****         

  • Guild of

  • Guild of

  • Union of Couriers and

  • Union of Dockers and

  • Alliance of Drovers,
    Teamsters and Overland Freighters**        

  • Guild of Embalmers and

  • Guild of Gladiators,
    Wrestlers and Professional Combatants**     

  • Guild of Goldsmiths
    and Silversmiths***

  • Guild of jewelers and

  • Union of Laborers               

  • Guild of

  • Guild of Lawyers,
    Scribes and Accountants****             

  • Guild of
    Leatherworkers and Tanners***

  • Guild of

  • Union of Lumbermen and

  • Guild of

  • Union of Merchants and

  • Allied Brotherhood of
    Miners and Quarriers**          

  • Guild of

  • Union of Moneychangers
    and Pawnbrokers

  • Guild of

  • Guild of Ostlers and

  • Guild of Performing

  • Association of
    Rafters, Freighters and Bargemen of the Selintan**            

  • Union of Sages and

  • Union of Sewermen and

  • Federation of Smiths
    of Pragmatic Metals and Alloys           

  • Guild of Thieves*               

  • Guild of

  • Guild of

  • Guild of Wizards 

*: This is a “legal”
but criminal organization; its existence is not officially
but is commonly known throughout the

**: This is a new group
created after the Greyhawk Wars, when many previously unorganized
workers formed guilds to gain better wages and working

***: This group was
created from the fragmenting of a larger guild after the Greyhawk
Wars. In particular, the postwar collapse of the “Downwind Guild”
of leatherworkers,
tanners, smiths,
stablers, weavers and tailors is responsible for many new

This group underwent
internal reorganization after the Greyhawk Wars, adding new members
and occupations to its roster.    

Whistling Fish
(River Quarter):
This inn in Greyhawks River Quarter is operated
by a half-hill giant named Gruenab. The
building is constructed on a scale to suit its owner, so the
ceilings, staircases and bar are exceptionally high. The place is
nonetheless cozy, and Gruenab has built up a well-mannered
clientele over the years. The Whistling has
Fish consists of a
large pub/dining room, kitchen, storerooms, several guest rooms
upstairs and a stable. Gruenab has his own cottage attached to the
rear of the tavern.

Unlikely as it seems, one of the features that earned the Gem
of the Flanaess its title is the cities sewer system. Beneath
Greyhawk is an intricate network of tunnels and passageways used to
carry rainwater, snowmelt and sewage, and
ultimately keep the
city clean. They are maintained by the Sewermen’s and
Union. Rumors abound
concerning illegal activities, zombie squads
that clean the sewers, passageways offering
quick getaways for
thieves, and disgusting

sewer-dwelling monsters
such as otyughs.

Notables in Greyhawk


As Lord-Mayor of die
City of Greyhawk,
Gasgal holds an
enviable position. His office
  is one of
considerable power, but since
  City of Greyhawk
survived the Wars and subsequent years of turmoil
unscathed, Gasgal is free of

the burdens that plague
most monarchs. Trade is brisk within the city and insures food and
supplies; the streets are
(comparatively) safe; and Gasgal has his
tax base, though he is cautious about

taxation at present, not
wishing to anger an
uprooted and uneasy populace. Gasgal has held his
office for over a
Solidly middle-aged, his
skills  are excellent. The mayor is well
  in the city, and is known to have warm
with the masters of both the
Thieves’  and
Assassins’ Guilds. Perhaps because of
roots, Gasgal is accessible to
  all of his people
– an appointment with him
can usually be arranged within 4 to 24
hours. He is particularly interested in news of
  threats to his
city, and will pay handsomely for
  leads to such


The constable of the
City of Greyhawk
has had her workload multiplied in the last   years with the influx of refugees
the Greyhawk Wars and the recent increase
evil cults within the city.
background as a priest, however, taught her patience and
perseverance, and she has
managed to expand the City Watch and
order in what might otherwise be chaos. Fanshen has a talent
for healing, which
originally led her to become a priest of
After many years of adventuring, she accepted the post of
Although the constable is kind, she is shrewd as well
and an excellent judge of
character. She gets angry only with
reason. Because she was once an adventurer, she has a soft spot
for others of the
profession and will help them in
efforts any way she can.


When this diminutive
hill giant first moved
to the city, he was
the object of stares and
fearful glances. Now, those who know
hardly think twice about his unusual size, and his tavern in the
River Quarter, the Whistling Fish, is a popular gathering
for adventurers. As a former adventurer, Gruenab has a soft
spot for those who
follow the adventuring fife. He’ll help
wanderersin any way he can,
even concealing
them from the City Watch.
From time to time, Gruenab has
locked up shop and gone adventuring himself if the mission seemed
interesting or
profitable enough. He is also an excellent informant, with a
reputation for keeping

the confidences of
those who ask it.

Kieren Jalucian  

This wizard is Master
of the Guild of Wizardry and Principal of the Greyhawk University
of Magic Arts. While these positions are largely administrative
ceremonial, they nonetheless keep Kieren busy
and help his mind to stay sharp. Kieren

can remember nearly every
pupil to pass through the magic university for the past two
decades. He knows a wide assortment of other mages as well.
Although he seems to be in his late thirties, those who know him
well suspect that he is much older than he appears (perhaps more
than ninety). Kieren is unquestionably in love with Jallarzi



Ricard Damaris  

Darnaris operates the
Green Dragon Inn in the River Quarter, a favorite haunt of
adventurers and those seeking them. Nearly any passerby in the
neighborhood can tell adventurers that Ricard is the man to see for
information. He has informants throughout the city and the
drunkards who visit his establishment often spill their guts to
Ricard has a strange sword that can generate
effects normally created only by wizards. His
wife, Florence, takes
care of the bookkeeping for the operation. Ricard’s daughter,
is the apple of his eye, but she is a spoiled, wild


If a character is
unemployed, broke or otherwise down on her luck. Talesk Thraydin is
man to find. This paladin of St. Cuthbert has
dedicated his life to helping the unfortunate.
He has a network of
friends and acquaintances all over the city, who provide food,
work – and information. The paladins past efforts have
accomplished everything from
obtaining cows to provide milk for the
orphanage to helping crush a cult of Iuz operating in
the city. He can
be found by inquiring at the Temple of St. Cuthbert in the Garden