Raven’s Keep: Dark Waters

11 Lenzmoan 57234

I have yet to decode the Cipher from the previous journal entries so I will enter my thoughts in the common tongue.

The PitWe were deciding what to do when the severed head spoke to us again. I don’t recall the exact words it said blah blah blah blah something about going below Tales of Woe blah blah blah. There was discussion about whether we should follow it or not…to my mind, I am a bit concerned about whether we should follow it but we ultimately decided to follow its advice, and I think perhaps if we go in faith that would be the wise course of action. Follow it we did. We went down the stairs to the catacombs below. There was a passageway that led off the stairs into a giant chamber which had a cistern, a well, in the center. It was filled with water. We approached and tentacles came out and attacked some of us. Someone jumped in. I think it was the gnoll. Yes, I believe so. Perhaps it was someone else. No, I’m pretty sure it was the gnoll, I think. I shot the tentacle and it released him. Yes, we’ll go with that. That’s what happened. Eventually we realized there were some turnstiles on the wall and…not turnstiles so what do you call them you know handles with wheels, like a steering wheel, anyway we turn them and well actually Sayberion tried first and oh my goodness he just could not do it he tried and tried and could not do it. He could not budge it. He tried both wheels and couldn’t move them, eventually Nyssa had to go help him and between the two of them they were able to successfully turned the turnstile. She read the words above the wheels. One side said on the other side off or it might have been full and empty I don’t recall exactly in any case she was able to read the words about it and we turned the one that said empty and it drained out to the well and that took ages, by the Raven! We took advantage of the time to eat and rest which was good I was feeling a bit peckish myself.

Eventually the water drained out and we were able to look at the bottom of the well. We thought perhaps there would be a floor but there wasn’t. There is a large opening so we tried to shine the light and couldn’t see the bottom so we dropped a pebble listening to hear how far the floor was and then being surprised to hear a splash. The water has not been drained completely away and so then we tied one of our 50 foot ropes to one of the wheels and hung it down into the hole and it did not look like it went all the way down so we had to tie a second rope to it actually before we did that Ankoma climbed down and he climbed down and went to the end of the first rope and realize that that he was not even close to any land.

into-the-pittentacle-creatureSo we were debating what to do at that point, do we climb down, do we swing back and forth to try and get to land, do we go into the water and swim? The area was so big it was hard to get our bearings. It seemed like there was something still moving in the water. The tentacle thing was still there. We couldn’t be sure how far or how long it would take us to get to the land. So I determined that I too could become a tentacle thing to assist my companions.

Changing myself into a tentacle thing myself, technically what I did was I change myself into an octopus, I dropped into water to distract the creature so that the others could safely swim to land. I intended to attack something so my companions could safely do whatever they need to do; however, once I was in the water I realized the folly of my action. Once I was in the water I saw that there was not one tentacle thing that I needed to distract, but there were four of these hideous creatures that I would need to deal with. So the water became animated with churning movement as these four multi-armed rotting corpse things descended upon me. Barely had I enter the water and started moving towards one of these things when these four creatures descended upon me. I started to dodge the blows of one of these creatures but the other three managed to strike me repeatedly with their tentacles I dodge a tentacle here and there but I was struck nearly senseless with the repeated blows from these festering clawed tentacles to the degree that my octopus form was ripped to shreds forcing me to return to my human form in the water. There went that plan. What happened next was the gnoll decides to jump in the water and let the others know that I was foolish. So he and the others jumped into the water to save me as I swam to the shore. Then all of us moving to try and get to a better position to fight these creatures. Nyssa stayed above and fired her magic at these creatures from a position of safety. The rest of us attacked them as best we could from within the water or if we could get to land from at the relative safety of land. Eventually, after much blood and gore we were able to defeat the creatures. We found ourselves on an outcropping of land that was bizarre in shape and form appearing almost as if it were the mouth of a creature.

unnatural-passageThe one of the rocks, to my own thought, looked almost like an uvula from the throat of a creature. In any case, it was a disquieting place to find ourselves, however we were safe for the moment. Nyssa slid down the rope and joined us, and we took a moment to rest and recover from the harrowing battle that we have found ourselves in moments before. We now are faced with the decision to press on further down this natural yet unnatural tunnel.