Prophecy: Corellon Larethian

Corellon Larethian


The deity of the elves, Corellon Larethian is the creator and
protector of the elven race. He governs those things held in
highest estme among elves, such as magic, music, arts, crafts,
poetry, and warfare.


The predominant alignment is Chaotic Good.


When represented with icons, Corellon Larethian is represented
by a cilver crecent moon. The symbols are frequently decoreated
with gems and any priest will strive to have a symbol that is
extraordinarily beautiful and shows fine craftsmanship.


Corellon concerns himself with all aspect of elven warfare. He
also remains alert to any taint of evil among the elves, and he
seeks to stamp out any evil influence the moment it appears.
Corellon played a leading role in the schism that ultimately
restulted in the banishment of the drow underground.

Corellon spurs his people toward self-reliance, vigilance,
against danger, and apreciation of the world’s beauty. It is
Corellon’s influence that leads elves to study magica and swordplay
for the duration of their long lives, to serve as guardians and
caretakers of the forests, and to appreciate aesthetic pleasures in
spite of their warrior heritage.

Church Description

Corellon’s clerics serve as leaders, teachers, diplomats, and
generals in elven communities. They train others in the arts of
combat and magic while honing their own skills, and they serve as
mediators in any dispute that may arise from the elves’ independent
lifestyle. They usually seek to maintain cordial relations with
other good, sylvan creatures.

Church Structure

Corellon’s temples can be located anywhere elves live, usually
in sylvan woodlands. Though always beautiful and designed to blend
in with the surrounding landscape, they are invariably both sturdy
and defensible. They are often placed on hilltops, river crossings,
and other locations of strategic significance. Living plants or
trees are always included in a temple of Corellon, either as
decoration or as part of the structure.



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