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SOW Chapter3: Vat’s Enough of Vat

Vat’s Enough of Vat

Now she’s proficient
Resting now with her sister
Modra dies for her

umbraforge-towerLast time we were together Brindol’s Brigade, acting on a tip they received from the Shadar-kai war witch, Leena infiltrated the Dark Foundry of Umbraforge. They were in pursuit of the devious dark one named Modra who had been implicated in arming the orcs in their effort against the Elsir Vale, and who had recently been haunting their trail, very nearly slaying Jimmy.

As per Leena’s tip Modra was there apparently trying to disrupt the foundry with a cadre of shadowgoblins. A battle ensued and in the course of the fighting Modra freed a monstrosity from one of the six vats located within the foundry.

As the battle progressed, Reniss, the sister of the slain warlock Jen of the Farstriders lived long enough to see Modra slain but soon after she herself was butchered by one of the fell creatures of the vats. One-by-one these monstrosities had been freed and ultimately the Brigade was forced to run for their lives but this too was cut short. Outside the foundry Sarshan’s Shadar-kai guard had surrounded the foundry intercepting the fleeing heroes.

Leaving a skeleton crew of warriors guarding the Brigade, the Shadar-kai entered the foundry to battle the freed beasts of battle and to their last member they were killed by the monsters but not before they weakened the monsters sufficiently so that the remaining guards with the help of the Brigade finally secured victory within the foundry. This provided an opportunity for the heroes to escape the remaining Shadar-kai guards; before others arrived they overcame the guard and hid themselves within the tower tunnel secreted in the foundry (another of Leena’s tips).



Following the narrow tunnel as it steeply rose; the party found nothing but the exit into what likely would be the Tower of Umbraforge; then on the ground a small parchment sealed by signet ring with a wax seal, sculpted with an M.


Jerion took this to be the sign of the Lord Majere, founder of the college of Whitestone in Sayre. The parchment read:


Having read this note the Brigade backtracked through the tunnel and about midway they heard the muffled sound of a pipe behind one the walls of the foundry. Examining the wall a hidden door was discovered and opening the door they found a lost shrine with crumbling walls … apparently ancient and forgotten. The walls covered in muted frescoes, unrecognizable as fragments of better days in what remained of them. In the center of the room, a black divine-winestone altar stood, its dark surface buried beneath a deep layer of dust, save for a small portion wiped clean upon which a freshly opened bottle of  wine and a pair of glasses wait.

This is where we pick up the story of our heroes. Rested and refreshed. The divine wine having removed all wounds, the choice before the party now is whether to take the foundry tunnel back towards the Dark Foundry or forward to the Tower of Umbraforge, which they know to be Sarshan’s tower, an edifice of black stone set atop a rocky rise. From Umbraforge it to be roughly 80 feet tall, a squared structure with a gatehouse and four round towers, one to each corner … the entirety of the building capped by a dome with a four-pointed spire.

Considering their situation the party realized that guards have been responding to the Dark Forge battle from throughout the Umbraforge outpost … seeing that everyone else is dead or unconscious they would likely hold the Brigade responsible and at very least hold them for questioning if they didn’t kill them on the spot … so at the very least they would be incarcerated. There is no way they can depart from the Dark Forge without being seen except by using the secret tunnel Leena told them about.

The Brigade is likely to encounter guards at either location.

Jeroen put forth, "Should we try to speak with them and point out that we just saved Sarshan’s sorry buttocks from his double-dealing flunky?"

Jimmy added, "Who knows perhaps he might give us a reward for helping him out?"

Troyas snickered, "That sounds ripe. You might want to ask them about a reward and see what they tell you. Maybe Sarshan will offer you tea & crumpets."

Bhenedict pointed out, "Sarshan is at the very least a slave dealer and arms merchant. He is also operating covertly within Overlook. We will confront him and if necessary deal with his actions in a manner befitting his treatment of others. We’ll kill him business-like."