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Prophecy: Episode Thirty-Nine: The Chornicles of Klarn: Metal Men ( 10/18/06)

Episode Thirty-Nine: The Chornicles of Klarn: Metal Men ( 10/18/06)

[Featuring Jack, Lu Fang, Hal, Seren-Arty, Aerdaluna, Lorel, Smity, Silent Pete]

Chronicles of Klarn

(In the words of Jack)

Simultaneously, the creature glanced in my direction and I felt a welling up of rage within me. At first the rage was directed at Lorel, who I happened to be staring at when the warfey awoke. But almost as instantly I feel the calming hand of Corellon fall upon me and settle my spirit of unrest. I growled, "You’d best not have done that." Whether to Lorel or to the warfey I wasn’t quite sure.

I could feel the tendrils of Calaglin pumping healing energy into my body and felt confident that I could remain within the cloud of whirling weapons for quite a while before the cuts and bruises from it would overwhelm Calaglin’s healing touch. Thus I determined to stand my ground and fight the creature. After all, it was a corrupted fey abomination that wasn’t supposed to exist anyway.

Freya and Lu Fang were the first to attempt to assist me in bringing the creature down to size. As soon as they got within striking distance however, they two were filled with a rage. Freya used her monk tricks to suppress the feeling, but Lu Fang was not so skilled. As Freya struck the warfey, Lu Fang turned his attention to her. The warfey used the conflict to take the opportunity to try to place himself within the center of our party so as to sow conflict. Apparently even the presence of the warfey caused those around it to feel enraged. It was only partially successful however, as there were some of us still in the hallway where he couldn’t quite reach. He also caused a blade barrier to appear cutting the bulk of the party off from those of us who had entered the room. Hal was able to jump to the side with the warfey just as the wall was about to cut him in half.

Lorel let loose with a volley of arrows only to find them flying back towards himself. The warfey’s control over weapons extended to those even fired at it, turning them back on their sender. Lorel quickly stopped his assault as he considered his options, not being as proficient in melee combat as in ranged.

While the warfey attacked the bulk of the party, Freya and Lu-Fang were left to deal with the cloud of whirling chains and other weapons. Bolts of lightning occasionally struck them as they fought within the cloud. Freya realized that she would not be able to fend off Lu-Fang’s attacks for long and so took to chasing after the creature. Lu-Fang followed and when presented with the opportunity to choose between the warfey and Freya (who was quickly getting out of Lu-Fang’s way), he turned his rage upon the warfey.

Again the creature put up a blade barrier to further divide us. Fortunately, Hal also was still with the blade barrier walls and able to attack the creature. Between the two of them, they managed to finish off the creature.

The rest of us able to take care of the spiked chain lightning cloud once the blade barriers dispersed.

We grabbed the magical chains and continued our hunt for the elusive Ezoran.

Turning a couple hallways we came to another chamber. Within the chamber standing like a statue we found Zodar guarding chests that lined the back of the room.

"I think we should attack it now, while it’s dormant. Otherwise it will attack us when we finally find Ezoran." said Lorel.

"But its just sitting there," offered Smitty, "And its certainly fine craftsmanship that went into that armor…kind of a shame to dent and ding it, and make it full of holes. Not that I’m against that, just putting forth the thought that perhaps we need to conserve our resources."

"A well made point, my dwarven friend," started Hal, "but, I think we will be better prepared to fight it now as a single foe rather than divide our attention once we’ve found the foul master of this place."

"Hey, tin can. We’re going to take your treasure and smash you into tiny bits," I yelled at the thing. It didn’t move.

"Probably waiting for a triggering event, like entering the room," offered Charley.

We discussed the pros and cons a little longer and then I charged the thing. As I did so, the others looked up from their discussion and quickly followed suit.

I flew in out of its reach and circled around it to try to provide a flanking position for my teammates. Again, Lu Fang and Freya were the first to get in.

I struck it with Firnbirand with no effect; its armor deflecting any damage I might have caused it. Lu Fang was a blur of blades as he struck repeatedly at the creature. Still, all to no effect. The blades didn’t even scratch the armor, let alone cause the creature any harm. It raised its arm to strike at Lu Fang.

As it did so, Freya took the opening and struck with her fist. There was a clang and the armor showed a small dent. Where our blades had failed, her iron like fists had succeeded.

The creature struck Lu Fang a resounding blow that knocked him back a step.

By this time, Lorel had peppered the creature with arrows that were no more effective than our swords had been. Clearly this creature was only affected by blunt attacks.

Luckily by this time, Smitty had gotten to the creature and began to make it ring with the sounds of Moradinic hammer against ancient steel. The loud bangs accompanied dents and cracks in the creature’s armor. Freya also landed a few well placed blows as we had the creature surrounded. It struck at us a few more times, but to little effect and soon it was a pile of shattered armor.

Within one of the chests we found an amulet that Lu Fang recognized as being a reward to monks of the winding way when they reached a certain level in their studies. We also found a necromantic looking staff that I put in my backpack until we could identify it more thoroughly.

We were about to enter another chamber when Hal doubled over in pain, clutching himself as if someone had kicked him where the sun don’t shine.

"Hal, what is it? Are you under attack?" several of us inquired at once.

He looked up with a grimace and steeled himself to stand, "No, friends. I am merely experiencing a pain I believe is related to my dealings with the false Sapphire. Shortly thereafter I felt a surge of health, which has now abruptly left me."

Smitty began to snicker, "Surge of health? I’ve ‘erd it called many a thing, but that’s a new one for me."

Freya and Sapphire frowned at Smitty as if he had said something rude. "Are you all right though?"

"Yes, allow me to catch my breath a moment and I’ll be fine."

We took the time to grab a quick snack and then entered another chamber, a living/bed chamber; where, much to our surprise, we found Pandora.

"Hal, what are you doing here? It’s not safe," were the first words out of her mouth.

"No, Pandora, what are you doing here?" was his stern reply. His hand discretely moved to cover his groin.

"I’ve been trapped here and been forced to witness horrible things. I’m so glad you are still safe. You must leave however. As to continue is to risk certain death and I couldn’t stand the thought of loosing you."

We could tell that she was not being completely honest with us so Seren-Arty began to probe her mind. As he did so, she continued to explain to us that we must leave as meeting Ezoran would be certain death. Hal especially, she felt must leave. Seren-Arty’s probe at first it revealed that the tiefling that Hal had dreamt about had put some sort of suggestion in Pandora’s mind that she love Hal and try to dissuade him from seeking after Ezoran. Upon further examination however, Seren-Arty realized that not only was there a suggestion in place, but that this person’s mind had been completely enchanted. It wasn’t even Pandora! It was Cicily!

After a quick telepathic discussion, we decided to have Aerdaluna attempt to dispel the enchantments that were affecting Cicily. He succeeded and she returned to her senses, though still in the body of Pandora. Another dispelling and her form was returned. Furious at what had been done to her, she grabbed her gear and said, "Let’s go get that vile wizard!"

There was one more door that we still had to go through before reaching Ezoran.

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Living spell, Spiked Chain Lightning

Living armor, Zodar

Experience Gained

5600 xp

Treasure Gained

+2 spiked chains (x6) (bag)



Equal Share = 0 gp