Prophecy: Erythnul



Erythnul is primarily associated with slaughter, but also with
destructive emotions: hate, envy, malice, fear/panic, and


Chaotic Evil


half-demon, half-boar mask


Erythnul is a brutal deity who delights in panic and slaughter.
In civilized lands, his followers form small, criminal cults. In
savage lands, barbarians and humanoids commonly worship him.

Erythnul admonishes his followers to shed blood for its own
sake, to covet what is not theirs, and to destroy anyone who would
deny them anything. He further urges them to bring ugliness and
strife to pleasant locales.

To take something away from someone else-especially from a
rival-is an exalted act in Erythnul’s eyes. Foes who cannot be
killed should be maimed, and that which cannot be stolen should be

Church Description

Erythnul’s clerics are cruel, sadistic, and hateful. They
maintain a low profile in most civilized lands. In savage areas,
members of the priesthood are known as bullies and murderous
tyrants. They love to deface beautiful things and to disfigure
attractive people.

Church Structure

Anyplace where great bloodshed or a spectaular act of cruelty
has occurred is considered a holy site and an excellent place for a
temple dedicated to Erythnul. In the countryside, Erythnul’s
followers build squat, unsightly fortresses in places where
battles, ambushes, or massacres have occurred. In urban areas,
Erythnul’s temples are usually hidden in seedy sections of cities,
preferably on sites where horrible crimes have happened.



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