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Prophecy: Episode Twelve: The Claws of Vision (10/27/04)

Episode Twelve: The Claws of Vision (10/27/04)

[Featuring Aerdaluna, Lorel, & Hal]

The party, including a recently raised Lorel, reassembled in the
elven village a few days later preparing to set out on the trail of
whatever creature had left the eviscerated creatures in the forest
and drained them of blood. Upon hearing of the creature from Hal’s
vision, Pan mentioned that the elves had had occasional trouble
with a young green dragon in the area and upon checking its general
whereabouts it matched the general direction that the trail led.
Pan also told the party that Ioco and Serenity had left earlier to
respond to a request from the seer regarding Ioco’s father.

Lorel lead the way as they followed the trail while Aerdaluna
maintained mental contact with his newly developed telepathy. After
about a half-day of travel they arrived at a small pool feed by a
waterfall. Searching the area they discovered a small hidden
passage behind the waterfall.

Descending the natural stairlike passageway the found a series
of natural tunnels and caverns that were being used by a tribe of
orcs and wolves. Searching through a few of the caverns they found
the orcs dead; their bones placed on their sleeping mats in a pose
of peaceful repose. They found a small storage area that had
barrels filled with blood and unholy water. They found a magical
potion at the bottom of one of the barrels of blood, and three
potions at the bottom of one of the unholy water vats. Skirting
(and sometimes not skirting) some remnant traps, they eventually
found a dark underground pool.

While investigating the pool, they were attacked by a serpentine
creature that poked its head above the water long enough to breath
a cloud of acidic gas on the party. Before the party could mount an
effective response, the creature submerged below the water. Tense
minutes passed as the party taunted the creature and awaited its
next attack.

Trying to approach by surprise the creature advanced from
another angle, breathing on the party again, it was frustrated by
the magical protections the party had prepared to defend against
its attacks. It engaged in melee combat with Hal while Lorel
peppered it with arrows. At first Aerdaluna tried to charm it to no
effect, then switched to more damaging attacks. Hal called upon the
power of Heironeous and sacrificed some of his own life essesnce to
cause his sword to bite deeply into the dragon’s side. Hal was
shocked as even more of his life essence was stolen from him with
the dragon’s unholy claws struck him. A second massive blow from
Hal knocked the creature flying back into the water.

Aerdaluna cast a polymorph spell on Charley and transformed him
into a shark to find the remains of the draconic creature. Finding
nothing under the water where he expected to find the body, the
party had Hal climb onto the shark’s back to explore the pool
further and its exits.

The underground river exited the pool in two directions and
taking one, Hal and Charley found a river that soon split into two
more passages. They followed on passage until it came to an area
where there was no air pocket for Hal to travel down. Charley went
a little way down before giving up and returning to get Hal. They
then traveled down the other part of the Y and found a stone bridge
crossing the river (Hal detected two minor evil sources not too far
from the bridge). Continuing down the river it ended at a dry
natural chamber with a land passage leading off it. They returned
to the others to try to find a way to get to the bridge without
having to swim.

As they began their search of the other part of the caverns,
they encountered an orc and his wolf. Upon engaging them in battle,
they discovered that the creatures were actually vampire spawn,
pale vampiric versions of their former selves. Upon being slain the
creatures gaseous forms flowed into on of the chambers the party
had investigated where the bodies reformed. Taking the temporarily
helpless bodies the party threw the spawn into the sunlight.

Catching their breath and enjoying the warmth of the sun, the
party prepared to reenter the caverns.


Supporting Cast




Draconic creature of mystery

Vampiric orc and wolf

Various traps

Experience Gained

2400 xp

Treasure Gained

10 gp
3 potions of Inflict Minor Wounds
1 potion of Inflict Moderate Wounds

Equal Share = 3 gp