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Prophecy: Episode Twenty-Seven: The Chornicles of Klarn: Sapphire’s Tale (11/22/05)

Episode Twenty-Seven: The Chornicles of Klarn: Sapphire’s Tale ( 11/22/05)

[Featuring Lorel, Hal,
Smitty, and Serenity, and guest
staring the virgin maidens]

Chronicles of Klarn

(In the words of Sapphire)

Regarding the Betrothal of Myself, Sapphire, to Drendel

I am from the Mystic Isles, an archipelago within the Sea of Eternity known
for its wizards and sorcerers. The common peoples of Klarn know very little
about these magical islands and less still about those who inhabit these islands.

The Mystic Isles are a governed as duchies but not the type awarded by family
lines, appointments or votes of the people. Each duchy is ruled by the most
capable magic user on the island.

Such was a man my father and I share my father’s talent for magic. Ours was
one of the smaller of the Mystic Isles, a simple land with simple but educated,
good spirited people. Magic is very common on these islands, as common as coin
most other places. It was a happy place.

Then one season tragedy struck when without warning the crops failed. It seemed
one catastrophe after fell upon us. We were afflicted and accursed. The people
began to lose confidence in my family and requested assistance from other larger
more powerful islands. Their call was answered by Ezoran.

Ezoran arrived with son, Tobias, and his son’s friend, Drendel, who was introduced
as a young Prince from the island of Whitestone. Drendel was exotic, and well-traveled.
He spoke with a strange accent and mysterious tales of places unknown. They
were at the time in route to the mainland, apparently it was their goal to seek
out an acceptable, appropriate spouse for the young prince but as an unexpected
boon Drendel appeared to have been immediately attracted to me. This turned
out to be fortunate for the people under the care of my family. Drendel insisted
on delaying their departure from the island so he might court my affections.

I, however, did not share Drendel’s feelings, to me his taint seemed all too
clear. He seemed to me to be a harsh, greedy man of vast ambition but with my
father’s prompting and the interest of my people in mind I endured his ambitions.
In time Drendel asked my father for my hand in marriage and in exchange Drendel
promised that I would be educated in the finest colleges in Mendelland. My father
was overwhelmed and overjoyed by the prospect. He had never imagined that he
would be able to provide all this opportunity to me, his beloved daughter.

He agreed. The village was saved through the magic prowess of Ezoran, and Drendel
found his wife to be. Thus I found myself engaged and alone, apart from my family
and friends for the first time in my life.

Almost as soon as we left the island I found Drendel and Ezoran were not as
they had presented themselves. Drendel lost all his feigned interest in me.
I was treated more as cargo than as one beloved and engaged. I even began to
suspect that Ezoran had cause the calamities upon my island home. I soon found
myself to be a prisoner and unwilling participant in a dark drama of purposes
yet untold.

Hal responds, "I thank for you for your forthrightness in telling me the
entire story of your ties to Drendel. I am sure it is not easy to share such
an unfortunate tale, but I am honored by your openness and trust in me. Given
what we have already shared, and how it would seem to cancel any arrangement
your father may have made with Drendel and Ezoran, I fear that there may yet
be negative repercussions for your family and friends, and your homeland. It
is my hope that I might wield my sword on their behalf against Drendel and Ezoran,
so that they might avoid any further sufferring at the hands of such villains."

"Even though Drendel seemed to take no personal interest in you and treated
you as property once his deal was struck with your father, he will no doubt
be angered at the loss of such a desirable potential "purchase" by
one of the dragsons. Should Drendel then strike out in vengengeance against
your people, I vow to you that I will spare no effort to hunt him down and bring
him to justice."

"In the meantime, let me say again that I am both honored and humbled
by your choice of me to help you with this matter. I also hope you will not
take my silence to my comrades on the subject to mean that I am in any way embarrassed
by what has happened between us. I am simply not a man inclined to boast about
such things as if they were some sort of ‘exploit’ or ‘conquest.’ If for any
reason you felt the need to speak of what we have done, please do not feel constrained
to silence in any way. Surely no harm could come from your sharing what has
happened, with any you think might need to know."


Prophecy: Episode Twenty-Seven: The Chornicles of Klarn: Rope Trick ( 11/22/05)

Episode Twenty-Seven: The Chornicles of Klarn: Rope Trick ( 11/22/05)

[Featuring Lorel, Hal,
Smitty, and Serenity, and guest
staring the virgin maidens]

Chronicles of Klarn

(In the words of Smitty)

After we finished setting up camp, I was about to invite everyone to feast on
a meal of Dwarven Stew, provided by Moradin of course. However, Sapphire and
Hal withdrew a space and had some sort of clandestine discussion which apparently
completely surprised Hal from the expression on his face. Hal came over and
said, "Sapphire and I need to discuss matters that require some privacy.
We will join you later for dinner. And, worry not friends as her magic will
protect us during our time apart from you."

As I watched, Hal returned to where Sapphire was standing. Then she then took
a rope that was hanging limply at Hal’s side. She said words of power and made
mystical passes with her hands and the rope became as stiff as a rod. Together
they climbed into the hidden space at the top.

Later, but long before the spell’s duration expired they exited the space.
Hal came first as he slid down to the ground. Sapphire followed closely and
as she touched the stiff rope, it again became soft as she handed it back to

They both looked pleased as if with some shared secret. Joining our repast
I had a feeling that Sapphire and Hal were now safe from the appitites of any
dragons that they ran into, well that is to say that at least now they would
only serve as a small meal.

Prophecy: Episode Twenty-Seven: The Chornicles of Klarn: Earthquake ( 11/22/05)

Episode Twenty-Seven: The Chornicles of Klarn: Earthquake ( 11/22/05)

[Featuring Lorel, Hal,
Smitty, and Serenity, and guest
staring the virgin maidens]

Chronicles of Klarn

(In the words of Hal)

After some quick maneuvering by the lot of us and even quicker thinking by
Aerdaluna our group made their way safely outside the mountaintop temple of
Tun Mi Lung. Of course, not one of us was truly surprised when this safety turned
out to be an illusion, for had we not just successfully “raided” the
lair of the very “Lord of Typhoons”?!

Mere seconds after our escape, gale-force winds began to swirl, radiating outwards
in all directions from the mountaintop growing almost immediately into an impossible
tornado spinning in the valley of the mountain like a top within a bowl! Obviously
we were no longer welcome guests in the dragons’ alpine paradise.

We gathered together as best we could and tied ropes between ourselves in an
attempt to stay together. I was one of those lucky enough to be blown in the
same direction as Lorel. We followed his lead as he managed to find enough dips
in the terrain to shield of from the worst of the debris that was crashing everywhere
around us, and in some cases, into us. Serenity seemed to be getting the worst
of it, but I remained confident that Smitty and I could heal any injuries we
sustained. Once Lorel was able to lead us over the edge of the valley wall,
we regrouped and took stock of our situation as I called upon the power of Heironeous
to heal our wounds. Our party included Lorel, Smitty, Sapphire, Serenity, one
of the rescued prisoners of the dragon and myself.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that both Sapphire and the young lad
who had been imprisoned with Aerdaluna had both managed to escape with us, and
the boy introduced himself as “Treasure,” claiming to be a page of
sorts to a Lord Magnus. As I understand it, this man being the same Lord Magnus
the the satyr-bard, Aubrey, had descibed to be akin to a god in this land. I
had originally guessed that the boy might be a halfling based on his size; but
he lacked hair on his feet a trait distinctive to their race, and he sported
a rather unusual hairstyle that suggested that he might actually a member of
a race I had never encountered before. With a small amount of tasteful urging
the boy’s story flowed in all its frightening detail.

The Frightening Tale of the Little Dragon

Once upon a time there was a very small dragon. He was born of a clutch
of but one egg. His hatching was deemed to be significant. It was the first
successful hatchling for millennia past, the first hatchling of pure gold, produced
by the mated Golden Dragons of the Mystic Isles. So special was the occasion
that the Lords of Mendelland held a great festival to celebrate declaring that
it portended a rebirth of magic. Symbolically it is still celebrated each year
since on the 5th day of Branchala, The Festival of Golden Blessings when all
celebrants share spirits from the Cup of Wonder.

The young dragon was welcomed everywhere he traveled, he became a symbol
of luck and good fortune. All seemed eager for the opportunity to meet him and
he was greeted everywhere with good cheer. Eventually he became a Page for the
great Lord Magnus. As such it is not surprising that the dragon found himself
accompanying the Lord when urgent summons were sent from the Dragon Isles, Klarn’s
mysterious ring of floating islands. The call had come from Magnus’s former
apprentice, Ezoran Zebedaster. The trip was long, Lord Magnus you see was a
dragon – or more properly, the Dragon. Some say Magnus is Bahamut himself, or
perhaps at least a child of Bahamut; regardless, he could no longer cast spells
or fly himself and so he preferred to travel by mundane means. On the long trip
Magnus often mused with the young dragon, telling him stories about his apprentice
and how quick and talented he was. The apprentice’s nickname had appropriately
been EZ, both his initials and descriptive of his talent for magic. Ezoran had
sent word that he had found dragons that could fly and Magnus was uncustomarily
excited by the possibility the dragon curse might indeed be broken!

So it was that Magnus, the young dragon, and Magnus’s son, Zardoz, came
together otherwise unaccompanied to the Dragon Isles. Looking back it would
have been wiser to have waited for one of the other Lords of Mendelland–Mendel,
Istar or even Malako; but, such was Magnus’s excitement that the three traveled
alone without fanfare or guards. Who in their right mind would think to attack
Lord Magnus and his son, who was a skilled wizard of his own? Thus they were
taken completely by surprise when they arrived at the reclusive island of Cinderspire
within the Dragon Isles archipelago and were attacked without warning or mercy!

It was Ezoran who lead the attack, but he was not alone; he attacked with
a fearsome army of gaunt fearless warriors armed with an exotic array of weaponry
and a squad of abominations, half-dragons who called themselves the Order of
the Black Covenant. Luckily for the little dragon at the time of the attack
he was traveling disguised as nothing but a humble Kender, an assistant to Magnus
and the wizard Zardoz and thus the young dragon was largely ignored. The assault
was overwhelming in its speed and power. Magnus took on his true form, that
of the mightiest of dragons, while Zardoz hurled spell after spell in defense
of the small party but to no measurable consequence. Ezoran blunted the attack
with his own defensive spells and warlocks from the ranks of the sinister warriors
overcame all efforts to resist them. Magnus was struck over and over by a strange
rod carried by one of the members of the Black Covenant and then not just one
but several dragons came diving out of the setting sun ripping into Magnus.
There were at least two red dragons and another even larger dragon that the
little dragon didn’t recognize. Magnus, bloody, his body ripped and broken,
ordered the little dragon to flee for his life. Zardoz was no where to be seen
apparently defeated by the spells of Ezoran. So the little dragon, disguised
as a Kender, ran screaming, blinded by his tears, into the Mists.

The young dragon ran as long as he could, until his strong heart was leaping
from his chest and he could no longer catch air within his lungs. He wiped the
tears from his eyes and found that somehow he was no longer on Cinderspire.
The air, or rather the lack of it, informed him that he was still in the Dragon
Isles but he was surely lost. Behind him there were only the mists and ahead
a large single tree at the foot of a steep cliff. He struggled his way up the
cliff and beyond, wandering for days until finally, hungry and tired he spotted
the most unexpected of sights–high in the air another dragon of goldish hue,
this one smaller than himself, a young dragon flying with the grace of great
bird. It spotted him and started circling, doing pinwheels in the sky until
an extremely gaunt, pale elf appeared as if from thin air in the distance. He
had short scraggly dark hair, a dark cloak and deep, heavily shadowed dark eyes.
He presented the palms of his hands revealing that he was unarmed; strangely
his left palm glowed bearing the symbol of Solinari, the white moon in phase.
This comforted the little dragon and so he approached the elf. The elf greeted
the little dragon, “Martivir,” meaning ‘Peace,’ in perfect Draconic
tongue. So it was that the little dragon met Aerdaluna, of the Grey Elves of
Celene, Ambassador to the People of Oerik and his familiar, the young dragon,
Nebula, who accompanied the elf.

Thus it was that the young dragon, Treasure, explained that while he was now
in the form of a Kender, he was actually in fact a 7-year old gold dragon, with
quite a remarkable history.

Managing to rescue Aerdaluna after weeks of hardship was a thrilling victory
in and of itself, and yet meeting Treasure struck me as an even more extraordinary
privilege. Here was a figure at the center of events that had changed the history
of this realm, and he was not only grateful for his rescue, but genuinely eager
to befriend us and work for the good of his realm. I resolved to learn what
I could of the draconic tongue from this fine individual, and found myself both
flattered and humbled by his desire to learn what he could from me of the nature
of knighthood and chivalry, even after I explained to him that while I was devout
in my service to Heironeous, I had yet to be knighted by my church.

In any case, we all resolved to journey to the bottom of the mountain and meet
our missing comrades in what is called “The Bog of Dead Trees.” Lorel
passed out crampons and showshoes to help us navigate the frozen terrain, but
we had gone no more than a short distance when Smitty noticed a vibration in
the earth quite similar to what we had felt when overrun by the avalanche caused
by the dragon known as Li Lung. Smitty and Serenity both took to the air to
avoid the now anticipated onslaught, and the rest of us spread out to the best
of our abilities to avoid being easy targets for the avalanche that we had come
to expect and indeed Li Lung validated our efforts.

Any dragon is a fearsome sight, and yet I was pleased to see that none of
my companions succumbed to the terror that such creatures often inspire. As
it appeared over the crest above us it willed the very earth beneath our feet
to quake, and we were well-served by our efforts to spread out. Had it not been
for Smitty’s timely warning I have little doubt that I would have been buried
the the avalanche. As it was I was still pounded by falling debris. Lorel managed
to fire an arrow at the beast while moving even further down the path away from
me as the dragon continued to make the ground quake. The trembling threatened
to knock us all off the side of the mountian. Then Serenity likewise injured
the creature with the psychic energy he wields so skillfully, like lightning
from a stormy sky. Smitty could be heard calling upon the power of Moradin to
empower him to face the worm in melee, and I likewise called upon Heironeous
to bolster my strength of will for the combat to come, thinking that any defense
I could muster against the attacks of such a creature would be welcome.

My presumption could not have been more correct, as it turned out. The creature
swept down the mountainside directly toward me, more than likely correctly assuming
that I would have shortly sought him out for close-quarters melee in any case.
His first blow struck unerringly, slicing between the plates of my mithril armor
as if they were not even there. One expects to be beaten about quite severely
by a dragon, but here I was bleeding quite prolifically, and the creature had
only begun its assault. The others continued their barrage against the dragon,
riddling it with spells and arrows, most of which struck true in spite of its
remarkable scale armor and resistance to magic. Expecting the worst, I called
upon the power of Heironeous to shield me from the creature’s attacks,
and took a completely defensive posture. Again, I was blessed by such foresight,
for the serpent tore into me with a vengeance. Both claws, it’s gaping
maw, and a whiplike snap of its tail struck in short order. Only the tail missed.
Smitty too was struck though by the creature’s buffeting wings, for he had closed
to melee the creature suspended in the air above the dragon by the grace of
Moradin, his dwarven god. The dwarf swung his hammer truly, further harming
the dragon. Then, to my surprise, it looked up from me, and focused it’s
attention squarely on Lorel. I discovered only later that Serenity had manage
to dominate the will of the creature, a feat almost unimaginable, and cleverly
suggested that it should focus its attention on Lorel, who had harmed it so
severely. Surely we would be able to strike it down while it moved long before
it could bring all of its power to bear on the archer. This did in fact turn
out to be the case, for before the worm could even move, Lorel began his next
volley. The first two arrows struck true, and given that several of Lorel’s
shots had already struck the beast critically, it finally fell before our combined

Relieved to have survived the horrific assault of such an overwhelming powerful
creature, we collected our wits and once again healed our wounds. I silently
thanked Heironeous for such skilled and stalwart friends, and yet in the midst
of our healing prayers it occurred to us that our remaining friends were left
with only minimal ability to heal any injuries that might beset them. Serenity
contacted them with his mystical mind magics, and relayed to us that they too
had escaped the valley of the dragons, in dire straits though for they lacked
the healing powers granted by our gods, and they too had faced the winds of
the typhoon dragon. We agreed to meet them as soon as possible at the Bog of
Dead Trees where with some luck they might even be aided by Zepher, the fairy
dragon we had previous encountered at the bog.

Just beyond our own battle site we came across the hasty cairn where we had
laid our companion, Caretaker, the pirate. As we set about on our way, Lorel
discovered that his grave had been disturbed, dug up! Now his corpse and booty
were missing, but Lorel cleverly noticed the tracks of a creature very much
resembling the sort of steed Drendel had employed with other foot prints he
guessed must belong to the missing Pandora and the dragon servant, Ku’ Tai Sho.

Serenity was still communicating with our missing friends and he grave them
the bad news about the desecration of Caretaker’s grave. Through Serenity, Aerdaluna
reminded us that the Ocacle’s prophesy had mention both a pirate and tales untold.
So we searched the grave and found a rolled up piece of paper, which turned
out to be a rather strange sort of treasure map. While we could make little
of the map presently, we resolved to set about decoding it at the first available

As we regrouped to travel onwards some still digging at the fallen dragon for
trophies and keepsakes, Sapphire pulled me aside asking if she might have a
word with me. This came as quite a surprise, for I had thus far interacted only
minimally with any of the three beautiful women we had rescued from Drendel.
I knew very little about her, to be sure, other than that she hailed from a
group of islands in this realm to the west of the dragon isles, west even of
the mainland below, from a place called the Mystic Isles. While she did strike
me as having a certain degree of character (especially compared to Pandora!),
she was certainly a woman of mystery, with many secrets. Then again, aren’t
they all?!?! In any case, I agreed to her request, and resolved to speak with
her after we made camp for the evening.

The details of our conversation will not be recorded here, for a gentleman
does not speak of such things so freely. Suffice it to say that Sapphire shared
much of her history with me, and requested of me a boon that I could not with
honor refuse her, especially as her words rang so truly to me, with no hint
of deceit. I did sense that while she spoke with verity, there was something
she was holding back. I asked if she might have something else to tell me, but
when she declined, I had no choice but to respect her privacy. Not wishing the
rest of my friends to in any way worry over our absence, I explained to them
that she and I had business that required privacy to resolve, and that her magics
would keep us safe while we were gone. She borrowed a rope from me, worked an
enchantment upon it, and then simply climbed up into a space that had not previously
existed. I followed her, pulling the rope up after me, and the two of us returned
to our companions some time later.

Supporting Cast

A young, beautiful virgin women


Li Lung

Experience Gained

4000 xp

Treasure Gained


Equal Share = ?? gp


Prophecy: Episode Twenty-Six: The Chornicles of Klarn: Hell of the Hungry Dragons

Episode Twenty-Six: The Chornicles of Klarn: Hell of the Hungry Dragons (11/10/05)

[Featuring Lorel, Hal,
Silent Pete, Jack, Smitty,
and Serenity, and reintroducing
Aerdaluna, and guest staring
Moondrop, Freya, the Silent Companions, and the virgin maidens]

Chronicles of Klarn

(In the words of Jack)


Tried to give the sword back. Found Aerdaluna. Mistress Kano stole it again.
Fought animated statues and Tun Mi Lung, barely escaped. Saved Mistress Kano.
Also saved a Kender and Lu-fang Jin.

Seer channelled by Cicily Green.

Let the moon beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream
To where Lords who rule all things in light and darkness the unseen
I’ve traversed the planes where fate has sent me.
Traveled through both time and space, to be where I must be.

In my thoughts I have seen ringed islands in a dream,
And the faces of those for whom I’ve been looking.
With a boy I don’t know whose eyes glisten like gold,
And with purpose untold come to lead them.

Near the still by firelight and purple moonlight
Where I hear the rested river’s call–the wind is crying,
From a love that never grows cold
And a Pirate’s tale that has never been told.

Beneath a dark stain on this horizon,
Set under a black orb that hides the sun.
Carry with you your swords and clean understanding,
Be wary of the dark orb and claw rending.

Your forgotten guides lies upon your road
To clear the shadows from your souls
Two paths you can go by and in the long run both meet and become one,
But there’s no way to change the road you’re on.

So when your path is clear to you tomorrow,
Heed my words and keep faith in me,
It’s to your destiny he has taken you,
To where what is to be I say must be.

“Quickly now boy to my hands!”

Greetings to you son of Draco.

Who would expect the fate of so many in the hands of one so young?
You don’t remember your parents, heir to the past realize the weight upon you!
It leads you to a spiritual divide.
To succeed you must strengthen your virtues and seek that which is best within
You have purpose here, you body is young but your spirit is old.
Are you not weary of moving from body to body, never achieving your goal?
The world is waiting for you, balanced in black and white for you eye of the
The soul of the dragon can never truly be contained–chaos erupts at its very
Enduring destroyers of the modern world shadows rising to destroy again!

Above all the very essence of magic is free–its form undetermined, flexible,
Your spirit embattled, forged to bring you to this point.
Are you prepared for your destiny?


Supporting Cast



The Silent Companions


Arty (animated by Serenity)

Three young, beautiful


Tun Mi Lung

Tun Mi Lung’s animated statues

Experience Gained

4000 xp

Treasure Gained


Equal Share = ?? gp