Prophecy: Pelor



Pelor is the sun god. He is the creator of many good things, a
supporter of those in need, and an adversary of all that is evil.
He is the most commonly worshipped deity among ordinary humans, and
his priests are well received wherever they go.


The Pelorian church is predominantly neutral good.


Pelor is represented as a stylized sun with facial features. In
a pinch, the clergy can just draw a face.


Though widely revered as a peaceful and gentle deity who
alleviates suffering, Pelor also has more martial aspects. He
brings his wrath to bear on darkness and evil, and he invigorates
and heals those who champion the cause of good.

Pelor teaches that the energy of life originates from the sun.
This light brings strength to the weak and health to the injured,
wile destroying darkness and evil. He urges his followers to
challenge the forces of corruption aggressively, but also to
remember that just as staring at the sun can cause blindness of the
eyes, relentless attention to the destruction of negative forces
can blind the heart to the true essentials of life: kindness,
mercy, and compassion.

Church Description

Pelor’s clerics favor yellow garb. They are usually kind people
with backbones of steel. They are primarily nurturers and
protectors, but when the time comes to bear arms they are not
afraid to do so. They use their powers to heal, nourish, and
otherwise aid the needy, while practicing the skills needed to
protect their charges should they become threatened. Many clerics
of Pelor leave their pastoral duties and go to explore far lands in
an effort to drive off harmful beings and spread their deity’s
gifts to all who need them.

Temples to Pelor tend to be tall, airy, and blindingly white.
They are usually placed so the sun shines into most of their rooms
throughout the day. They often feature open, sunny courtyards as
well. Pelor’s temples are always kept scrupulously clean, and many
of them have wings that house hospitals.

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