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Prophecy: Episode Thirteen: Out for Blood (11/10/04)

Episode Thirteen: Out for Blood (11/10/04)

[Featuring Aerdaluna, Serenity, Lorel, & Hal]

After deciding to return to the elven village for the evening,
the party returned to the dragon’s lair refreshed and ready to
engage again in battle. Hal had recovered from his slight weakening
of the previous day. Serenity and Pan rejoined the party, while
Ioco was still missing.

Soon after reentering the caverns the party encountered another
large natural cavern that had the remains of orcs and their
belongings. As they investigated the chamber, they were attacked by
a handful of vampiric orcs and another vampiric wolf. The vampires
tried to pick away at the party, but throught the efforts of the
spellcasters, Lorel’s silvered arrows, and Hal’s impresive armor
and combat ability, they were prevented from doing any significant
harm. The party slew the vampires and use holy water to prevent
their return. They found a small amount of gold, but nothing else
of much interest.

Continuing on they party encountered a small chamber that
contained a door made of ice. Charley avoided the trapped glyph
before the door, but was unable to unlock the door itself. The
party launched a number of attacks against the door before finally
breaking through to the passage beyond. The party cast spells to
protect themselves as best they could from the biting cold that the
door radiated, most passing through undamaged, others taking
miniscule damage.

Finding themselves in a small tunnel of ice, they continued
until they reached a larger tunnel where they found a group of
wraith-like creatures. Attacking the evil undead by surprise they
found the incorporeal creatures only partially affected by their
attacks. As the undead approached them, the party found themselves
gasping for breath as the creatures sucked the air from the
viscinity. Again through a judicious use of magic and force, they
party was able to defeat the creatures.

After literally catching their breaths, the party prepared to
continue on their quest…

Supporting Cast



Pan Floxbottom


Vampiric orcs and wolves


Experience Gained

2400 xp

Treasure Gained

60 gp

Equal Share = 15 gp