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Pictures of You (Part 1)

Pictures of You


On the ship, the group discussed their next plans and the crew offered to see if the other ship was in port while Tavious searched the city of Corbilo, Bretonia, astrally. While astrally searching, the crew came back to report that the other ship was not in port, but that someone matching Ruak’s description was being held in the local jail.

Upon his return, Tavious hears of this and after a brief rest to recover his strength journeys forth again in astral form searching for the jail. Finding it, he quickly finds that cell with his friend who is sharing the cell with a young woman.

Before Tavious had arrived Ruak had awoken to find the girl looking at him with quizzical eyes. She looked vaguely familiar, “Who are you?” he croaked.

She laughed and it was a laugh that he found familiar and comforting, “Spider! What are you talking funny? It’s me, Joanna.”

Ruak searched his memory, the name sounded familiar. Something to do with Morvelus and the town militia but nothing else, “Do you know me? I seem to be at a disadvantage with my memory.”

“Sure, you are friends with my dead. You must have gotten hit on the head harder than you think in that fight.”

“Maybe. Friends with your dad? Why do you call me Spider?”

“Sure, you and my dad were in the militia in Nanciacum together. Well not my dad, dad. But, you know. As for, Spider, that is what the other folks in the unit called you, ‘Deadly as a phase spider’ their secret weapon they said.”

“Who is your dad again?”


When Tavious arrived, he wasn’t sure if he should reveal himself to the girl so he positioned himself so that she wouldn’t be able to see him when he manifested himself and spoke telepathically to Ruak. Ruak quickly told Tavious that she was safe to talk to and the three of them discussed a plan of escape.

Tavious returned to the ship. There the group discussed bribes, outright attack, other options and eventually settles on a plan to disguise Tavious and Toombs as guards on orders from an Officer Crain to retrieve the prisoners for transport to the court house. The plan goes fairly well, though they are asked for their names, which they give as Quinth and Toombs, which seem to raise no alarms.

As they are returning to the ship, they see Officer Crain approaching, Ruak and Joanna quickly duck below deck. Tavious goes to meet Crain and asks his business. Crain replies that it is with Captain Aiden. When Tavious questions Crain as to his business with the captain, the officer takes umbrage that one of the captain’s crew members has the temerity to question his authority to speak to the captain and threatens to put the crew member in the stocks if he doesn’t stop impeding an officer of the law. Besides which, the captain will want to know what he has to say so you are infringing on your captain’s right to know as well. Unable to dissuade the officer, Tavious goes to deliver the message to the captain.

While he does so, Morvelus is introduced to his daughter. Upon first hearing that he has a daughter he seems incredulous of the idea as he had no memories of the girl, but upon seeing her a flood of memories return. To say daughter is not quite correct as she was actually his ward. Morvelus recalled more of his time fighting with troops on the Bretonian border. The girl, Joanna, was actually the daughter of a fellow war wizard, Nicholas Wylde. Her mother had died in child birth as is all too common. Nicholas had died during one of the raids that their company had engaged in when Joanna was only eight years old. As she had not other family and Morvelus and Nicholas had been close, Morvelus took her on as a ward as best he could. He had some assistance from the other men and women in the unit, but he was her primary caretaker. When he asked her how she had managed to land hersefl in jail, she explained, or rather didn’t really explain, that it was a misunderstanding involving an illusion, a dupe, and a charges of obscenity in the first degree and coercion in the second degree. She asked if they had any spare harps laying around as the guards had confiscated all her belongings and all she had at the moment were the rags on her back.

Captain Aiden speaks with Officer Crain and finds out that it had nothing to do with the prison escape, but rather Officer Crain was concerned that one of his crewmen might have been killed in a brawl or some such. That wasn’t the case however and so there is something else that Crain now would like his First Mate, Ela Tariro, to look into. There is a dead body that looks just like her.

The group asks if they can assist and the captain, gratefully, takes them up on their offer as the First Mate could use the assistance.

The group travels to a bad part of town and find the body. After examining it they notice that the hands in particular smell strongly of urine. They discuss various theories for why that might be eventually deciding that perhaps she might be a dyer woman as they use urine to set the dyes in clothing. They also discover a scrap of paper tucked into her blouse with Officer Crain’s name written on it. They attempted to discover if there were other hidden writing on the note, but were unsuccessful in discovering any further writings on the note. They were all concerned that the name might mean that Officer Crain was involved in her death somehow; however, Ela did ask why Crain would come asking for our help if he was involved.

They next went to the mercantile district where the woman was recognized as a seller of dyed clothing from a nearby village. Traveling to the village they spoke to a village elder who will tell them that Blanche was one of the unmarried women of the village who lived with a group of other women. She was promised in marriage to Luke the apprentice blacksmith. She was one of the more responsible girls who was good with numbers and so was given the task of taking the goods to market in town every week.

Talking to Luke, he is distraught upon hearing of the death of his betrothed. He asks who did it how she died. While the group doesn’t answer immediately, they ask him about possible lovers and he sobs and tells of his theory that she was seeing a secret lover. He wonders why they ask and they give him the name of Officer Crain. Enraged, he vows to kill Crain. Quinth and Tavious taken aback, caution the headstrong youth against such rash actions realizing that their incautious slip of a name might have doomed this boy to his death, but he seems deaf to their pleas.

The group then investigates where Blanche lived with the other maidens and the girls say that she was looking forward to her betrothal to Luke and that she was in love with him, she probably didn’t have another lover, but that she did like to go for walks down by the swamp. They point out a vase that has flowers she picked from the swamp edge.

The group follows the path that Blanche walked to see if there might be clues along her path and when they reach the edge of the swamp they are ambushed by a small group of lizardmen. They take an initial beating as the creatures jump out of the muck with surprising quickness. Dúlinnor quickly retreats to a safe distance where he begins firing bolts into the lizardmen.

Quinth and Toombs begin a pattern of double-teaming the lizardmen. Toombs setting them up and Quinth taking them down as they move from creature to creature. While they do so, the two mages, Morvelus and Tavious work their arcane magics and blast them with beams of force or whisper corrupting verses into their foes. Soon the foes lie silently dead at their feet. Searching the bodies, they find a crude map of the nearby road with an X drawn on it.

Returning to Officer Crain with the information and conferring, the group finds that be a fine point for an ambush and that that road is soon to be the location of a caravan carrying highly sensitive cargo. Officer Crain also lets them know that not long ago he lost a scout who was scouting the route for the caravan. The scout was presumed lost due to an accidental death. It appeared that he ran afoul of a wild bullette, but perhaps there is more to the death than it first appeared.

Joanna also had heard information relating to the caravan. She had heard of a shady individual asking for any information relating to its path and departure time. This was about a week or perhaps a little more ago and she hasn’t hear since. Though she’s been in lockup the past three days so it is hard to hear much from there.

The group asks her to see if she can find him and set up a meeting. She can’t find him in the city anymore but was able to get a contact to get a message to him to set up a meeting. During that time the group works with Officer Crain to draw up a forged caravan schedule with an altered timeline of six hours earlier and they make their plans to meet the lizardman contact.

– 04/24/2015 –

Cast: Tavious, Quinth, Ruak, Morvelus, Toombs, Dúlinnor