Prophecy: Vecna



Vecna, deity of secrets, was once a mortal king who became a
lich. Vecna rules that which is not meant to be known and that
which people wish to keep secret. He is associated with intrigue
and to a lesser degree magic as well.


Neutral evil


left hand clutching an eyeball


Vecna plots the destruction of the other deities so that he may
take the world for himself.

According to Vecna, there exists a secret that can destroy any
being, no matter how powerful that being is. In the middle of every
heart hides a seed of darkness kept hidden from all but the self.
Finding that secret evil and exploiting it is the key to undoing
one’s enemies. Strength and pwer, says Vecna, come from knowing and
controlling what others do not. He also admonishes his followers
never to reveal all that they know.

Church Description

Vecna’s clerics subvert governments, seduce good folk to evil,
and plot the eventual control of the world. Naturally, these plans
mean that their lives are forfeit if they are discovered, and they
are very secretive to prevent this. They can be found in any part
of the world, spreading evil or looking for documents or items that
date back to their master’s ancient empire. Of particular interest
are their master’s relics (his hand and eye), which have once again
been lost.

Church Structure

Vecna’s priesthood is made up of isolated cells of cultists who
seek dark, arcane secrets to further their evil schemes. Temples to
Vecna serve as bases and safe houses for his clerics. They are
always well hidden and warded against unauthorized entry. They
usually also include vast archives of information, secrets that
Vecna’s clerics hav uncovered over the centuries.



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