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Prophecy: Episode Fourteen: Unliving Cold (12/27/04)

Episode Fourteen: Unliving Cold (12/27/04)

[Featuring Ioco, Serenity, Lorel, & Hal]

Ioco returned from visiting the Seer regarding his father and
almost simultaneously, Aerdaluna, Nebula, and Charlie collapsed in
a fevered coma. Unable to revive the two, the party placed them in
the bag of holding (and Serenity made sure that he opened the bag
periodically to let in fresh air) until they could discover the
cause of their unconsciousness.

The wind swept up the loose snow and ice as the party began to
explore the frozen cave. Luckily the Seer had sent Ioco with extra
cold weather cloths for the freezing party members. Still
experiencing the threat of long term exposure to the cold, the
party began searching the area.

As they entered a small natural chamber they were attacked by a
pair of shadows and a pair of wraiths. Hal called upon the power of
Heironeous and repelled one of the shadows and one of the wraiths.
The rest of the party quickly slew the remaining incorporeal
undead. Continuing on the party began to experience increase cold
and wind as the area around them began to fill with snow flurries.
The flurries quickly turned into a blizzard and the party found
themselves blinded and in danger of becoming lost. Thinking quickly
they decided to rope themselves together, however as they were
doing so the undead returned with reinforcements.

The party was again attacked by a pair of shadows and a pair of
wraiths. The undead were not the only threat though as it appeared
that a spellcaster, perhaps a druid, was assaulting the party as
well. Serenity activated his touchsight ability and directed the
others as best he could given the reduced hearing and movement
capabilities as a result of the blizzard. The party was holding its
own against the undead, Serenity blasting the undead with
electricity as the point fighters suffered some strength drain from
the shadows until finally the party starting to beat the undead
back to the nether realms from which they came. Suddenly the snow
took on a bloody color and Serenity and Pan started looking
vitality as their constitution was drained. The shock to their
systems gave them naseua and the chase of the druid was left to
Lorel and his wolf while Hal finished off the wraith he was
fighting. The blizzard died down, but left the caverns filled with
six feet of snow making movement almost impossible. Shortly after
the blizzard ended the blood snow faded as well and Serenity was
back in shape (though still suffering from reduced constitution).
He used his skate power to allow the fighter typs to more quickly
chase after the fleeing druid while he and Pan slowly burrowed
through the snow.

The party didn’t find the druid in the upper caverns, but did
find a secret door that lead to a constructed series of chambers
each covered with icy blue wall, ceiling and floor. The chambers
were largely empty and ransacked. However, there were some chambers
that still had guardian creatures in them. The party avoided some
of them, and eventually fought others. They discovered that the
creatures were not real as when they were slain they turned into
mounds of snow. They defeated humanoid bearlike creatures as well
as a white dragon.

The battle with the dragon was a fearsome one. The party quickly
entered the room where he was trying to spread out to avoid the
possible attack of a breath weapon. The dragon did not immediately
try to breath on the party, but instead attacked them physically.
During the battle however, the dragon did back up and breath on
most of the melee combatants. Lorel and Hal shrugged off most of
the freezing blast. Ioco however took the full brunt of the blast
and was frozen solid. The other party members rushed to Ioco’s
frozen from as soon as the dragon was reduced to a pile of snow
only to discover that there was no life remaining in the bard’s
iced form.

Continuing on the party found another frozen humanoid chained to
the wall of a prison cell. Serenity identified the state as a form
of flesh to ice effect similiar to petrification. Realizing that
the only way to free the person and discover why he was trapped
required a break enchantment spell (which the party didn’t
possess), the party stuck the transformed person into the bag for
later investigation.

The party found a library with many valuable, though fragile
books as well as a room that had a pile of ice in its center (the
other rooms had curious mounds of snow which the party deduced had
at one time been creatures similar to the ones that they

After searching the rest of the rooms they they could access
without spending significant time trying to break into the arcane
locked remaining doors, the party rested as best they could before
preparing to continue their foray into the more secure

Supporting Cast

Pan Floxbottom


A melange of Incorporeal Undead

A Druid working with the undead?

Numerous Simulacra of Urskans, White Dragons, and other fell
cold beasts

Experience Gained

2800 xp

Treasure Gained

Ring of Protection +3 (Serenity)
Glove of Storing w/vial of Similacrum Elixer (Serenity)
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (Lorel)
Potion of Remove Disease (Lorel)
4 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds (1 each)
Winter Gear (Crampons, Winter Clothing, Fur clothing, Skates, Skis
and poles, snow goggles, snowshoes, vial of frostbite salve, vial
of whale grease) (1 set each)
Portable Hut (in bag of holding)