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SOW Chapter13: Dread Rhogar of Majyst

Dread Rhogar of Majyst

Rhogar of




At the time of
my hatching, when I first saw the light of day, I was alone. To survive I had to
feast on the other eggs in my clutch, consuming the only siblings I might have
ever had. Thus I am called the Dread Rhogar, Brother-slayer … Bloodbane. I am
the only son of my father Rhaaksh and my mother died before I was born, the
victim of an undead behir she encountered in the wilds of the isle of my birth,
but I survived my first season, alone, savage little more than a beast myself by
eating bugs, frog and carrion. I existed so until I was found by human
tribesmen, who caught me and raised me like a pet and three years later the
tribe also fell victim to an undead. I alone was immune to their cursed bite so
again alone I ran into the forest but I was eventually rescued by a party of
dragonborn who came to the island to purge the undead they found there. They
appeared on the outskirts of the jungle and they began tracking and destroying
the unclean dead saving me in the process, and piecing together some of my
tragic history as they battled the island’s undead. Clanless they called me
Bloodbane, the dragonborn who had eaten his family of the Isle of the Dead.


in Majyst my father was located, he worked hard to civilize me, having me play
with the other children of Majyst but I never fit in. So I received special
training as directed by father, a commander himself. I had to learn everything
that I would need later to become a clever and wise leader myself. While being a
proud and honorable warrior, my father Rhaaksh, did not spend much time with me.
I made him uncomfortable, and I reminded him of his dead wife. My upbringing led
me to be inappropriate, even dangerous at times, when my primal appetites
exploded in violent displays. Still, he was proud, and I soaked up his stories
of war, but I never shook the name of Bloodbane, and my father’s obsession with
the isle that claimed my mother’s life grew. In my thirteenth year he returned
to the island and he never came back.   


My training at
the sword continued, just a part of my daily routine and although I browsed the
contests, I refused any challenge myself for fear that I might lose control and
slay my opponent. This and the fact that I already had a goodly stature in my
adolescence meant most potential physical confrontations came to an abrupt halt
when my challengers became intimidated by my size and reputation; still I was
deemed unworthy to carry the name of my family, Rhaaksh, the others my age
stayed with my nickname Dread, the Feared.


With my adulthood fast approaching, at the age of 15, having spent much of my time
alone, I began spending time learning the ancient traditions of crafting weapons
and armor, as my skills grew, word started spreading that I was
indeed a skilled craftsman, but at that time Majyst held little for me, I was an
outcast, but my talent and artistry with metal led 
Ssarina to my door and we became fast friends and eventually paired. The mention of my childhood name, Dread, became increasingly rare. Our meeting coincided with the
fast approach of the completion my warrior’s training, scheduled for the same
day on which I was to be recognized as a man, but as I was being initiated into
the circle of the clan warriors, Ssarina dedicated her own life to the service
of Bahamet. I felt abandoned, lost; the personal tasks assigned me for the
fulfillment of contract of manhood went ignored, as I flew into a violent rage …
never completed the initiation.


 A  question rose in my mind, what should happen to me now?  I could not imagine.
Should it be my future to leave Majyst, heading out into the world alone to
complete my education through the experience gained by my own actions? Perhaps I
should seek to kill a powerful adversary proving myself by delivering the
monster’s head to the Council of Majyst thus proving my worthiness … The thought
inspired me, and with boundless determination I returned to the island of birth,
to seek out and slay the undead behir. My quest took three years to complete,
but in the end I did find the monster’s lair, and there lay my father’s bones
with his armor; after performing a proper burial, I claimed the behir’s head as
my prize and returned to
Majyst, anxious to show off my success to Ssarina, but
when I finally arrived she was already gone. During my absence she had been
appointed the role of emissary to the people and sent to the mainland on our
behalf to represent our people. Naturally, I decided to follow her, but I have
discovered that the mainland is truly a large place, and it is at war.
Everywhere I travel, I find the peoples of the mainland fighting for their very
survival against a indomitable foe with unimagined power, and unearthly
determination. Travel has been slow and treacherous. Ssarina, if she yet lives,
and I have heard that she does, has defied my best attempts to locate her. I
have encountered a handful of Ssarina’s allies, but all have shown fear at my
approach, that much is unchanged … I am still Dread Rhogar.

Only recently I have found my strongest clue, and surprisingly it has come from
an unexpected source. I was approached of one of the race Ssarina been herself
battling, a githyanki lieutenant called, Iliss Githom-Vass. While traveling
behind the enemies

line, in a dead city called Pax Tharkas I passed many a body, but I continued on
to the dead city which had been the home of the mainland’s Knighthood seeking
Ssarina imagining that I might find her there. That was when this githyanki
approached me, seeking a partner to negotiate an alliance with githyanki rebels.
The githyanki explained to me that I might very well find Ssarina there
explaining the importance of her role within the mainland’s coalition. My
benefactor has even smuggled me to a place beyond all known existence, an
outpost called Citadel Mercane, where I was secreted abroad a ship called Gith’s
Memory in route to the githyanki homeworld in hope that this might finally lead
me back to Ssarina.