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Prophecy: Episode Thirty-Eight: The Chornicles of Klarn: Dead Men Flying ( 9/13/06)

Episode Thirty-Eight: The Chornicles of Klarn: Dead Men Flying ( 9/13/06)

[Featuring Jack, Lu Fang, Hal, Seren-Arty, Aerdaluna, Lorel, Smity, Silent Pete]

Chronicles of Klarn

(In the words of Jack)

"Hold on, I’ll be back in just a minute!" said I as I rushed out of the room.

"Wait, where are you going?" demanded Hal.

"I’ll only be 30 seconds or so," I called back as I turned the corner and headed down the hall that we had just come down.

The others looked as each other and shook their heads.

"I’ve never meet someone who makes so many rash decisions that always seem to turn out for the best," muttered Hal.

I quickly ran back to the room where the poor baby cloud dragons were being held. I had a great idea. I found some of the Spirits of the Air that were still alive, though unconscious. I then used two of them to trade places with the dragons using Baleful Transposition spells. As I finished up I heard loud noises coming from the hall where the others were.

Quickly turning to the freed dragons I explained how they could get back out through the prismatic door room and go free if they wanted to. I explained to them that were we were going would be very dangerous. Then I rushed back to see what the commotion was all about.

I returned to discover that they had gotten themselves into a fight with some undead. A half-dozen of the sword shadows on nightmares had attacked the part along with the zombified body of the former owner of the castle, the cloud giant.

Freya was holding her own agaist one of the riderless horses (after Lorel had destroyed its rider). Lorel was focusing his efforts on the giant how didn’t seem to care when huge chunks of its dead flesh flew off when Lorels missiles his it. Lu Fang and Smokey were each fighting a rider and horse as well. While they were finishing off their opponents, I had a bigger kettle of worms to get out of.

Standing between me and the party was karetaker. Not living mind you, but another dead incarnation. This time a spirit being burning with rage.

"Caretaker, wait! If you approach me you’ll start to burn up" I warned. My Celestial Radiance spell would cause his undead form to suffer if he got too close. I didn’t want him to suffer, clearly he had suffered plenty already. However, he ignored my warning in his blinding rage.

The effigy of Caretaker croaked, "Give me my gems, boy. Then I’ll take your life for your theft. One doesn’t steal from a pirate and get away with it."

I tried once more, "Caretaker, I understand that you’re upset about the gems. You couldn’t know what I was going to do with them. I’ll only say it once, however. I am going to use the gems to get you raised. They’re still your gems."

"Die, boy!" was his only response.

I tossed the gems at his feet and said, "Fine then! Here are your stupid gems you greedy idiot. Now see if you can get ressurrected."

Caretaker had a brief look of surprised pleasure cross his face as the gems lay at his feet. He reached down to pick them up. However, again and again he clawed at the gems, his immaterial body unable to pick them up.

After a moment he looked up at me with a burning rage in his eyes. I could tell he was going to blow.

"I’m warning you Caretaker. I gave you your gems back. If you attack me, you’ll force me to defend myself and then all bets are off as to who’s gems they are. You attack me and I kill you, they become mine by the rule of the spoils of war." I back away slightly and drew my feycraft longsword.

He stood up and started to lunge at me. I took a few swings at him but only one found any purchase in his incorporeal flesh.

Hal had arrived by this time and he called out, "Foul thing of vile undeath. You are no longer the one we called friend, but rather a being of twisted evil. I do this in memory of my former companion." At which point he charged the creature and struck it with his sword.

We managed to have some of our blows affect him, but it was the arrows blessed by Corellon fired by Lorel that put the thing out of its misery.

We gathered up what we could find of value and proceeded to examine Caretaker’s chambers. Inside we found dozens of maps, some complete many only partial. We grabbed the complete ones and a few others that looked interesting and continued on our way.

The last chamber in this hallway was another huge oddly shaped room like the one with the Spirits of the Air. Aerdaluna told us that there was an undead creature in the center of the swirling column of air in the center of the room.

I ran in to see what I could see from closer up as it was difficult to see from the door way. As I did so, the cloud solidified slightly to reveal hundreds of swords being carred by the evil wind. The creature expanded and engulfed the group that had entered the room. In its expansion, pieces of weapons flew off in all directions biting into exposed flesh. I called upon my roguish knowledge and avoided the attack all together as did Freya, the others in the room were not so lucky and they appeared sorely damaged by the attack.

The swirl of blades was confusing at first, but we soon figured out where to his the gaseous mass to greatest effect. With a few moments the swords clattered to the ground the evil force animating them gone with the wind.

We could find no other exits from this area so we decided to retrace our steps. I had a feeling that we had missed a secret door somewhere. I was right, Lorel discovered a secret door half way down the long hall we had come down before descending the stairs to the current area.

Opening the door we found a huge man hanging from cords or webs apparently stuck in his position. He did not reply to hails (he was probalby out cold).

I went in to see if we could squeeze through the mesh and proceed beyond the trapped being. As I did so, Moondrop identified the creature as a warfey. A fey spirit that lives only to find or create conflict.

I turned around to let the others know of my discovery (that we could fit through but not without disturbing the chains). As I did so, the creature awoke from its feigned sleep and the weapons at its feet sprang into the air swirling around like a metal whirlwind and struck me a glancing blow.


Supporting Cast








Caretaker (Effigy)

Zombie Cloud Giant

War Spirits on Nightmares



Experience Gained

5200 xp

Treasure Gained

+1 longswords (x6) (bag)

huge adamantine morning star (bag)

Equal Share = 0 gp