Prophecy: Yondalla



Yondalla is associated with the home and hearth. In particular
she is most strongly associated with protecting and nuturing the
home. She is associated with fertilty. She cares especially for the
Halflings, who are her children.


The church of Yondalla is predominantly Lawful Good.


She is prepresented by a shield bearing a cornucopia (horn of
pleanty). When forced to, her clerics can draw a simple horn shape
as a holy symbol.


Yondalla espouses harmony within the halfling race and stalwart
defense against its enemies. She urges her people to work with
others but to remain true to their halfling heritage. Most
halflings heed this advice, which allows them to form close-knit
enclaves where halflings are welcomed, even when they have settled
in areas where other creatures predominate. Yondalla also teaches
that opportunities are there to be seized, which leads most
halflings to be both adaptable and somewhat opportunistic. Yondalla
brooks no evil among halflings, but she does not despise any
halfling. Rather, she seeks to guide halflings who have lost their
way back to their homes and friends.

Church Description

Clerics of Yondalla are concerned with all areas of halfling
life, except for theivery. Thievery arises among halflings, the
clerics say, fro a too-liberal interpretation of Yondalla’s advice
about seizing opportunities. Yondalla’s clerics officiate at
weddings and funerals, bless crops and new ventures, and lay plans
for community defense.

Temples dedicated to Yondalla are often set amid bountiful
gardens or farm fields. They always contain storehouses stuffed
with food and other necessities. They also containarmories and
fortified sections where local halflings can safely ride out
natural disasters or enemy attack.

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