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Prophecy: Episode Eleven: Ghost of a Chance (9/16/04)

Episode Eleven: Ghost of a Chance (9/16/04)

[Featuring Ioco, Aerdaluna, Serenity, Lorel, & Hal]

The heroes traveled the wilderness for just over two days before
getting close to the elven village of Aniel. A few hours before
reaching the village they encountered some strange road-kill. They
encountered a group of three dead worgs who had been ripped apart
by something with claws and had also been drained of their blood.
The tracks were not too difficult to follow, but the party
continued on to their initial destination. Later they encountered a
dead dire boar similarly mauled, though it also had wounds that
indicated some bladed weapon.

Arriving in the village, they discovered that it had been
deserted for many weeks apparently abruptly. Searching for clues
they discovered a recently dug grave. They debated digging up the
occupant and eventually decided to do so. While they were digging,
they were attacked by a phase spider. They were able to fairly
quickly take care of the beast, however, Aerdaluna had cast a
Detect Invisibility spell to facilitate their attack.

He discovered that the missing elves were somehow etheral. The
spell allowed them to communicate with the elves and they
discovered the fate of the missing elves. They had been cursed by a
wizard named, Navae, who had taken an unhealthy interest in the
Drow. While Navae had tried to steal the Galadiir, he was killed by
his master, Revan. Just before he died, however, he used the power
of the Galadiir to curse the villagers. Three days later they were
sucked into the Etheral plane along with the ghostly form of

Navae waited until the party had removed the Galadiir from the
trapped box it was contained in and then he made his move. He
possessed Lorel. The party was unaware at first, but soon it became
apparent that Lorel was not himself. He grabbed the gem and
dropping a potion of fog cloud, ran out the door. He made it to the
woods and was in danger of escaping when Aerdaluna trapped him in a
web spell. While trapped, Navae used the power of the gem to assume
permanent possession of the body he had taken. Lorel’s soul was
thrust to the planes of death. The remaining party members quickly
killed Navae before he could escape from the webs.

Ioco quickly grabbed the gem and used its power to restore the
missing elves (and doing so put Navae’s soul to rest as well). They
attempted to use the power of the gem to restore Lorel, but found
that its powers had been exhausted in the previous wishes.

Hal fell to his knees and beseeched Heironeous to save their
brave companion struck down so foully. He received a vision in
response. He saw the bodies of the mauled animals they had
encountered on their way to the elven village. He then was
surrounded in a cloying, burning fog. Then as if from the periphery
of vision he saw a scaled clawed form slithering from the

The party took refuge in the elven village for the evening,
while Aerdaluna reported back to the elven cleric who had sent them
on this quest. They plan to search for the mysterious creature from
the vision on the morrow.

Supporting Cast




Pan Floxbottom, half-elven guide


Ghost of Navae

Experience Gained

2320 xp

Treasure Gained

8000 gp (from sale of Galadiir)

Equal Share = 1600 gp