Raven’s Keep: Seeing Raven

It is a dark figure, so large that it fills the sky eclipsing the sun, turning day into night, with a sarcastic tone it laconically issues an audible sigh, as it says:

Once upon a time, all the hope in the world was swallowed-up, hoarded by an unspeakably evil old chief who was not disposed to share it. RAVEN, bored of fluttering around in the hopelessly dark world declared that things should not be this way, and so once again, as was in days of old, he turned himself into a leaf and sneakily fluttered unnoticed into the evil one’s dwelling. There, the evil one’s squaw was sipping some tea and RAVEN fluttered into the cup just as she raised it to her lips. Swallowing him down, she immediately became pregnant and gave birth to chaos and confusion in the form of a mortal baby with the blackest, raven eyes, eyes that glowed, and he was very temperamental. Whenever he grows bored he shrieks, so much so that the unspeakable old one, thinking he is the father, says: “Give the baby what it wants”. So mother gives the baby a bag fancied toys and shining jewels, and for a time he plays merrily with these until one day he becomes bored again.

In a fit, the baby tossed them out scattered all the toys around and cries even louder. Oh dear. The baby is bored again. He is bawling. He wants something new. He drives his parents crazy with his distress, and so to pacify the babe they take your toys and go outside and play and they give him the key to the world.

For a time it works, the boy is happy, he makes a few friends, but outside it is still too dark to go very far and without hope the boy finds the world to be a sad place, and in a short time he becomes very disappointed and bored again so he goes home and you’ll never guess what happens next … Bored, he yells even louder and he makes a bigger mess than before, becoming really disruptive!

His Unspeakable father becomes so upset he begins tearing out his own beard from his face in his fury until the whole of village begins muttering that he’s gone crazy. Frantic, he searches for something, anything, to keep the baby quiet, but the baby rejects everything that is offered until mother pulls out a final bag. “Uh-oh” he thinks we can’t give it to the baby … It contains all the hope in the world — and that leaks like nobody’s business.”

Now you think you know what’s going to happen, but you don’t; what happens next is that the baby turns back into RAVEN, cries “Ka very much” as he snatched the bag with his beak and it flies back out through the door with he had cleverly left open. And, having stolen hope, he spread it throughout the world, bringing the UNSPEAKABLE OLD ONE’S scheme can come to an end making him very disgruntled, and such is his way that his comments will be of very strongest, foulest of languages, so bad that it should never to be spoken out loud.