Prophecy: Standard Point Buy

Standard Point Buy Character Generation Method

Ability Score Point Costs

Ability Score
Ability Score

Point Cost
3 -5 11 3
4 -4 12 4
5 -3 13 5
6 -2 14 6
7 -1 15 8
8 0 16 10
9 1 17 13
10 2 18 16

Please keep in mind that ability scores are paid for BEFORE
applying racial modifiers, thus stats can be higher than 18 for
those races which get bonuses to their stats.

Characters begin with 36 point with which to buy their ability
scores (32 if the character is a +1 Level Adjustment race or a
gambler, and 28 if the character is a +1 LA and a gambler).


Ability scores below 8 have a ‘negative cost.’  What this
means is you can increase the number of points available to spend
on other stats by taking a hit in a different one. You may only
‘buy down’ one stat (and I recommend against doing so at
all in 3rd edition).

You can get bonus points for the following materials (+1 point
for each, whenever you get it to me)

  • a background story
  • an illustration (regardless of source, as long as it accurately
    represents the character)
  • a list of 5 or more personality traits that show why your
    character has their chosen alignment and 1 thing about them that is
    outside their alignment but why this doesn’t change their