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Prophecy: Episode Fourty-Nine: Family Found (8/23/07)

Episode Fourty-Nine: Family Found (8/23/07)

[Featuring Aerdaluna, Lorel, Smitty, and Silent Pete]

(In the words of Smitty) smity

Aeardaluna could barely contain himself when I got back, "Well, how was your meeting? What did you find out? Was it anything of import?"

"Well, he is a gruff old bastard who apparently can’t keep up a conversation for more than 2 minutes without needing to go pee. It was nice I suppose to meet another dwarf though as it has been a while. Were all the dwarves wiped out on Greyhawk when my clan was killed?" I replied sarcastically. "He wants me to come back tomorrow."

The next day, I went back to meet this Thorvald Ruathar. Aerdaluna had explained that Ruathar was elven for elf-wise or elf-friend which made sense I suppose as he was living with elves now.

Upon my return, Aerdaluna could see me perplexed, fuming face.

"Well?" He asked, "How did the second visit go?"

I didn’t quite know where to start, I decided to give him the good news first.

"Well, it turns out that we are related after all. This Thorvald is apparently my nephew. He was attacked by the creatures when he was but a boy and his father, my brother, was killed defending him. He was lost in a well for many days until some adventurers found him. One of the, Sorel, an elf seemed to take a shine to him and as part of seeing to his injuries appealed to his lack of living relatives to ingratiate himself to the boy. They apparenly have spent many years together and the dwarf has taken to living here since his other adventuring companions have died off…he’s much older than you’d expect a normal dwarf to live." I replied somewhat grumpily.

Not saying anything more, Aerdaluna prompted, "And that was it?"

I considered revealing my true feelings about a dwarf who would sell his heritage to become an elf in mind if not in body, but decided that I should probably hold my tongue. Instead I replied, "He has apparently fought well against the aberrations that destroyed our clan, but he is too old to be of any use in restoring its glory."


Prophecy: Episode Fourty-Nine: Aerdaluna’s Musings (8/23/07)

Episode Fourty-Nine: Aerdaluna’s Musings (8/23/07)

[Featuring Aerdaluna, Lorel, Smitty, and Silent Pete]

(In the words of Aerdaluna) aerdaluna

My friends, I have thoroughly studied the documents we found. What I have discovered is of the highest gravity. I myself find my path clear and responsibility insists that I undertake the missions these documents have brought to light but the light is dim and the future is uncertain; that which I understand is that will be dangerous by any measure. I would welcome the assistance of most of you, all of you save Lorel but only you should make this decision for yourselves and only after you hear what I have discerned from my studies.   

Zan, the green and lavender gem stone you carry appears to by the same stone sold by Lorel prior to his departure to Klarn. I am fairly confident that this is so but I am not certain if this is important. I am more concerned by the mystery of it being, more so because of these documents we are discussing. Thus I invite you to listen. It involves the fate of the Seer. 

After careful study of the scraps of parchment we found within the Seer’s cave and examination of the Seer’s final missive, that which was encapsulated within the green and lavender gem stone carried by this enigma Zan my best educated guess as to the meanings they contain are as follows:

They describe three involved projects or blueprints, each with multiple missions, and each riddle falls into one of the three schemes.


The first of these involves battling the Githyanki’s undead queen. She who is known Vlaakith CLVII, an undead wizard who has ruled the Githyanki for over a thousand years, and who is thought to reside within Tu’narath the capital city of the Githyanki. The Githyanki are a race descended from slaves who overthrew the Illithid Empire, who are also known as Mindflayers. The city is located of the Astral Plane, where it was built atop a god-isle, which is a corpse of a forgotten god known only as ‘The One in the Void’. At the centre of this city is Susurrus, the queen’s palace.

While most of the Githyanki may be concerned with combating the Illithid excursions, they may not know the true, deeper purposes of their mission here. I doubt the Mindflayer’s are their only principal goal. The Githyanki queen is said to be exceedingly paranoid and it is unlikely that anyone would truly know her purposes.

My study confirms that the Seer is warning us that we are going to be facing the Githyanki and their undead lich-queen. Their overt mission appears to be real enough–to clean up a number of Mindflayer incursions. There are other goals that they have which they are enacting while they are here in force; this much is certain. What those goals are is not determined yet, but probably will become clear in time.


The second task is to follow and clarify the clues that will lead us to the gems needed to complete a weapon of sorts that will enable us to defeat the dark queen–a torc which can ultimately destroy her. But the reading found in the cave suggest that doing so will cost us a friend – spells indicate that this will be a ‘noble one’. I may yet cast further magics to unravel this riddle. We have many clues these may yet lead us to gem stones of power that will be necessary to construct our weapon.

The Seer was telling us that we will need a weapon of sorts to truely defeat the lich queen. That weapon is going to be constructed from a torc or something similar and a number of gems, 21 to be exact. In the cave we found a number of clues pointing to the locations where you can find the gems we will need. There is a danger in using the torc that may cost you this friend, the noble one.


A third task involves finding the torc itself. Any and even all of these tasks might be happening concurrently so it has been difficult to determine any timeline to these events. At some point it is said that we will be reunited with a lost friend; this friend will give us information we need to get home, it is a dark friend who took a “fork” and this dark friend will reveal a path for someone else who we found (though only in mind) in a body not his own. This sounds much like Seren-Arty to me but based on study might also be the Seer.

I can confirm that The Seer was saying that we will need to find the torc. The torc will be found somewhere where you will encounter a “dark friend” who took a “fork” who will ultimately reveal to you a lost friend (the lost friend is almost always if not always referring to Serenity.


Deciphered script, ‘Clues and Parchment’ found within the Oracle’s cave:

In the first set of verses, she is almost definitely – a reference to the Githyanki’s dark Queen; Undead lich most probably – and these notes make mention of the Githyanki keep built on dead gods, the capital city of the Githyanki, Tu’narath, which I described. She most definitely must be stopped!

Again and again references to the undead Githyanki Queen, and more of the Astral Plane and perhaps too the Githyanki ships capable of travel to the Prime Material; ships able to fly through the air as easily as our own travel the seas. And mention is made of their fire-born link which is likely a reference to their link with red dragons such as we encountered in the Seer’s cave. The queen may be disguised, at least at first, she is described as onion skin – she is an enigma veiled in mystery. She is a lich and she will have a phylactery and as such she does not fear death. Normal death is not a threat to her, only through negation, the destruction of her phylactery – her essence can we succeed.

The elves have confirmed that the Githyanki have ships that fly through the air here on Greyhawk. There are apparently at least three different sizes. I am not sure how they are accomplishing this feat, but have tried to find out and failed so far and I have found no one here who can explain it with any certainty. There are rumors that the elves have gathered so far that seem to indicate that the Githyanki have access to some special spell casting/crafting magics…perhaps similar to the magics that we were studying with Arty.

Serenity, seems to fit the descriptions of the one who is lost. A key lies within the Book of Fantastic Travels, the book given to us by the Gith in the Seer’s, cave. Was this a Githyanki, I am sure it was. I have also reviewed this  Book of Fantastic Travels, it is a sort of a spell book that will likely aid our travels, I should keep the book and learn the spells it holds. Here is the gist of it:

Book of Fantastic Travels:

 This slim volume is bound in a thick leather travel cover. It has clearly been to many places though it has weathered well. The interior has a brief essay on the topic of Fharlaghn priesthood. What follows are instructions for allowing the reader to travel to other places. These are incantations that can be cast by anyone who meets the prerequisite studies (typically a high Knowledge (arcana or psionics) check), so not just spellcasters can use these.

  • Invocation, the First: Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell (appears to be similar to an Astral Spell)
  • Invocation, the Second: Beyond the Silver Rainbow (appears similar to Planeshift to a specific plane)
  • Invocation, the Third: Boat on the River (appears to summon some kind of boat that can fly through planes)
  • Invocation, the Fourth: To the Land of Autumn Mist (appears to be another variant on the Astral Spell)
  • Invocation, the Fifth: Dreams of the Everyday Housewife (appears similar to Planeshift to a specific plane)
  • Invocation, the Sixth: Knee Deep in Stardust (appears similar to Planeshift to a specific plane)

 Additionally, the book will give a +4 on Spellcraft checks to learn spells that relate to travel or transportation.


Initially I was confused by,

Former friend now enemy found
Trust her not she’s frozen ground.
Words of wisdom she’ll impart
To tear away at true friends heart.

Through my divinations I was able to determine that this is the Seer. Serenity is not a former friend, nor is he a dead.

 Two found dead with one was friend
Can confusion, cloudy mind fog end?
Two found dead a trap there lies
The souls not in the glassy eyes.
Two found dead one life is given
Sanity from them both is riven.

More confusion, but I believe this describes Serenity and the Oracle. Dead eye are often said to be glassy. Regardless those found will be mad, insane and I expect we will able to repair their minds when the time comes.

Moons and asteroids seek and find may be a metaphor for the gems we need seek; we will definitely have to construct a device to break the phylactery’s magic, of this much I am certain.

And I believe we are not the only seekers but we have some clues to aid us:

One is in a wizard’s tower. I have determined this is near Tonnsborg – basic geographical research has revealed that this is a town on the Icy Sea on the border of Blackmoor and the Land of Black Ice to the north.

A second is under the sea in a Sahuagin cave: Gearnat – more geographical research revealed that the Sea of Gearnat is a long, curved bay whose two ends have separate names: Woolly Bay on the west, and Relmor Bay on the east. Because ships have sailed here since the Wild Coast and Pomarj were settled centuries ago, superb navigational charts exist for the whole area. The Gearnat was once known as the Sea of Yar, after a famed Suel explorer who proved to be an enemy of Aerdy expansion (hence the name change to honor the head of a Rauxes navigation school when the Great Kingdom came to rule here). The Gearnat is fed by three major rivers, two of which (the Selintan and the Nesser) allow shipping deep into the interior of the Flanaess, to the Nyr Dyv and beyond. The third river, the Harp, is little used at present for shipping, as it is the border between two potentially hostile states (Nyrond and Ahlissa). The Gearnat is lashed by storms during the spring and autumn, and ships cross then at considerable risk. The Straits of Gearnat, between the Pomarj and Onnwal Peninsulas, are open to shipping despite pirates from the Orcish Empire and hostile Scarlet Brotherhood ships from Scant, which enforce the collection of a much-hated toll for “safe passage” (received by “neutral” Lordship representatives on anchored vessels). Numerous warships from Greyhawk, Hardby, Nyrond, Irongate, and other states patrol this region south of Nyrond.

A third lies within a mountain of undead: west of Lassathan –  research reveals this as the name of a former town (now in ruins) in the Bandit Kingdoms near the Crag Rift and the Tangles. It is a slightly mountainous region so it would be any of a number of mountains in the area though probably not too many to investigate…the most famous of these is the White Plume Mountain.

All these encounters will feature Bone Lords, possibility a Count?

Ultimately the Githyanki with fall with their Queen’s struggles or are these yet other cities? This combined with the next two lines cause us to think perhaps this is referring to the Sea of Dust where the lost Suel civilization lies buried beneath the sand, the Sea of Dust is behind the Hellfurnaces and earthen rock…perhaps there is a roc somewhere there as well. Under a tomb sealed by a burning block or maybe sealed by volcanic action and likely the location of another gem.

Yet more gems lie where darkness creeps and dragon rule these heavenly deeps. ‘The blessed’ will have the clues we desire, but the blessed of whom? Could the blessed refer to a cleric sect where the dragons rule?  I remember too, ‘the Blessed’ was the name of the crazy woman that attacked us in Brindenford and flew off with Iris last we saw…could it be her?

Perhaps a half-dragon or someone who is at least draconic…we’ve encountered a good handful of them so far and even have some in the party. ‘Flunkies’ must be minions of whoever the dragon-child’s sire is.

We will again be sailing, perhaps we are taking ships to get to the Sahuagin earlier and then again for something either as slaves or pretending to be slaves, this time we seek a gem within watery graves, or at the very least where something is dead.

 All these clues and more, yet how many gems will we need, oft and again the number five resonates within these lines, is five the number then, no, at least my divination have set the number at 21 but this too could be false.

But this much I can say, the undead Queen already has a gem and it would appear that we will be fighting her for it. And take heart for these prophecies if not false state that in the end we will preserver and be victorious.


I discerned little order to these additional parchments but they state many additional prophecies:

They describe a land within which we will have to fight ourselves, perhaps a land of mirrors like a demi-plane. I have heard of such a plane or demi-plane referred to as the Plane of Mirrors. Mirror planes allow quick travel between the various mirrors that are linked to each, but each plane contains a mirror version of any traveler that enters it. This mirror version has an opposite outlook and will seek to slay his real self to take his place so we should plan ahead for this so we will prevail.

It is said our party need follow an Elf, is this Elf me? I cannot say. Reference is this glittery path where former self become whole once more, may this reference one of us or I hope, Serenity will be made whole.

Then too is referenced a battle with endless death. Speak “peace” and we will be freed transporting in the blink of an eye. While other lines discuss the ‘Eye of Gu’n’ragh, the greatest of psychic storm upon the Astral Plane, I don’t know that these are linked but only that they are both mentioned. Our escape is described, as the mind being the key- trading thought for dream. Travel in the psychic realms, and perhaps in limbo is a journey of the mind.

To a land capable of absorbing and or enveloping things where a pool will be our guide, perhaps an Astral color pool of peach color, but we should watch for a flash of blue within.

Where we will sail the Sea of Fire and seek the city where the Charcoal Throne gives rule; mayhap a reference to the City of Brass on the Plane of Fire; it is said a Sultan rules here.

We may need to find someone named Melchoir, who we will need pay for some further guidance to a gem. I have determined that Melchoir is a brass-merchant, likely in the City of Brass.

Regardless, there would appear to be another gem within the Eye of Gu’n’ragh.

And then too there is mention of a pale rider…a reference to some other undead mounted knight, I wonder…while spheres of nothing circle our spark, in yet more cryptic musings. There is mention of Nerull and Wee Jas, two gods of the dead. Is this then the land of the dead?

Then there is this stanza which I completed:

A myth it seems e’en in the lands of magic
perhaps because of fate most tragic
Should you wish the metal sphere reveal

Woe will strip your new found weal
Called the eye in the sky by those who know
tis said to watch everything below
it will soon the next you seek display
to search for on another day

So we have to go to a mythical land, the “eye in the sky”, to find the location of the next gem perhaps? The faerie court is said to be shadowy but a sylvan paradise. We will be wise to avoid fey gifts, no matter how tempting they may be.


The next few seemed to be distinct from the rest…though in what way I was not able to discern immediately…

We shall travel far from home is this a description of Astral Projection? And if so I will need to protect our bodies, it appears to be a reasonable interpretation. Not all will be as it seems – control my mind, and other’s minds is what I do best but can I help you to control yours? Can I control everyone at once? We will have to consider these questions.

The truth resides within the mind, but I believe we will be aided by the Book of Fantastic Travels. We must review this Gith gift immediately and before we travel. I am certain it will be of help.

Much of what I know is second hand. Is Limbo timeless, Istar’s Treatise on Gates described to construction of timeless Limbo prisons, some of these riddles speak of time. I am not certain what this portents.

Someone wears a gem upon his brow, will this be Serenity?

Who or what is Ozymandias – I have found some references to Ozymandias. He seems a despicable character, perhaps a Necromancer – I will do some further research on him and poems that may relate to him.

There are many references to 5, and two of the riddle of an Elf. There are more than 5 gems referenced, I believe the 5 references the negation device, perhaps the number of pieces in is in or maybe the number of guardians.

Is Serenity one of the 5? This seems out of place with my theory that the 5 relates to the negation device?

Did the Oracle guard one of the gems or a piece of the device? No, I do not believe so.

If seems certain that she knew her fall was coming and that she did not flee from it.

She (the Queen?) seeks to rip reality, the horseman are everywhere, Red, Black, White, Green – I know of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Red, Black, White, and Pale) – pale may be a reference for green. Could this not also indicate a connection to the five chromatic dragon colors? Are the gems orb, also described as moons and asteroids? Are we now discussing Orbs of Dragon-kind?

The Sargonne Prophecies are something associated with the Illithid. It is said to be their history of the future and this may be an insight into a concern that the Githyanki Queen is more powerful the expected and more active then desired/

Is Glyth a seed? –    Glyth was mentioned in the Vates treatise. Therein Glyth is the name of a planet in the Realmssphere. It is a harsh Mindflayer colony world. There is a moon circling it called Haven where different mind flayer factions come to meet on neutral ground.

Prophecy: Episode Fourty-Nine: I am Zan (8/23/07)

Episode Fourty-Nine: I am Zan (8/23/07)

[Featuring Aerdaluna, Lorel, Smitty, and Silent Pete]

(In the words of Zan) zan

I was born in the Underdark.  I did not know my mother or father as that was not the way of life for us lower born.

Looking back, I guess that partially explains why I am what I am.

I was to be trained to be a fighter but I excelled at the tests and so I was taken to be trained by a Master of the Nine Swords.

Our matron mother decided that she wanted warriors that were unique and better than all other Drow.  So we were taken and injected with dragon blood to increase our strength and recoverability.  There were only twelve of us that went through this; and, only five of us survived the first few days. All five of us became stronger and tougher.  Of the five, three took on different features and looked more like a dragon then Drow. The other two and I just received the abilities. In the next couple of weeks while we all became stronger and tougher, the ones that starting looking more like dragons also became much stronger and their skin took on armor like qualities.

Our training continued but we were separated, I and Kal Raeyl, one of the more draconic trio, were given to a new weapon master, Nal Volton, while the other three remained with our original weapon master, Chadra. Later we found that the training we were getting was a weapon study called the Way of the Swordsage and the other three were being trained as Warblades.

During the years of training I found that I was not like the others as I did not have the same way as thinking as they did.  I do not know when I first realized this, but it was long after I had begun my training with Nal Volton. I also noticed that I improved faster and my skills were better then the rest, but I did not let them know. I found that I could do things that I was not being trained at doing, things that a Drow should not be able to do. We trained all day with each other and we were expected to train in the dark by ourselves each night.  This is where I would test my new abilities and improve my skills. I found that the more I worked on my skills by myself the more I wanted to eliminate the others for the evil they represented.  I did not let others know of my feelings or of my new abilities that I was coming to understand.

Years of training and study had taught me how to fight and control things.  We were finally sent on a raid of the top world as a group.  I knew this was my chance to free myself and rid the world of these evil creatures.  The raid was a test to see how we could do against the surface elves.  So, during the raid we split up and I started my plan.  I started by stealing the weapon of the other swordsage to disarm him and use his own weapon against himself. I then used what I had been taught and my new abilities to take the rest of them out one at a time before they could attack the village.  It was not easy but as I had the advantage of surprise and my more advanced skills and powers. Thus I am Zan Nightstalker.

I had hoped that if I brought these evil creations to the surface elves that I might be able to live on the surface world away from my former people. After meditating all night I approached the village the next morning and allowed the elves to capture me.  I submitted myself to their clerics and mages and showed them where to find the evil Drow that I had killed.  I was blindfolded by the elves and while I was blindfolded they moved the village.  They kept me locked up and under spells so I would not be able to remember where I was going. The elves were not yet ready to allow me to have freedom .

The clerics consulted with their gods and while they were doing this they discovered something about my heritage.  They found that my mother was half-celestial and that I had inherited some of those traits.  Also the dragon blood that I had received was mixed with that from a gold dragon that the Drow had captured.  I guess when the gold dragon blood was injected in me it awakened my dormant celestial blood which caused the extra changes in me and my strange, for a Drow, outlook on life.

Soon after they had captured me, the surface elves remarked about my eyes. When they first found me they appeared to be mostly silver. As I stayed in the sunlight, they changed to gold and have remained so ever since. This was strange to me in two ways–first that it happened at all, second that I realized at that point that I could no longer see my reflection. I remember seeing my reflection as I child; but clearly now I could not see my own reflection. The other elves have no problem seeing me in mirrors and I see everyone elses’ reflections. It is an enigma that we have not been able to resolve yet. The clerics have determined that it is not harmful to them or me, but cannot describe a cause.

After discovering of my heritage and my intent the elves released me and allowed me to live with them.  At first they kept a careful watch on me, but as the years have passed I have earned their trust. I have spent the last four years with these elves learning from them and teaching them about the way of the swordsage and they have become my family. Last year a large red dragon invaded the realm intent on assassinating our Queen and I was able to defeat it with the help of my new swordmates. I took the brunt of the first blast of fire from the foul beast protecting my new elven brothers enabling them to survive when they might not have otherwise. Thus I am also Zan Flamebrother. Also, as a result, I was given the honor of defending our Queen as a part of her honor guard from that point forward.

My life is now my own to enjoy and I am devoted to protecting Celene and all other surface elves and helping all good people of the world.

The Queen has freed me to join you I believe in part because the red dragon. While the Githyanki have denied their part in its actions, our Queen has her doubts. Furthermore, the sword I wield was crafted by a Githyanki ages ago. It has served me true and I would give honor to its crafter as I seek to unlock its power. The stories tell of Reshar returning to Veselka’s Forge to unlock its power when he had it. I will do the same.


Prophecy: Episode Fourty-Nine: Court Date (8/23/07)

Episode Fourty-Nine: Court Date (8/23/07)

[Featuring Aerdaluna, Lorel, Smitty, and Silent Pete]

(In the words of Charley) charlie

So as I was saying…

After the boss teleported us to Celene (ugh, I still get the stomach queezies every time I get teleported…its just not natural), we were initially greeted by a party of elves who quickly were assured of our lack of threat by the boss. They then escorted us to the capital.

The boss got an almost immediate meeting with one of the queen’s advisors and they scheduled a court appearance where we all would be granted the honor of being met by Her Grace, the Queen of Celene. I’ve yet to hear anyone call her by name so I can’t tell you what it is. Anytime I tried to brooch the subject I would be brushed off with some comment such as, “mind your place human” or something similar…not hostile mind you more like a parent scolding a child for asking ‘why’ the fiftith time.

Anyway, we were taken to some tailors who fitted us with clothing appropriate for a visit with the queen. We had a couple of days to rest and recover before she was able to see us and we needed the down time, short as it was.

We were escorted to a grove where the Queen held court. As we approached I noticed that there were guards here even in the heart of the elven domain. On in particular stood out–a drow. Most of the elves where high. There’s a pun for you. This one though seemed to be respected by the others as clearly he was here guarding the Queen.

The first thing I noticed that alterted me to something strange going on was a high pitched hum that I could just barely hear that as I focused on it appeared to be coming from the boss, Silent Pete, Smitty and this drow I had noticed earlier. Suddenly erupting from under the drow’s clothing a green and lavendar ellipsoid gem flew into the air. Beams of energy originating from the boss, Pete and Smitty met at this floating gem and quickly a face formed in the space above it–The Seer.

The image spoke, “If you are seeing this, then the gems must be gathering together as is meet. So too, I must be dead or worse. Not knowing when this will occur, I’m not sure what information to divulge. Nor can I be sure that you are the Companions of Prophecy, thus my words must be couched in mystery that only they will understand. Hear then the final words of The Seer:

The scraps they tell of tales numbered three.
The first is presage of the she
who here has sent her agents
children of the Gith-yanki
Though there is truth, not all
is as it seems.
They do oppose aberrant dreams.
But, their hidden agenda is what you must
oppose or else all is crushed.
The one whose heart is like a shaft
must take up arms for home
The balance is upset therein
and orcs begin to roam.
The second set reveal to thee
the clues to locations find
you’ll there the gems to bind
the torc which can her existence end
but doing so will cost a friend.

The third I can less clearly see
But there you’ll find the torc
There also though you too shall find
your dark friend who took the fork
Follow you I think he’ll roam
though he’ll reveal the path
back home
for the one you found though only in mind
a body not his own.

Good luck and gods’ speed. The time is short.”

And with that the image faded, the spinning gem returned to the drow and the hum stopped.

After a pregnant pause, the Queen spoke, “We have been graced with a vision from The Seer. We believe that her message was for you though not us. Zan, we didn’t not realize that you were one of The Seer’s agents, though that would explain much of your mysterious circumstance. Should you wish to seek out this destiny, you are released from our service.”

“As for the rest of you, greetings. Celene welcomes you as the heroes you are and are destined to be. We especially are glad to see our Aerdaluna returned–though as you well know, your stay must not be excessive; you will need to leave soon.”

“We believe that you are purposed to something greater than simply assisting in our efforts to shore up our borders against these rising incursions; much though we might desire your aid. The Githyanki are a new threat, but they have also by their mere presence stirred up our long-time foes in the Pomarj.”

“However, we also understand you wish to approach the Githyanki city and parley with them. This we agree with and grant Aerdaluna to speak in our name. Know though that we have no desire to strongly interfere in the lives of the short-lived. This is a matter for them to resolve. The Githyanki sent a messanger here shortly after they arrived. This messager delivered a message to and for us. They claim they do not wish to invade our borders as they claim they do not fear the threat of aberration within our lands, but they implied threats that we should not harbor any infected refugees. This tone was not to our liking and so we sent said messenger back in altered form with our reply which was that we would take no action in their affairs as long as they respected our borders and our power and that we would consider assisting them if there are eruptions of aberrations as they claim. Do not involve us in things we do not wish to be involved in; but otherwise, say what you will keeping in mind our response to their messenger. We do not want to be put in a position where we would need to devote our forces to another strong offensive on yet another border.”

“That said, Lorel Silverthorn, we have need of you. We remember your father as protector of the southern guardwall before he went to be with Corellon. As we mentioned there is recent unrest in that quarter and we are in need of strong leadership. We have had difficulty keeping other captains in that position. It is yours by right and by our decree and it appears that the seer no longer has need of thee. We must ask you to take leave of your companions, at least until the border is stabilized.”

“You others may have free passage through the lands of Celene and may take these tokens as signs that our people will recognize. Our lands are not yours though so remain with Aerdaluna or Zan, or other accompanyment.” One of her advisors started handing us clasps for our cloaks. “Wear these openly and you will be recognized as friends of Celene.”

“If you have anything to add, please speak for we have other matters to attend to.”


Prophecy: Episode Fourty-Nine: Homecoming (8/23/07)

Episode Fourty-Nine: Homecoming (8/23/07)

[Featuring Aerdaluna, Lorel, Smitty, and Silent Pete]

From the Journal of Aerdaluna aerdaluna

Date Unknown

By my recognition upon our return to Oerth, I found the stars are in the wrong position and so I am uncertain of the date.

My familiar Nebula, manservant Charley, my guardsman Smokey and I are traveling with the adolescent Freya, Lorel the archer, Smitty the dwarven cleric we rescued the icy caverns of Delzomen, and Pete and his silent brotherhood of monks. After being immersed in the pool enchanted by Gaea, we arose magically through a floor of stone still dripping, to find ourselves within the Seer ’s Cave of Prophecy. The cave itself was in disarray with the sure signs of battle and the Oracle was absent along with her court.

Together we pulled together to find those clues left behind and scraps of parchment destroyed and scattered throughout the main chamber. I gathered the pieces together casting a mending spell upon them read the repaired notes, detailed here.
Forebear, forebear worlds’ veil has parted
She sends them through now war has started.

Wrapped in gauze but never sleeping
Watch o’er dead god’s husk they’re keeping.
They know now what their queen will do
Should she succeed we all will rue.

Smokey interrupted at this point and said, “Smokey, know that one. Heard it before. Pretty Green lady said it before she have head ache.”

Smitty inquired, “‘Green’ lady? Who is this green lady you speak of?”

Smokey gestured with his hands, “Shoots light, swings sword, still with little boy and other friends.”

Aerdaluna stopped trying to decipher the hastely scrawled script, “He mean Cicily Green. I too thought this sounded familiar. I now have placed it with Smokey’s help,” Smokey beamed, “It was just before we split up. Cicily seemed to be channeling The Seer…though I recall her message as feeling incomplete.”

“Thou art a pidgen headed curmudgen, but thou art correct. It was just before we encountered the Githyanki on the other world as well.”

“Yes, yes, let us continue to see if we can decipher more of these riddles.”

Evil rules them in deathly guise
Th skies like sea to them that think
Keep they still their fireborne link
Unwrap her nature, onion skin,
Reveal the true one hid within.
Irony, shock, disbelief, surprise
Death she does not fear, she’s clever
Only negation lasts forever.
The circle will her essence end
Though bearer too it will rend
Shattered, scattered find the pieces
Only thus the dark queen ceases.

Former friend now enemy too
Gives key to one who’s lost
Within the key you’ll find the clue
But careful of the cost.

Former friend now enemy found
Trust her not she’s frozen ground.
Words of wisdom she’ll impart
To tear away at truefriends heart

Former friend now enemy dead
He will come seeking vengence bled
Memories altered set them right
You can survive the sanguine night.

Two found dead with one was friend
Can confusion, cloudy mind fog end?
Two found dead a trap there lies
The soul’s not in the glassy eyes.
Two found dead one life is given
Sanity from them both is riven.


Moons and asteroids seek and find
Put their present value behind
Whole they each must be unique
To build the nullifying device you seek.

They too search for gems of power
The first they seek is on wizard’s tower
The second lies beneath the waves
azure deep seek shark-friend caves
The next is frozen in undeathly mount
she will appear after three score bone lords-count
After that in dust you’ll find
cities lost, creatures blind.
Like water the sand beyond earthen roc
beneath a tomb sealed with fiery block
More are left where darkness creeps
and dragons rule the heavenly deeps
The blessed will have the clues you desire
but beware the flunkies of the dragon-child’s sire.

Again on stormy winds, are you slaves
or do you feign I can not tell
It matters not for this bodes well
The next sphere is found in watery graves

The next is tough that is no bluff
the dead queen already has a gem
For sure whe you’ll hvae to snuff
but celebrate not for she’s tough
Return she will and mad she’ll be

But the gem will have come free.

To find the next you must reflect
in land where self fights self
thru pane when you are shattered be
a path lies with the elf
Once thru the shards of magic rent
a glittery paths’s your goal
you’ll find it in the midst of strife
with a former self now whole
not by his power will you leave
and enter into timely sieve
but beast conjured to time innured
by that one’s failthful friend
with the creature’s dead embrace
your fear of endless death you’ll face
speak, “peace” to find you’ll be released
within the creature’s maw increased
Now each one through in the blink of an eye
or leave your friends there to die.

Another gleam has left the world and now resides in dream
does it exist or mayhap not, it may just likely seem.
I cannot tell should it return
would it remain with thee?
Perhaps is best you get in turn
and then we all shall see.
Though it seems to me, there must be more, to keeping it intact
the mind is key, preserve it well and when it’s time–quick–act!
Trade thought for dream
figment for seem
else dream will theft revenge extract.

One more can be found
lying in ground
in a land where land is life
a pool shall guide to the land inside
metallic, peach-colored slide
before the wall of former heads in state
come with promise of knowledge or suffer similar fate
the pool will blink with eyelash blue
and enter in with insurance for sure
or the land that lives will absorb you too

Sail the sea of fire and seek the city where charcoal throne gives rule
The Sultan there has got your gem
and many ways retrieve it you can
Melchoir the Merchant is a friend
but pay him well or that will end

Another it seems sits in the eye
of Gu’n’ragh tempest tossed.
Steel your mind and prepare yourselves
or you will be lost with cost

I cannot see the next one clearly
but of life it seems to seek most dearly
A pale rider guards the sargosso dark
while spheres of nothing circle your spark
Tis sacred Wee Jas folk
though Nerull there too likes to poke
Your life will leave you in a blink
if you enter here and first not think

A myth it seems e’en in the lands of magic
perhaps because of fate most tragic
Should you ______ the metal sphere reveal
Woe will strip your new found weal
Called the eye in the sky by those who know
tis said to watch everything below
it will ______ the next you seek display
to search for on another day

The last you’ll find in a shadowy realm that seems a sylvan idle
refuse the gifts of kings and paupers or else you’ll feel the bridle
e’en still you may succumb to time’s slow day and pull there
gone for a day or a thousand years keep alert and do beware
the longer there the more the range of time’s quite fickle leaps
The one you want you first must steal from one who never sleeps
then escape you must back the path you took though now it is hidden well
Stay on the path though it seems long or your fate will be most fell.


The next few seemed to be distinct from the rest…though in what way I was not able to discern immediately.

Your soul shall roam far from home
while out and about defend w/o doubt
else while you’re away a spirit will play
and your body he’ll haunt

Land of slumber, land of dreams
beware not all is as it seems
control your thoughts, control your mind
else forget what’s left behind

Within the minds here does reside
the truth, tis best, they, foul things, hide.
Destiny here for those who seek
Beware of dragons, don’t be weak

Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod one night sailed
in wooden shoe on sea of dew
Be sure to book a fantastic flight
as the sights are surely new

It is not now it is not then
It is not even when
Now his left arriving too
beware for never made for two

The gem he wears upon his brow,
It is a holy one I see that now.

Is he but carrier of such power
Or is he of the five? I’ll find out now or
later. The soul his seeks and found will feed
but therein lies his return indeed.
Find it there, then find it here
and he will soon appear.


The next few either didn’t seem to be in The Seer’s handwriting, though it was similar…perhaps an apprentice or were just fragments of thoughts that we couldn’t piece together?

Ozymandis for sure? But which?

Am I myself or is mys elf me?
How can I know?

am I?
the ring

destroys forever

there are
always 5
if one
is gone, who
is the

Time keeps on slipping…

i am
leaving. They come.
Lost are prophecy’s pawns.
i am destroyed.
They come for me.
Illusion will not decieve.
Death is only protection.

The man/boy what is their place?

Is she just a coincidence?

She seeks to reality rip
hunter of answers is gone

The horseman are everywhere
Red, Black, White, Green.
Are they from beyond?

Where is Blue?

Do the orbs choose them or they the orbs?

The Sargonne Prophecies?

She is more powerful than expected
And more active than desired

Their power is reflected back on them
they are overcome, it continues

Is Glyth a seed?

As we were reading a figure stepped out of the shadows and approached Silent Pete. They conferred briefly telepathically and the Githyanki, for that is what it was, handed Pete an ancient tome of long forgotten lore, before disappearing back into the shadows. Pete warned us through Moondrop that the creature had said, “Friend of Many Faces, greetings. This will aid you in returning He Who Is Lost. I must go; the others will soon be here.”

While I continued to read, Charley and Lorel noticed a smattering of noise from the entrance to the cave. Quickly I gathered the notes and cast a veil of goodness at the cave entrance to bar the entry of evil forces. It glimmered with its telltale white light before fading into invisibility and it was almost immediately tested by the force gathered without.

We put the time granted by the wall of good to good use; Charley, Smitty and I cast further protection spells in preparation for the battle that seemed sure to follow. From what I had witnessed and from the clues we had gathered I had guessed our attackers to be Githyanki, evil, cross-planer villains known to travel in the company of red dragons so I cast a spell to protect our party from fire. Charley’s spell was designed to allow our spells to bite through the protections of our foes.

At the same time the enemies had begun testing the wall I had created; over and over they tried to break the wall , first with a great gout of flame and then with spells of their own. One of them stuck his head around the corner and Lorel pierced his sholder causing him to quickly retreat. Eventually and in too short order they brought the wall down but not before I had sent Smokey to guard the cave entrance;  thankfully he was set to the side enough to avoid the sudden entry of a massive red dragon!

A cone of fire exploded from the mouth of the beastly dragon before its claws even scraped the earth catching most of us in his furious flame. Many would have perished if not for the protections we had placed. Still I felt my heart pinch fearing for my own life from within the shower of flame. Smokey attacked immediately almost ripping a leg from the dragon hacking away at it with his dragon slaying axe. Smokey’s howls of rage were almost as loud as the dragon’s screams of pain.

Other Githyanki numbering near a dozen began rushing in along with great elementals of storm and earth. I moved away from the dragon but in my haste be be out of its reach I opened myself up for an attack and it attacked me immediately. I might have died had the jaws bit down on me but I was shielded by Charley who leaped to my aid taking the hit himself allowing me to quickly cast a Wages of Sin spell–designed to cause evil creatures to distrust each other and immediately after the casting most of the Githyanki began attacking each other. While this was happening Lorel finished off the dragon with a flurry of arrows.

The storm elemental was huge and fast, it raced within the cave and without delay Smitty attacked but a stroke of electricity shot down the length of his weapon shocking the dwarf and I feared it had caused Smitty far more harm then any suffered by the elemental. The elemental appeared as a great ball of storm cloud and lightning and raced straight toward me, but I was steeled and ready. I cast a Control Elemental spell hoping against hope that it would bring the monster under my control with my thanks, the spell succeeded, the elemental was mine!

Silent Pete was holding the incursion of Githyanki at bay on one side of the cave while Freya and Smokey blocked those entering from the opposite side of the cave. In the center the Githyanki were doing a fair job of killing each other due the wages of sin spell which was having its way with them. I used the storm elemental to finish them off and then to deal with the earth elemental. After which I released it to its elemental plane when its work was done.

Before the battle was over I lent a spell of charm to Charley and sent him to capture a prisoner. He brought back a Githyanki warrior, Eli’va. He was a competent, but low ranked soldier and as such he was sorely lacking in information. Still, charmed he told us what he could.

Having defeated the Githyanki we gathered what magical gear and treasure they were carrying and I fashioned together a note of explanation and warning for any Githyanki that might follow–honoring their dead but laying the responsibility for their death at the feet of the Githyanki themselves. Smitty and I returned the special Githyanki ‘holy’ weapon to the dead at the suggestion of Eli’va and we left them for those that would be sure to follow along with the note I had composed.

We left quickly for the nearby Elven village of Aniel frequented by Lorel’s people but it was wholly abandoned, though not devestated as Brindenford was reported to be, so I teleported us all to Celene where we put together even a more daring plan.


Supporting Cast




The Silent Companions



Githyanki raiding party (including a red dragon)


Experience Gained

6400 xp

Treasure Gained

  • Book of Fantastic Travels (Pete)
  • Cloak of Resistance +2 (Pete)
  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power +2 (1 each: Lorel, Pete, Charley, Smokey, Smitty, the silent Companions)
  • Wrapping of defense +3 AC (1 each: the silent companions)
  • longbow +1 composite mighty [+2 Str] (Charley)
  • Ring of the Icy Soul (Charley)
  • Jaws of the Dragon (Nebula)
  • Draught of Metabreath, admixture [cold] (Nebula)
  • Amulet of Health +2 (Freya)
  • Ring of Protection +2 (Lorel) [Freya got Lorel’s old +1 ring]
  • Wrappings of defense +3 AC (x3) (sold)
  • breastplate +3 (sold)
  • Githborn Talisman (Smitty)

Total Gold: 2,500 gp each (Aerdaluna, Silent Pete, Smitty, Freya), 330 gp each (Charley, Smokey, silent companions)