Prophecy: Beginning Feats

Background Feats

These feats are available to a character based on their
background and are only available during
character creation (at 1st level). Some of the feats (particularly
the ones from the Forgotten Realms) are also only available if you
come from a particular region or belong to a particular race, check
the source before taking the feat. Note that you are not limited to
choosing from this list for your starting feat(s). You can choose
any feat for which you qualify. These feats are
limited to being only available during the character creation

Feat Name
Born Spacer +2 Profession (spacehand), +2 Will save vs. fear

(Prereq: requires that the character be from Spelljammer

Education one Knowledge skill becomes class skill Poly151
From the Gutter +1 Will saves, +1 hp, +1 Sleight of Hand skill checks Poly151
Mysterious Heritage +1 Intimidate checks, +1 to DC of Enchantment spells you
No Idenity +2 Disguise checks, +2 Hide checks (to blend into crowd), -4 on
others Gather Information checks relating to you
Noble Birth x2 starting gold, +50 gp per CHA bonus annually, +1 Diplomacy
Arcane Schooling +1 favored spellcasting class (Prereq: regional feat) FRCS
Bloodline of Fire +4 vs. fire +2 DC sorcerer [fire] spells (Prereq: regional
Education All Knowwedge skills are class skills, +1 on any two (Prereq:
regional feat)
Magical Training three 0-level spells 1/day (Prereq: regional feat, Int
Mind Over Body Int mod for bonus hp, instead of Con (Prereq: regional
Resist Poison +4 save vs. poison (Prereq: dwarf or orc blood) FRCS
Snake Blood +2 save vs. poison, +1 Reflex saves (Prereq: regional
Spellcasting Prodigy +2 to primary spellcasting stat (for spellcasting purposes
Thunder Twin +2 Charisma based checks, detect direction of twin (Prereq:
Gift of Tongues Int +4 for language purpose, Speak language class skill, +1
Decipher Script and Sense Motive (Prereq: elf)
Deepblood +4 racial bonus on Spot checks using darkvision (Prereq: dwarf,
Wis 11+)
Hammer & Helm
Drakeblood +3 racial bonus on Intimidate checks (Prereq: dwarf, Cha
Hammer & Helm
Forgeblood first 5 hp cold damage becomes subdual, +5 racial bonus Fort
save vs. cold subdual damage(Prereq: dwarf, Dex 11+)
Hammer & Helm
Stoneblood +2 racial bonus on Stonecutting racial abilities (Prereq:
dwarf, Con 15+)
Hammer & Helm
Draconic Bloodline +1 save vs. one energy descriptor, sorcerer favored class (in
addition to normal racial favored class)
A: SoM
Pure Kitsu Blood Spells with [Ancestor] descriptor are part of your elemental
focus (Prereq: shugenja level 1+)
Travel Magic Max range and weight for teleport spells doubled, base speed +5
Ancestor Feats all the ancestor feats from Oriental Adventures and Rokugun are
starting character only feats
OA and OA: R
Mindspeech 20 foot telepathy (Prereq: Ith-Kon race) DS: GR
Resist Radiation +4 saves vs. radiation DS: PC
Divine Heritage three 0-level divine spells 1/day (Prereq: Wis 10+) d20 Mod: UA
Magical Heritage three 0-level arcane spells 1/day (Prereq: Int 10+) d20 Mod: UA
Shadow Heritage +1 to one save category, low-light vision (Prereq: human) d20 Mod: UA
Fey Blood low-light vision (Prereq: regional feat, human) KoK
Redhead low level druid spells 1/day (Prereq: red hair) RL
Reincarnated add one non-class skill as class skill RL
Muse +2 to others’ Perform & Craft checks (Prereq: Cha 15+) RL: vRA
Nine Lives -2 Cha instead of death sometimes RL: vRA
Spirit of Light you help other resist Fear, Horror, and Madness saves (Prereq:
Cha 13+, good alignment)
Affinity with Skill +4 inherent bonus to chosen skill AU
Born Hero start with 1 hero point, gain them more easily AU
Born Leader +4 diplomacy checks, +1 DC compulsion spells AU
Defensive +1 dodge AC, -1 all attacks AU
Eidetic Memory +1 all knowledge skills, +4 Int check to remember AU
Energy Resistance Resist 5 vs one energy type AU
Fast Healer heal 1.5x normal AU
Light Sleeper normal Listen checks when sleeping, no disorientation AU
Resistant to Magic +1 save vs all spells, spell-like, supernatural abilities,
Spell Artist change visual effects, -10 opponent Spellcraft to ID AU
The Voice +1 Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, +2 Perform
Wealthy x2 (max) starting gold, 1 time inherit 1000 gp x current

Regional Feats

The following feats are available as indicated (Barbarians have access to regional feats as
well). Other regional feats may be available, check to see if a
feat you want is available for your character’s background with the

Where Available
Arcane Schooling Greyhawk, Great Kingdom FRCS
Artist Greyhawk, Keoland FRCS
Art of Fascination music and poetics OA
Bloodline of Fire any Baklunish lands FRCS
Bullheaded Dwarf, Orc, Celene FRCS
Cosmopolitan any Metropolis FRCS
Courteous Mageocracy Celene, Bright Lands, Lendore Isles, Duchy of Ulek, Valley of
the Mage
Education Elf, Greyhawk, Great Kingdom FRCS
Ethran Tiger Nomads FRCS
Foe Hunter Elves, Dwarves, Orcs FRCS
Forester Elves, Rangers FRCS
Luck of Heros Verbobonc, Steirch, Yeomanry, Tehn FRCS
Magical Training Celene FRCS
Mercantile Background Greyhawk, Ket, Tusmit, Ekbir, Zeif, Keoland FRCS
Militia All lands due to recent wars (in elven dominated areas use
second weapon list)
Mind Over Body Elf, Ekbir FRCS
Resist Poison Dwarf, Orc, Drow FRCS
Saddleback Paynims, Dry Steppes, Bright Lands FRCS
Smooth Talk Half-elf, Halfling, Hill Dwarf, or from Metropolis FRCS
Silver Palm Dwarf, Halfling, Ket FRCS
Streetsmart any Metropolis, Halflings, Orcs FRCS
Strong Soul Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Yeomanry, Hold of Sea Princes FRCS
Tattoo Focus Ull FRCS
Thug Orcs FRCS
Treetopper Sylvan or Grugach Elf, Forest Gnome FRCS
Twin Sword Style Drow, Northern Great Kingdom FRCS