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SOW Chapter3: Entering Umbraforge

Entering Umbraforge

Empty streets he leads
Ambushed he lies at our feet
Lost ones have one more


After our battle with the wraiths I went to get some healing potions from the shrine in the lowtown. When I returned I saw Reniss practicing with her weapons. After watching for a while I became curious and wandered over to her.

"I notice that while you seem strong with good reflexes and appear to have some training with a weapon; in actual combat you can’t seem to hit nearly anything."

She glared, "I do just fine. I was hitting the wraiths and delivered a number of the killing blows."

"Yes, well, I was only watching out of the corner of my eye, but those seemed to be lucky shots. Have you not been adventuring very long?"

"I’ve been on plenty of adventures, as many as you I’d expect!"

"Yes, well, let me prove my point," so saying I drew my sword and beckoned her to approach, "Attack me with your best shot."

Her frown turned into a grim smile, "Gladly."

She approached with the caution of a trained fighter, but as she swung her longsword she shifted her grip and tried to use it as a club. I easily blocked the attack and taking my turn easily landed a light blow to her other arm.

She growled and approached again. This time she thrust her sword at me like she was wielding a spear and again I easily dodged the blow.

Not wanting to injure her I refrained fro attacking, "You see, you are incapable of hitting anything actively trying to avoid your attacks."

She leapt at me and with great precision did a double strike, but missed with both attacks seemingly swinging her sword as if it were a hammer.

I held up my hand and asked her to pause, "Hold. I think I see the problem."

"I don’t have a problem you clod-kicking bumpkin. My only problem is that you are rude, uncouth, and irritating."

"Ah, again, you are mistaken. I am rude and perhaps irritating, but not uncouth. And you are mistaken in that you do have a problem. I will lay out the logic. If you are as experienced as you claim to be, and I think you might be — at first I thought perhaps you were just exaggerating but now I think not — then you should be able to hit me as often as not," I paused to recalculate the odds, "well perhaps not quite that often, but nearly so. You took four swings at me and not one of them hit."

She frowned and I thought she might take another swing at me. Confident that she would miss, I lowered my guard and continued, "What are you attacking me with?"

She looked confused as if I had asked her why we wear clothing in the winter. "With this of course, you imbecile," She interjected as she thrust forward her sword.

"Yes, and what is that?"

"It is my weapon."

"What kind of weapon?"

"A melee weapon."

I shook my head in pity, "What is the name of the weapon?"

"Name? It has no name? It is not intelligent, just like you."

"No, no, I mean," holding up my own sword, "this is a longsword." Gesturing towards the dwarf who was sitting at the fire making a culinary masterpiece, "He uses a craghammer. What type of weapon are you using?"

She was dumbfounded, "Um, well, now that you mentioned it, I’m not sure. It looks like a longsword, but is it pointed like a short sword or a spear. It weighs about as much as a mace and where I grip has a shaft like a quarterstaff. It could be any of those."

I smiled at her attempt to be logical, but over applying basic analytical principles to her detriment. "Would you agree that I appear to be an effective combatant able to wield my weapon with obvious training and proficiency?"

She grudgingly nodded an affirmation.

"Then trust me in this. Are you read? You are using a longsword."

"Are you sure?"


"What if you are right?"

"Believe you are wielding a longsword and make your attacks again," so saying I raised my sword again to ward off her blows.

I heard her mumbling "It is a longsword" under her breath as she approached again.

This time with her first strike she hit me with a glancing blow. We continued to spar for a while; the entire time she improved her ability to hit me as she more consistently applied her proficiency with the weapon to its use.

She had similarly confused her greatbow with many other weapons. Once I convinced her of its sureness as a greatbow she again was much more proficient in its use.



We entered the gate not sure of what we would find. The other side of the gate was room almost the exact opposite of where we had come from. Left was right, the crevice was a mound, doors were on opposite walls.

Exiting the chamber we found ourselves in a land of shrouded gloom. The landscape was both familiar and alien. We had entered the Shadowfell, the gloomy reflection of the natural world. The place was dimmed and dulled by a pervasive and insidious pall. What light there was was wan and flickering. In the distance below our position we saw a fortress tower next to a river of lava. On both sides of the river was a collection of camps and markets that had sprung up around the tower.

Searching for Modra we descended into the camps.

Fought the Bonecrushers to gain the acceptance of the denizens as a mercenary crew – Bhenedict’s Boys.

Found out that Modra was working behind the back of the local leader. He’s planning a sneak attack that we’re going to foil.





SOW Chapter3: Gripes of Wraith

Gripes of Wraith

Empty streets he leads
Ambushed he lies at our feet
Lost ones have one more

Found location of Modro and fought shadow creatures in the basement of tavern.

Mordo summoned wraiths to attack us, almost killed Jimmy, stole a key and went through gate.