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Prophecy: Episode Fourty-Five: The Chornicles of Klarn: Death Be Not Proud ( 4/20/06)

Episode Fourty-Five: The Chornicles of Klarn: Death Be Not Proud ( 4/20/06)

[Featuring Jack, Lu Fang, Hal, Seren-Arty]

Chronicles of Klarn

(In the words of Jack)

Got to the first gate and fought Death the shadow dragon and the three headed boneyard?

Giants destroyed gate

Began two day journey to next gate

Passed by gates to town and were attacked by huge chimera, scorpion-like thing, and drake.


Supporting Cast







Boneyard, 3-headed



Scorpion-like thing


Experience Gained

6000 xp

Treasure Gained

  • some colorless diamonds (12x5000gp)
  • scroll (daylight, gust of wind, passwall) (Jack)
  • scarab of protection (6 charges) (Hal)

Equal Share = ? gp


Prophecy: Episode Thirty-Two: The Chornicles of Klarn: No More Bhuts ( 4/13/06)

Episode Thirty-Two: The Chornicles of Klarn: No More Bhuts ( 4/13/06)

[Featuring Aerdaluna, Lorel, Smitty, Silent Pete]

Chronicles of Klarn

From the Journal of Aerdaluna Aerdaluna

5 Planting 592 (Continued)

We were discussing what our next plan of action would be. Many of our members were severely injured; the life having been sucked out of them. As we considered our options were were again set upon by some of the Bhuts. One of them was both made incorporeal and then destroyed by Lorel before it could even get to us. The others made it to us in their incorporeal forms. They didn’t last long but it was enough to further deplete our strength. Treasure in particular was badly injured. Lorel was closest to him and I saw him tend to the dragonlings wounds. It seemed for a moment that Treasure wouldn’t make it, but then, I couldn’t be sure, but it looked as if Lorel became faint as Treasure apparently was granted a new breath of life. Whatever it was, if anything, it happened to quickly for me to be sure.

While we were gathering our wits, the Bhut who claimed to have Caretaker’s memories approached us under a banner of peace. He indicated that he wanted revenge on whoever had stolen his booty (probably Drendel), but would give us information as former friends. He indicated that he had been animated by a companion of Drendel’s who had also kidnapped Sapphire. Sapphire was going to be sacrificed when the hour was correct. He claimed to not know where she was being held currently. It also promised not to attack us if we left it alone.

Given our weakened state, I felt that we had no choice. Though it would cost me in the end, I used the dragonweed I had developed to bolster my strength. The golden liquid burned as it slid down my throat. I could feel a fire coursing through my body as the strength of the dragon seeped into me. Not only refreshed, but strengthened, I was ready to face any threat. The heady feeling was overwhelming at first, but I was able to surpress the urge to go out and fight the Bhut on my own as my rational mind took control of the surging emotions that the ungent was presenting me with. I took a few minutes to reprepare my spells for the ordeals that awaited us. I knew now that time was of the essence for me as well as Sapphire. As the evening wore into morning I would find myself loosing the great strength that the potion had bestowed on me and even eventually sapping with little strength I normally posses.

We decided to create a rope trick sanctuary where the members of the party that either couldn’t move or were so weak that they couldn’t lift their weapons would rest until we could provide them with long term healing. I didn’t want to leave Nebula, but had little choice; Treasure indicated that he would watch over his cousin, perhaps refering to their general draconic kinship.

The rest of us, Lorel, Smitty, Silent Pete, Smokey, and Charley headed for the back of the compound hoping to find signs of Sapphire or the monks who were holding her captive. We came across a building with four more of the Bhut, one of which was the Caretaker/Bhut. We destroyed them as is fit for such unnatural mockeries of life. Continuing past that building we came to a building that had fallen in upon itself.

Investigating more we discoverd that it had collapsed as a result of a sinkhole that had opened in it center. From the hole we could detect a faint smell of death and corruption. Thinking that this was where Sapphire would be being held we decended into the pit of corruption.

The first thing we encountered was a tunnel that led to a place where a wall had been shattered. There had been an obsidian seal that held back some creature. Below the opening, in the rubble we found a large pool of dried blood and Talon’s shash. It appeared that he had been tasked with opening the seal and had paid a dear price for it. As we investigated we were attacked by a couple of large spiders. Easily deafeating them, we prepared to follow them back to their source deeper within the forbidden chamber.

We entered a larger chamber that had pits scattered haphazardly about the floor. We heard a soft chanting in the far darkness, which I immediately recognized as spellcasting. I looked at Smitty as he groaned under the weight of the slay living spell that had been cast upon him. His dwarven resolve prevented him from dying, but he looked pained nontheless. Within we found a mummy who attacked us with sorcerous spells as well as its undead strength. From below somewhere we were also attacked by some tentacled undead thing. A transformed Silent Pete into a huge hydra and he used his psionic powers to further enhance his size becoming a gargantuan 12-headed hydra. In this form he made quick work of the mummy. While we dealt with the foul undead swarms of hellish wasps attacked us from the pits leading beneath the chamber we were in.

He dimension doored below to fight the creature that Lorel and Smitty had decended to face. The creature was a gigantic rotting corpse of a rat-like thing, though the size of a whale, with two tentacles extruding from its back. Swarms of wasps from hell feasted on its rotting corpse, but attacked our living companions in preference to their present food source. Their unholy energies sucked the life from Lorel before they slew the rat-thing. We destroyed the remaining hellwasp swarms from a safe a distance and managed to keep out of their reach while doing so.

We searched for clues as to Sapphire’s whereabouts or other exits but could find none.


Supporting Cast

The Silent Companions

Cicily Green







Dead monks possessed by Bhut


Ratlike, tentacled Undead Thing and its Hellswarms

Experience Gained

4800 xp

Treasure Gained


Equal Share = ?? gp