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Pictures of You (Part 2)

Pictures of You (part 2)

The lizard man stopped and yelled something in draconic.

Tavious, disguised as a lizardman turned back to the rest of the group and called out, “He’s stopped and coming back this way.” The rest of the group caught their breath and Dúlinnor dropped his heavy pack as it looked like they were about to engage the libardman. It had been challenging keeping up with him once they had started to enter the swampy underbrush. Tavious continued, “And it looks like he’s got some friends coming with him.”

Soon the party was engaged in a small skirmish with a group of almost a dozen lizardmen. Tavious tried out his new Stone of Fear to great effect and found that it created a cone of arcane energy that opened up the perceptions of the targets to the horrors that he had experienced in the ruins. Soon a few of the lizardmen were running for the lives while a couple of the other started to run in terror but mastered their fear after a few moments.

Dúlinnor also was enjoying the recent magical discovery that he had received as he ran across the water treating it as if it were solid ground. From this vantage he was able to launch his ranged attacks with near impunity and so Quinth would knock the lizardmen off balance and then Dúlinnor would pierce them with an arrow to deadly effect. It was an efficient and deadly combination.

Things seemed to be going the party’s way until they were beset by a tree spirit and a swamp spirit. The tree spirit seemed intent on taking out the spell casters and was only mildly affected by the Stone of Fear. The swamp spirit, while not particulary vicious, sufficiently harrassed Dúlinnor as to make his attacks against the lizardmen slightly less effective.

Quinth had just managed to take out the leader of the lizardmen and Tavious the tree spirit at great personal cost to them both. Had Amra not been there with her new Healing Heart of the Three Ladies they might all have fallen. As it was, just as the two of them were about to fall to lethal blows she called upon the power of the Lover to empower the necklace and healing energy flowed out suffucing the entire party nearly restoring them all to full health.

The party was flush with victory, but the sky had clouded over and the trickle of rain that had started during the fight was now turning into a serious downpour. Tavious realized that the rapidity with which the storm was coming on and the appearance of the spirits did not bode well and that there must be a spellcaster nearby. Advancing slightly further the group saw not one but two shamen ensconced in their lodge. Realizing that, while they were at near full health due to the blessing of the goddess, they were also nearly depleated of their own magics and a wise retreat was in order. As lightning started to fill the skies above the swamp, the group quickly returned to town to report back to Officer Crain.

– 05/15/2015 –

Cast: Tavious, Quinth, Dúlinnor, Amra