Raven’s Keep: Swine Flu, Eww

From the Journal of Elx

18 Donkeremoan 57323

As I write this journal entry I am a bit confused. I find that my previous entries contain a mixture of the Common tongue and a substantial amount of coded entry that I find myself unable to read. I have set myself the task of deciphering these strange entries in my own journal. Yet more strange, they look to be written in my own handwriting.

Additionally, I find myself in the middle, apparently of the Wildlands, exiled from Raven’s Keep. My memories of getting here are jumbled and fuzzy. Blern and his agents are nowhere in sight. I feel as if I have woken from a dream. But more…as if from a dream within a dream.

After the brief rest, we headed back downstairs where we found concentric rings inscribed on the floor of one of the rooms. Nyssa recognized the rings as something that she had inscribed.

“I’m sorry, but how is it and when it is that you inscribed these?” sputtered Bran.

Nyssa looked confused for a moment, “I’m not entirely sure, it may have been when we were in the dream.”

“But you never left us in the dream,” countered Sayberion.

“I don’t remember leaving you. But I definitely recall creating these rings,” answered Nyssa.

“Do you know why you created them or what they do?” asked Bran.

“I believe they are summoning circles. To either keep something in or out.”

While were talking Ankoma and I had been simply observing. I nearly fell over as the door I was leaning against was suddenly opened. Four swine things lept into the room. One of them rushing to attack Ankoma while the other three took advantage of me being of balance and descended upon me.

The others fought bravely. Ankoma fought with a recklessness that was inspiring, hacking away, grabbing them, and occasionally throwing the pig-like creatures to the ground.

Nyssa blasted one with her fire bolt and then rushed forward into the fray forgoing her safety to stabilize my bleeding when she saw that one of the creatures had nicked an artery and I was starting to spurt blood.

Bran slashed left and right with his two weapons, marking them with his hunter’s eye, he saw openings for more lethal blows that we others could not see.

Sayberion stood over my prone body and took the brunt of their attacks, interposing his shield to block attacks against Ankoma as well, all the while slashing with his blade. The last one fell as Ankoma held him down and Bran sliced his head off.

The threat removed they saw to Elx’s wounds. The medkit diagnosed him with some sort of magical disease that was resistant to normal healing and prevented it from applying normal diagnostic and healing measures to him.

Sayberion called out to his god and laid hands on Elx. The sweat that had broken out my forehead cleared away in moments and the kit indicated that the disease was gone and was able to apply its healing measures to him. Sayberion also used curative magics on Elx so that within moments I was standing nearly as health as I had been before the attack. My ribs still ached and I could still feel something not completely healed inside as I started to walk around.

We then went to various rooms to try to rest for a while. Ankoma and Bran, after seeing that we were secure began to search the building to make sure that there weren’t any gaps in the windows or other areas that the swine creatures could enter through. They got to the roof and saw that there were a bunch of them gathering in the courtyard.

Eventually, the creatures started to try to break in through the windows and doors as we had feared.

I transformed into a dire wolf and ran to the front door to meet my prey. They met me before I got there and clawed at me. I sunk my jaws it and shaking my head I knocked it down. Then my packmates and I attacked it viciously. The nice smelling packmate blasted it with fire and it smelled good.

Ankoma came down the side of the building and started fighting one of the swine things, attacking them from the rear.

My packmates and I were churning through the pig creatures.

Then I heard the hairy packmate fall and I started whining. My packmate with funny colored skin quickly picked up on what I was trying to communicate. He told the others that hairy-one was in trouble in the courtyard. I knocked the pig thing down in front of us and tried to rush past, but there was a creature that blocked my path and caused me to fall over.

Funny-skin rushed over the fallen foes and friends and disrupted the one that blocked me and then continued on to find hairy-one.

Another pig-thing came and attacked me while I was down. The creature was able to land many blows since I was down and I felt the familiar tingle of the swine flu.

Nice-smelling-one blasted that one and killed it too.

I stood up and knocked my foe to the ground and moved past. Two-clawed human moved forward and attacked it while it was down. Leaping into the air, Nice-smelling-one shot down at the creature but missed.

I rand out and back, nipping at the creature’s heels.

One of the creatures ran out to look for Funny-skin.

Two-claws took two more swipes at the creature and killed it. Funny-skin sliced at the creature attacking him and Hairy and then shoved it with his shield, knocking it back. It tumbled back into its companion and both fell prone. Then we chewed on them till they disappeared.

We went to the other tower, Two-claws called up to the golem but there was no answer. I went up to the door and scratched and barked, but I got no answer either.

We looked for openings. We saw nothing on the ground floor other than the locked door with a tiny arrow slit, but on the second floor there were windows so we talked about how to get to them.

I returned to human form and told the others that I would assume a form that would be able to enter the building and then would open the door. However, if I ran into trouble and didn’t return in a few minutes that they should assume the worst.

So saying, I transformed into a swarm of crawling insects and the mass pressed towards the door, then through the arrow slit, and into the well lit room. The swarm could tell that it was empty. Some kind of lab or library. I raised the bar on the door and let them in.

Once inside, we slid the bar back into place, securing the door against invaders and examined it more closely. There had been a conflict in the room. Bran noticed blood on the floor and determined that a booted man had escaped and that the white rat creature with little hands for feet, that T’yog had warned us about had been present also.

Starting to feel the effects of the flu I realized that I could cast a lesser restoration upon myself and did so to remove the disease coursing through my system. We sat in the chairs and rested while continuing to search the room. Among the papers we unearthed T’yog’s Journal and then I cast a detect magic ritual during which we discovered a strange amphora that we realized could be made to magically dispense various alchemical fluids.