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Prophecy: Episode Fourty-Three: The Chornicles of Klarn: Seeing Red (2/15/06)

Episode Fourty-Three: The Chornicles of Klarn: Seeing Red (2/15/06)

[Featuring Jack, Lu Fang, Hal, Seren-Arty]

Chronicles of Klarn

(In the words of Jack)

Got to the first gate and fought War, two shadesteel golems, and two night haunts?

Giants destroyed gate

Got message from War as he discorporated

Began two day journey to next gate


Supporting Cast







Shadesteel Golems



Experience Gained

6000 xp

Treasure Gained

some black diamonds (12x5000gp)

Equal Share = ? gp


Prophecy: Episode Thirty: The Chornicles of Klarn: A Quick Bite (2/09/06)

Episode Thirty: The Chornicles of Klarn: A Quick Bite (2/09/06)

[Featuring Hal, Serenity,
Jack, Li Lung]

Chronicles of Klarn

(In the words of Jack
and Serenity)

The next morning we were preparing to enter the gate discussing any last strategems
to prepare for.

Serenity interupted, "One moment please," as he lept off my shoulder.

He hopped over to a corner and stared intently for a few moments. The rest
of us looked puzzled at each other.

Suddenly Serenity’s long sticky tongue shoot out and a small black form disappeared
into his mouth. He hopped back over to us and I put out my hand to lift him
back up to my shoulder. As I did so, I noticed what at first I thought was a
small stick or a hair sticking out of Serenity’s mouth. Then it moved slightly
and I realized it was the leg of the spider that Serenity had just eaten still
wiggling with a bit of life. The tongue came out and slurped the small meal
back into his mouth.

"I realized that I hadn’t eaten since I arrived in this fine world,"
Serenity offered. "Let us continue our discussion…"

Prophecy: Episode Thirty: The Chornicles of Klarn: Tree-Fort the Rabbit (2/09/06)

Episode Thirty: The Chornicles of Klarn: Tree-Fort the Rabbit (2/09/06)

[Featuring Hal, Serenity,
Jack, Li Lung, and guest staring Orion, Freya, Dunai and Bentio]

Chronicles of Klarn

(In the words of Freya)

I joined up with the others where they had slain the dragon just as they were
finishing off the githyanki black knight. I saw a pale green beam emerge from
the illusionary wall and strike Seren-Arty. As his form changed I felt a tingling
in my ki straps and suddenly I was overwhelmed with a flood of information.
Apparently I passed out for a few minutes.

I awoke to find Jack hovering over me, “Freya, Freya…are you okay?
Seren-Arty, is she okay?”

There was a foul smelling toad sitting next to my head and before Seren-Arty
could answer I pushed myself up, “Thou art a mewling unweened marmot,
Jack. Canst I not choose to faint shouldst that be my desire?” I managed
a faint smile, but inside I was feeling quite shaken.

Jack backed off, “Well, you should let us know if you are going to be
fainting on us in the future…particularly if you are going to do so after
fighting mind warriors.”

“Thy point is well taken and thy concern is welcome, though I think I
am uninjured.”

The toad, Serenity, looked at me, “Something
is different. Can you explain what has happened?

I did have an inkling of what had happened, though it was not entirely clear,
“Thou canst see that I was mentally dumbstruck. Thy energy surge earlier
hast had a curious effect and hast manifest as a presence. I couldst not contact
it and so put it from my mind for the nonce. Upon seeing you transform, verily,
didst I feel an overwhelming flood of information. I canst not decipher it in
its entirety, but can say that my outlook and skills are different.”

We determined that apparently the information had replaced some of my training
and I now had skills not previously possessed, though simultaneously now had
lost access to some of the training I had from my past. It wasn’t that
I couldn’t remember my training, but rather that the ability to put it
into practice seemed unreachable.

Furthermore I had a strange compulsion. I have always felt a need to be self
possessed and reliant only upon my mind and body’s natural skills and
weapons to a degree and have not wanted to be burdened by material possessions,
but now I felt that desire even stronger. I returned to Jack the magic items
that he and Arty had crafted for me, though I would not give up the ki straps.
They didn’t seem so much a possession as more a companion at this point.
Once I had given the stuff away, I felt a freedom that I had never experienced
before. It was clearly mystical in nature. I understood Jack’s distain
for eating as I too now was filled with mystic energy that was sustaining me.
I felt the exaltation of being more in tune with my being than ever before.

Now, too, I realized that the ki straps had power that I could request to assist
me. I could either ask for the deluge of information and could tell that my
abilities would be rewritten, or I could make specific requests and the straps
could accomplish more traditional feats of psionic prowess. They had a name
as well, though it was a strange one, they are called “Tree-Fort Point-Fife
Rabbit” whatever that means.


Prophecy: Episode Thirty: The Chornicles of Klarn: Toad You That Would Work (2/09/06)

Episode Thirty: The Chornicles of Klarn: Toad You That Would Work (2/09/06)

[Featuring Hal, Serenity,
Jack, Li Lung]

Chronicles of Klarn

(In the words of Jack
and Seren-Arty)

After determining that we were safe for the moment we discovered that Lord
Nemors was also in the cavern. My first thought was that the was there working
with the Githyanki and that we might have to fight him.

Of course with my true sight still
operating I quickly was able to see that Lord Nemors was not what he appeared
to be.

Lord Nemors revealed himself to be none other than–Lord Malakon, one of the
Lords of Mendelland. He told us that he had snuck into the cavern just before
us. He had found out that Zardoz, son of Magnus was a prisoner and had come
to free him. Having done so he was now free to talk to us. He had placed a prismatic
wall between us and the remaining force that inhabited the dragon’s cavern.
Humanoid creatures that were a combination of dragon, githyanki and something
else–members of the Black Cabal.

Lu fang spoke up when he heard that members of the Black Cabal were there and
trapped behind the prismatic wall. He wanted Lord Malikon to lower the field
so that he could slay them. Apparently, Chaing lung had tasked him with the
job of defeating the Black Cabal and he takes it really seriously. Then Lu fang
almost lost it when Lord Malikon explained that Drendel, a member of the Black
Cabal, was seen being dragged by Sapphire into the caverns we now were in and
that they had joined the others members before Lord Malikon put up the wall.
Lu fang had the audacity to demand that Lord Malikon lower the wall so that
he could pursue his foes.

I could see that Lord Malikon was
restraining his natural inclination to turn Lu fang into a toad, like myself.
He refused to lower the wall and he also explained that his real purpose was
to see if we were up to the real task that he had. Never one to speak plainly,
he was really interested in recovering Ishtar’s Treatis on Fixed Portals which
the force that had attacked Lord Magnus and Treasure had siezed. Should the
Githyanki decipher its secrets, he explained, they would have easy access to
not only this world but many others as well.

Hal stopped examining the weapons and armor of the Githyanki when Lord Malikon
explained that the probable reason why they attacked, and defeated mind you,
Lord Magnus and Treasure was they Lord Mendel had given Lord Magnus one of the
Githyanki swords as a gift. Apparently the Githyanki don’t like others using
their special weapons and they have a tendency to send raiding parties to recover
the lost weaponry. Lord Malikon didn’t think they were as possessive of their
other equipment, but he couldn’t swear to it.

We found a portal that Lord Malakon
said led to the Astral plane where the Githyanki had a stronghold where they
had taken Ishtar’s Treatis on Fixed Portals. He wanted us to travel thru immediately,
but reluctantly agreed that we would be better prepared if we took the time
to rest just long enough to regain our spells. He pointed out that we should
not dally though as at least one of them had escaped and would likely bring

He did tell us a little about the Astral Plane. He explained that it is the
space between everything. It is the road that goes everywhere. It is where you
are when you aren’t anywhere else. It is a great, endless sphere of mostly nothingness,
broken only occasionally by bits of solid matter. Currents of psychic thought
swirl throught the plane occasionally reaching storm force; these psychic storms
he warned us to stay away from.

There is no gravity and one moves by using the power of thought, the stronger
the mind the faster one moves. The Githyanki call the Astral Plane their home
and they are undisputed masters of moving through its silver-grey haze. One’s
strength of mind and personality manifest themselves more strongly there and
physical form is less important than mental perfection. Time does not flow normally
there; time passes in a sense but age, hunger, thirst, posion, natural healing–all
these don’t function there.

Spells are oddly affected, though
they expire when you would expect (thus they are not timeless), magic comes
more easily and time is compressed with respect to casting of spells. Similarly
as the space between realities, conjuration magics are inhibited particularly
for divine casters, but also for arcane casters and psionics and extradimensional
spaces do not exist.

The restriction on magics is one
of the primary reasons the he does not retrieve Ishtar’s Treatis on Fixed Portals
himself. We as “lesser beings” will be either little or not affected
by the reduction in power as we don’t have access to the greater powers that
are limited in any case.

I think he’s also scared that since they defeated Lord Magnus, they might be
able to defeat him as well.

There are pools of color that lead
to other planes similar to how gates function. These we are to avoid as our
goal is on the Astral Plane itself. We have “merely” to concentrate
on our goal and eventually we will get there. It may take hours; it may take
a few days–it depends on how effectively we can keep concentrating on our goal
and how well we can visualize it mentally. Even the Githyanki take a few hours
to get from one place they are familiar with to another. We can expect to take
at least a day to reach our goal, but a day spent concentrating on our desired
destination. Thus we will need to enter the plane prepared.

I didn’t think I had the ability to restore Seren-Arty to his normal form,
nor, apparently does Lord Malikon; but, I came up with a way for him to at least
be able to communicate with me without having to spend his psychic energies.
I performed a ceremony that bound us together as master and familiar and now
he and I can speak with each other whenever we want and do other cool things

Furthermore, the ceremony slightly
improved my resistance to attack, thus mitigating my less resilient new body.

Some of the others had some innane questions, but mostly we were ready to go
at that point. We did find the dragon’s horde (he had been lying on it when
we came in), but it was mostly a bunch of coins. There was enough copper that
I think Storm must have been a closet copper dragon lover. There was some cool
armor as well that Hal took a close look at.



Prophecy: Episode Thirty: The Chornicles of Klarn: Storm and Dragon (2/09/06)

Episode Thirty: The Chornicles of Klarn: Storm and Dragon (2/09/06)

[Featuring Hal, Serenity,
Jack, Li Lung, and guest staring Orion, Freya, Dunai and Bentio]

Chronicles of Klarn

(In the words of Jack)

Drendel had fallen into the mists with Sapphire. Where they had gone to we
couldn’t tell, but we were unable to find them in the mists with a quick
sweep keeping clear of the cloud dragon. Sapphire had a levitate spell operating
so hopefully they would be able to safely find refuge.

We began to discuss what actions we should take if any before continuing on
our intended mission-two parties each with separate objectives.

Hal questioned, “Does it strike any of you as odd that Drendel knew where
we would be and was able to meet us prepared to do battle?”

The rest of us looked thoughtfully at Hal.

“That’s a good point,” I started, “I can see three
reasons how he was able to do so. One, it is a reasonable assumption that to
get anywhere within these islands we would come seeking the Bridge to Anywhere
so he could expect that we would come here eventually. Two, he or someone has
been scrying on us and knew what we were about to do. Or, three, perhaps we
have something of his that he is able to track.”

Hal suggested, “Like the dragonlances?”

Orion added, “Perhaps, but there is also a forth possibility…there
could be a spy in your midst.”

I am sad to say that at this point all eyes turned to Cicily.

She started, “I don’t know if he is able to track anything that
we’re carrying. I have nothing that could be considered his. Sapphire was carrying
‘my’ dragonlance as I refused to myself.”

Hal asked, “Why is that exactly?”

“I have been trained since birth to use my sword. It is a part of me.
I am able to use it to extend my abilities in ways that the lance would be useless.
It is just not practical nor desired. Why burden myself with something that
is of no use to me?”

Hal and Lu fang nodded in understanding.

I added, “Well in any case, he is no longer here and we don’t seem
to have a way to determine how me knew we’d be here. Shall we continue
on our way?”

Some more rather useless discussion took place and I got bored.

I started singing a song.

We’re off to slay the dragon,
The wickedly evil dragon called Storm.
To storm, to storm, to storm
To storm his spire and slay the wyrm.

While I sang I motioned for the others to follow and started walking toward
the spire. The others followed somewhat hesitantly behind, probably not sure
if they were done talking to each other. I knew that fate and Corellon’s
strong hand would bring us together again and so did not concern myself with
good luck and goodbyes.

Stepping off the bridge I found myself on the precipice of a hole in the side
of the volcanic spire. The others, Seren-Arty, Freya, Lu fang, Hal, Orion, Dunai,
and Benito were soon standing next to me.

Looking into the gapping maw we could see no immediate threat and so Lu fang
and Freya descended Calaglin’s rope.

Freya called up, “Thou art a silly boy, Jack. Couldst thou not stop thy
jackdaw gawking and give us light?”

I thought on the glory of Corellon’s face and daylight spread out from
my body brightly illumining the area where they found themselves.

Orion quickly reached the bottom while Serenity concentrated and activated
some of his psychic powers. His monks looked around for any threats.

Lu fang called up, “Jack, now I think would be a good time for that bravery
spell you mentioned.”

As I began to cast the spell, a tingle registered on my awareness—someone
had teleported into the area that I was sensing. Finishing my spell, I called
down, “Fear not friends, Corellon will protect your frail hearts. By the
way, someone just teleported about 10 to 20 feet behind the wall to your back
Lu fang.”

Lu fang went to investigate while Orion looked down the long dragon-sized corridor.
Freya went to assist Lu fang where they discovered that the wall of the cavern
was in fact an illusion. Lu fang told us of the door behind the wall and he
and Freya prepared to open it. Orion watched down the other way. Hal lowered
himself down on his own rope. I opened a scroll and transformed myself into
a demonic Kelvesu.

I flew down and began to cast a haste spell utilizing my rod to extend its
duration. While I did so, Hal charged thru the illusionary wall. Lu fang and
Freya had opened the door to reveal a unit of military creatures. They were
tall, gaunt humanoids probably just a little over 6 feet tall. They had rough,
yellow skin and russet hair, many of which were pulled back into a single or
pair of chaotic topknots. Their noses were almost flat, their eyes had a sinister
gleam, and their ears were sharply pointed like an elf’s. They wore ornate armor
and had wrapped themselves in what looked a little like mummy wrappings. Their
weapons were similarly ornate and glowed with psionic power. The creatures were
lined up in a military formation and their apparent leaders were retreating
after having given them some instructions. The creatures’ forms began to waver
and distort as a concealing amphora covered each of them.

As they began to engage in battle, Seren-Arty descended with wings of an angel.
Seeing the Githyanki he wondered if these were related to the one who at instructed
him in psionics while they were in Brindenford. He hoped not as it looked like
these creatures were not interested in anything other than mortal combat. He
wasn’t sure if he could even recognize Finden-sither Ifrith by sight as they
all looked somewhat similar.

Orion cursed under his breath, “Oh bollocks, that’s not good.”
Louder he said, “I can see the dragon; he’s coming this way.”

I boldly proclaimed, “Orion, are you ready to take down a foul smelling

He shrugged, “Sure. Wait here for a moment while I get a little closer.
I’ve got something that the dragon won’t expect.”

I waited long enough to cast one more spell, and then followed rather closely
to see what he was going to do.

I was surprised to find that Orion’s plan appeared to involve getting
bit by the dragon. It looked like the dragon was getting ready to swallow Orion.
I was reminded of a bird getting ready to swallow a worm. I was pretty sure
that that wasn’t really Orion’s plan so I came up with one of my
own. Confident that Corellon would protect me in the gullet of the serpent,
I cast a spell that transposed Orion and me.

Orion smiled in relief and said, “Perfect.” He gestured and the
ground swallowed up the dragon who’s surprise allowed me to wriggle free
just before I was swallowed by the earth as well.

Jack high-fived Orion and said, “That was well played. Good plan!”

Lu fang had just arrived ready to battle the dragon. Not seeing his target,
he continued on to attack the creature that had stood concealed by the huge
bulk of the dragon. As he charged past, he asked Orion how long the dragon would
remain trapped.

Orion again shrugged, “Well it’s not always a set amount. But as
long as I don’t go very far away he should stay put.”

Meanwhile as the others battled the gaunt creatures, Hal identified them as
Githyanki. Creatures from the Astral plane lead by a dread lich-queen.

Seren-Arty focused his mental powers and the air became charged with static
electricity. It built to a fever pitch and congealed on the lead Githyanki.
Their smoking husks were all that remained after our eyes adjusted to the bright
flash. Behind the fallen warriors however were more of our martial minded opponents.
Perhaps more of a problem though was that they brought out their own mentalists.

We had seen them use some minor mental powers to enhance their weapons and
cause their forms to become slightly distorted and harder to hit. Now however
a film of crackling energy condensed on Hal and he stopped still and stood as
if in a daze. Seren-Arty said, “Brain
lock! They have psions in their flank.

Freya had run past Hal to get to what appeared to be one of their leaders.
She called back, “Thou’rt as sharp witted as a barn door. Thy foes
lie in wait down yonder passage not more than a babe’s throw away.”
Looking at the creature she was about to fight she continued, “An thou,
thou art full of pusillanimous perjury foul fighter. Thou hast allied thee and
thy companion with the likes of a foul fire-breather and hast sealed thy fate.”

Seren-Arty moved so that he could see the psions who were attacking Hal and
let loose with a burst of cold energy. The shock disrupted the psion’s
concentration freeing Hal, though it took him a moment to regain his composure.
Not only that but the cold felled one of the creatures. Another seemed on the
brink of passing out, but at the last moment disappeared, folding the dimensions
to relocate not too far away.

While Freya continued to battle her opponent one of the other Githyanki approached
the slowly recovering Hal and engaged him in battle. They traded blows, and
while the Githyanki took the brunt of the combat, he distracted Hal so that
the creatures further in the shadows could launch another psionic attack on
us. Seren-Arty again let loose with his balls of freezing energy and tipped
the tide of their battle back in the favor of our forces. Soon Hal same to Freya’s
aid and they quickly dispatched the remaining Githyanki.

Meanwhile, Lu Fang had dispatched his opponent and the three of us maneuvered
to quickly take out the dragon when Orion released it. Within a moment its huge
form was dwarfing ours but we each took a telling blow. Still, it wasn’t dead
yet, and the creature lashed out at us. Its claws found some holes in Lu fang’s
armor and as it was about to descend upon Lu fang I struck it again with the
skill and power of the demonic form I was using. Oddly I felt a surge of joy
as the creature fell at my feet. Not the joy of a foe well defeated but the
joy of having caused the creature’s death. I almost lashed out at Lu fang as
he approached such was the feeling of slay-euphoria I was in.

We were about the congratulate ourselves on the excellent job we had done,
it is not every party that can slay a huge red dragon in under 20 seconds, when
suddenly another large force of Githyanki emerged from another illusionary wall
to our rear.

We waded into the midst of them and in a short order we had slain most of them.
Again I felt my arms moving almost of their own accord as I enjoyed the enhanced
reactions of the form I was in. More than once I again had to catch myself from
taking an opportune strike at my fellows as my body noticed subtle opening they
left in their combat styles.

As the rest of the party approached, Seren-Arty finished off the bulk of the
Githyanki we were fighting. From behind the wall now, however, came one more
individual. He was branded with an evil sign and covered in blood and gore as
if he had bathed in the mutilated forms of helpless innocents. His evil was
an almost palpable force that nearly stunned us. Surrounding him we concentrated
our attacks upon his stoic form. Almost impossibly he soaked up blow after blow,
if anything just getting madder and madder. He too rained upon us a flurry of
blows that injured Lu fang. After what seemed like minutes he finally started
to show signs of weakening. As we were about to finish him off, a pale green
beam emerged from the false wall which struck Seren-Arty. His form wavered and
flowed and then he was gone…replaced with a warty, spiny toad. Undaunted the
toad-Seren-Arty launched a counter attack at the form behind the wall. Whether
successful or not we could not tell for sure however, as the creature teleported
away before we could converge on her. Justice taking its course, Lu fang dealt
the final blow to the blackguard who now lay at our feet.

Supporting Cast

The Silent Companions




Storm, a red dragon


Experience Gained

4400 xp

Treasure Gained

lots of Githyanki stuff

Equal Share = ?? gp