Gods of Greyhawk

Major Religions in 3e

The following are the gods presented in the players handbook and
as such we will be assuming that they are the most commonly
worshipped gods in Greyhawk. There are in actuality hundreds of
gods worshipped on Greyhawk and players are welcome to pick one
from the complete list if they

Deity Alignment Domains Favored Weapon Typical Worshippers Portfolio
Heironeous, God of Valor LG Glory, Good, Exorcism, Inquisition, Law, Mysticism, Nobility,
Longsword Paladins, fighters, monks, judges, constables Valor, chivalry, justice, honor, war, daring
Moradin, God of Dwarves LG Artiface, Cavern, Craft, Creation, Dwarf, Earth, Exorcism,
Good, Inquisition, Law, Mysticism, Protection
Warhammer Dwarves, metal-workers Dwarves, creation, smithing, engineering, war
Yondalla, Goddess of
LG Community, Good, Family, Halfling, Law, Mysticism,
Short Sword Halflings, explorers, pioneers Halflings, protection, fertility
Ehlonna, Goddess of the
NG Animal, Beastmaster, Good, Moon, Mysticism, Plant, Sun Longsword Elves, gnomes, half-elves, halflings, rangers, druids, hunters,
farmers, woodcutters
Forests, woodlands, flora and fauna, fertility
Garl Glittergold, God of
NG Community, Craft, Creation, Gnome, Good, Illusion, Mysticism,
Protection, Trickery
Battleaxe Gnomes, illusionists, jewelers, practical jokers Gnomes, humor, wit, illusion, gemcutting, jewelrymaking
Pelor, God of the Sun NG Community, Creation, Divination, Exorcism, Glory, Good,
Healing, Mysticism, Strength, Sun
Mace Rangers, bards, druids, healers, commoners Sun, light, strength, healing
Corellon Larethian, God of
the Elves
CG Chaos, Community, Creation, Elf, Exorcism, Good, Mysticism,
Protection, War
Longsword Elves, half-elves, bards Elves, magic, arts and crafts, music, war
Kord, God of Strength CG Chaos, Exorcism, Good, Luck, Mysticism, Strength Greatsword Fighters, barbarians, rogues, athletes Strength, athletics, sports, brawling, courage

Wee Jas, Goddess of Death and Magic
LN Death (if LE) or Repose (if LN, LG), Domination, Law, Magic,
Mind, Pestilence, Spell
Dagger Wizards, necromancers, sorcerers Death, magic, vanity, law
St. Cuthbert, God of
LN Community, Destruction, Domination, Inquisition, Law,
Protection, Retribution, Strength
Mace Fighters, monks, soldiers, judges, constables Retribution, common sense, wisdom, zeal, honesty, truth,
Boccob, God of Magic N Divination, Fate, Knowledge, Madness, Magic, Mind, Planning,
Spell, Trickery
Quarterstaff Wizards, sorcerers, illusionists, philosohpers, sages Magic, arcane knowledge, foresight, balance
Fharlanghn, God of Roads N Celerity, Luck, Protection, Travel Quarterstaff Bards, adventurers, merchants, travelers Horizons, distance, travel, roads
Obad-Hai, God of Nature N Air, Animal, Beastmaster, Creation, Divination, Earth, Fire,
Plant, Water
Quarterstaff Druids, barbarians, rangers, hunters Nature, woodlands, freedom, hunting, beasts
Olidammara, God of
CN Celerity, Chaos, Illusion, Luck, Trickery Rapier Rogues, bards, actors, vintners Rogues, music, revelry, wine, humore, tricks
Hextor, God of Tyranny LE Destruction, Domination, Evil, Hatred, Law, Mysticism,
Nobility, Pain, Pestilence, Tyranny, War
Flail Fighters, monks, conquerors, tyrants Tyranny, war, discord, massacres, conflict, fitness
Nerull, God of Death NE Corruption, Darkness, Death, Evil, Mysticism, Pestilence,
Scythe Necromancers, rogues, assassings, murderers Death, darkness, murder, underworld
Vecna, God of Secrets NE Creation, Divination, Evil, Greed, Knowledge, Madness, Magic,
Mind, Mysticism, Undeath
Dagger Wizards, sorcerers, rogues, spies, conspirators Secrets, intrigue
Erythnul, God of Slaughter CE Bestial, Chaos, Evil, Hatred, Madness, Mysticism, Pain,
Pestilence, Trickery, War
Morningstar Fighters, barbarians, rogues, looters, outlaws Hate, envy, malice, panic, ugliness, slaughter
Gruumsh, God of Orcs CE Cavern, Chaos, Domination, Evil, Hatred, Mysticism, Orc, Pain,
Strength, War
Spear Half-orcs, orcs Orcs, war, territory
Universal Church, The
LG any two   Commoners, polititians, agnostics