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Prophecy: Episode Fifty-Six: Mirror Mirror In the Hall (5/22/08)

Episode Fifty-Six: Mirror Mirror In the Hall (5/22/08)

[Featuring Solaris, Smitty, and Zan]

From the Journal of Solaris Solaris

15 Readying 595 CY

We have determined that we will next need to travel to the Plane of Mirrors to recover the next stone. I will examine the ritual in the Book of Fantastic Travels.

21 Readying 595 CY

I will need to spend more time with this ritual. As written it will take me to a demiplane of mirrors, but I will need to modify it so that we can be sure to end up on the plane where the orb we seek will be found. I believe that if I incorporate our existing orbs I will be able to almost guarentee that I will be successful. I will also need to determine what we can expect on this plane. The book indicates that there are dangers there–reflected, twisted versions of ourselves. This is troubling, I will need to consider how best to prevent my mirror self from destroying us completely.

22 Readying 595 CY

I spoke with Smitty’s nephew, Thor. It is strange to find him so much older than Smitty. He is a pleasant sort with an elven perspective on life that I find refreshing. He is also the closest thing we have to an expert on planar matters. His knowledge and library are impressive. I understand that he is more of an expert on aberrations, the depth of his knowledge of them must be truly astounding. He will report back to me on his findings relating to the plane of mirrors.

22 Coldeven 595 CY-

It has taken me quite a while to modify this ritual. It has not helped that Charley has been incessent about needing scrolls. To quiet him, and because it is a good idea in general, I have taken time from my work on the ritual to create a few scrolls for him. {something here has been removed}

Typically each demi-plane of mirrors is distinct from other mirror planes, though each will share a common set of mirrors that allow access, referred to as a constellation. The mirrors in a constellation all have something in common with each other (crafter, owner, materials, etc.) The size of the demi-plane and thus the number of mirror doors varies from a handful to a couple dozen, the largest recorded demi-plane had 31 doorways. The destination mirrors can go anywhere, even to different planes and possibly times (though that is only recorded in one instance and the writer admitted that the “eye-witness” was not completely stable after his return from the plane).

The modified ritual I am using will allow us to jump to the mirror plane that we want as opposed to the mirror plane that would normally be associated with any random mirror that we use in the ritual. Time, gravity, magic all function normally there; though there is no connection to the Etheral, Astral, or Shadow plane and spells that rely on these planes do not function.

The space behind the mirror is a long corridor leading to the right and left. From the plane, the backs of the mirrors appear to be windows into other places. The corridor appears to be made of brick and mortar.

There is an almost guaranteed chance that when we enter the plane duplicates of us will be created that are intent on our destruction. Stories vary as to where and when they show up. Sometimes as you enter the plane, sometimes only after wandering for a while.

Besides mirror-selves, the only other creatures that are commonly encountered in the mirror planes are mirror-like creatures called Nerra. Whether they are natives, or just frequent travelers is not known for sure. They are as varied as the common races with respect to likely powers, though all seem have some innate spell like abilities of a mirror and/or illusory nature.

…here there is a section of the journal that has been removed…

2 Growfest 595 CY

Plan of action – do not question of think about this over much, all the necessary steps have been taken. Have faith in your preparations and confidence in good friends and do not think beyond what is written here. – Solaris

You will utilize a ritual from the Book of Fantastic Travels similar to the spell Mirror Walking to enter the Plane of Mirrors. Reach through the mirror to pull the others through: Smokey, Charley, Zan, Smity are most important and in that order. Less maybe better, immediately after bringing Charley through send him back; he and Nebula will guard the mirror from the other side.

You will enter the mirror with no memorized spells other than Unseen Servant, no scrolls and no spell book. Whatever dopplegangers you encounter will be faced without a reliance on spells but rather mind-to-mind, as ever the greatest victory is over one’s self.

4 Growfest 595 CY

Bitter Disappointment

Beyond the mirror I found no true self-realization but rather it seemed a trap. The only doppelgangers were those brought about by illusions created by the Nerra mirror watchers, servants of a collective that rules this voyeur’s plane.

There are three types of Nerra–Varoot, Kalareem and Sillit. Varoot are stealthy and sly – they moved very quickly, Kalareem are strong and more disciplined and Sillit intelligent, manipulative and at least by my account annoying. However annoying the Nerra were not without ability and training; furthermore they appeared to have a neutral disposition, perhaps they feel a higher purpose would be dangerous and futile. They walk a very fine line between all alignments often doing things one might think are good, evil, lawful or chaotic. I believe they may have observed and recorded our activities through their mirror portals and regardless of the methodology they were entirely prepared for our incursion into their realm. Still we did not encounter perhaps the most dangerous aspect of travelling through the plane of mirrors which is not the Nerra, who are very dangerous indeed, but mirror clones. So it is possible that my trap worked for I had placed a death symbol with a shell as a gift for my other and in fact I did not encounter him.

Upon my entry into the realm of mirror I was set upon by a quartet of Nerra, one large, one smart and two shifty ones. Before I could react one of the shifty ones set a magical rope to entangle me giving me only enough time to summon my associates from the other side of the mirror. Immediately battle was upon us but to my surprise a bag was thrust into my hand on the other side of the mirror. Zan, Smity and Charley were already battling foes when I opened the bag to find two scrolls and our portable hole. Having purposely enter this plane without any useful spell prepared I was desperate to be of some assistance so I ripped the first scroll open without caution seeing I had scribe a number of spells upon it.

Reading the first spell, I pointed my finger unleashing a deadly explosion of sound that destroyed one of our opponents while Smity chased off another with his own bolt of divinity. Smokey charged through the mirror knocking a third opponent to the ground further down the hall while Zan kept the fourth opponent busy in melee.

This allowed the space and the opportunity to locate a Prismatic Sphere spell upon the scroll. Using the scroll I created the sphere in the safest widest area available to me, unfortunately cutting Smokey off from the rest of the party and I took cover within the sphere. Thinking I was safe within the sphere I quickly took stock of the implements within the portable hole and then looked for a way to assist Smokey who was now being attacked by two of the Nerra. I released a second sonic explosion attempting to repel his foes but this only succeed in drawing the attention of one of his foes who ignored my deadly sphere of light and entered my sanctuary coated in painful acid and flames as I exited the backside of the sphere while threatening him with death and revenge should his forces harm the hapless Smokey who was evidently overcome by their magic.

On the other side of the sphere I found the battle was still raging and I fired my third and final sound explosion destroying the last foe on this side of the sphere and ordered Charley to retreat into the mirror and guard our escape route. Smity, Zan and I organized ourselves and together we decided that I should dispel the sphere and attempt to rescue Smokey who was still trapped on the other side of the sphere but first I decided to see whether or not our foe was still within the sphere. Peering in I found he had somehow summoned a huge fire monolith! I had not the time to fathom how he could have accomplished this feat in a plane where the summoning of creatures was impossible. Yet with Smokey threatened I dispelled the sphere and even though both Zan and Smity fought furiously they were overmatched by the massive beast of flame. Smity fell and as I reached down to drag him through the mirror Zan retreated and provided the assistance I needed to drag Smity to safety; we retreated into the mirror leaving Smokey behind.

Extricating ourselves before we suffocated, I had Charley pass back through the portal to see if it could save Smokey who was still trapped on the other side of the monolith.

He returned moments later saying that he had seen no sign of the creatures, nor Smokey. But, holding up a pale green prism he snidely said, “Well at least I can take credit for finishing the mission.” So saying he tossed the prism into the air where it began to circle his head. He also handed Smitty a towlette moist with Smokey’s blood to have him ressurrected as it is a sure sign that he is lost to us.

I will consider the advantage of resurrecting my servent or search for his mirror self. The discipline might be a welcome change from Smokey’s impulsiveness, but I could also imagine it grating on my nerves before long.

4 Growfest 595 CY

Smokey emerged from the mirror. It was not our Smokey but the doppleganger. He approached and spoke thusly, “Friends and master, I return to you. I am spoken with Nerra who bosses of mirror place. After I talk them, they say us use mirror to go to right place. But, they say do job first. They say tell you they know a mirror go to more floaty ball place. Sorry for missunderstanding; upset you kill mirror people. Make it better by helping.”


Supporting Cast





Experience Gained

6800 xp

Treasure Gained

  • +2 shard longsword (Charley)
  • pale green prism ioun stone (Charley)
  • moist towlette (Charley–>Smitty)

Total Gold: None.