Prophecy: Obad-Hai



Obad-Hai is the deity of nature and is most strongly associated
with nature, woodlands, freedom, hunting, and wild beasts. He also
plays the shalm and is occasionlly associated with music (the music
of nature). While Ehlonna represents the nurturing aspects of
nature, Obad-Hai represents the more uncaring aspects of




mask of oak leaves and acorns


Obad-Hai rules nature and wilderness, and he is a friend to all
who live in harmony with the natural world. He expets his follwers
to live in harmony with nature in all its variety. Thoses who
destroy or otherwise harm nature deserve swift vengence in an
appropriate manner, says Obad-Hai. Those who are one with nature,
however, have little to fear, although the well-meaning but foolish
are sometimes brought down by a danger they could not avoid or
divert. Obad-Hai teaches that the wilds can sometimes be ugly,
dangerous, or terrible, but that these things are a part of nature
and should be respected as much as those that are beautiful,
harmless, or wonderful, for these characterizations mark a
newcomer’s perspective.

Church Description

Clerics of Obad-Hai have no heirarchy. They treat all those of
their order as equals. They maintain hidden woodland shrines that
are usually located far from civilization. They keep to the
wilderness and to themselves, rarely getting involved in

A wide variety of people serve as Obad-Hai’s clerics, including
druids, humans, gnomes, halflings, and sylvan fey. They serve as
protectors of nature, acting as the agents of retribution when
their protection is insufficient or too late.

Church Structure

Temples to Obad-Hai can be located nearly anywhere but are
usually located amid groves of oak trees.



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