Prophecy: Fharlanghn



Fharlanghn is the god of roads and is associated with travelers,
travel, and things on the horizon or in the distance.




Disk bearing a curved line with an upturned crescent above


Fharlanghn is the patron of all who travel long distances, no
matter what path they follow or how they’re getting there.

Fharlanghn insists that people need to move around and
experience new things. The state of the world is not fixed, and you
never know when you might need a new perspective or even a new
home. Look to the horizon for inspiration.

Church Description

Fharlanghn’s clerics travel the world, always seeking out new
things. They bless caravans (and sometimes guide them), explore new
territories, scout for armies and settlers, and record long
travelogues describing journeys beyond the horizon. They also serve
as translators and diplomats. Many serve as surveyors or engineers
and help build roads, bridges, and ports. Still others are involved
inthe manufacture of traveling gear, everything from shoes to
sailing ships. No matter what their activities, Fharlanghn’s
clerics move around frequently, and a character who visits a shrine
or temple more than once is liekly to meet a different group of
clerics there each time.

Church Structure

Fharlanghn’s wayside shirines are common on well-used roads. His
temples usually double as rest stops for travelers in need of
shelter or protection.



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