Prophecy: Nerull



The deity of death, Nerull is widely known and widely feared. He
is associated with, of course, death, but also darkness (in the
extinguising of the light of live), murder, and the underworld
(where he resides).


neutral evil


skull and scythe


Nerull is the patron of those who seek the greatest evil for
their own enjoyment or gain.

All are equal in Nerull’s cold realm. Every living thing is an
affront to the Reaper, and every death brings a dark spark of joy
to his long-dead heart. Those that pray to Nerull to appease him
only attract his attention and their own doom. Those that kill in
his name shall be rewarded (or so Nerull promises).

Church Description

Clerics of Nerull are secretive and solitary, since few sane
people tolerate their presence. Except in the most evil lands,
Nerull has no organized churches. With no overall heirarchy,
individual churches work against each other at times. Still, the
Reaper is feared across the lands. His clerics commit murders as
offerings to their deity. If their actions are discovered, they
move on to new hunting grounds. Some take up the wandering life and
puton innocent faces as they move from town to town, murdering a
few people and then moving on.

Church Structure

Temples to Nerull are always hidden, even in lands where the
Reaper is honored They usually are located underground, often as
parts of catacomb complexes. Most temples are stocked with undead
creatures and others that spread or celebrate death, such as hags,
fiends, and vargouilles.



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