Prophecy: Episode Ten: “Welcome to Brindinford: Death and the Far Realms”

Episode Ten: “Welcome to Brindinford: Death and the Far Realms”

[Featuring Ioco, Aerdaluna, Iris & Serenity; Guest Staring

Moments after Lorel disappeared, a Paladin of Heironeous
appeared riding his warhorse. Quickly introducing himself as
Halfred, the party turned to respond to the screams coming from the
Shrine to Heironeous. The temple was surrounded in a magical fog
which Aerdaluna tried to dispel. Only partially successful, he was
able to reveal the attackers as a pair of cultist attacking a
temple guard. Halfred charged his mount through the fog to reach
the attackers; Ioco similarly entered the fog, cutting through the
now empty shrine to reach the attackers. The rest of the party
circiled around the building to defend the temple guard. As they
approached the villians, a sniper attacked Serenity and Iris. Iris
continued on to the cultists while Serenity vered off to take care
of the sniper. The party made quick work of the attacking cultists
and Aerdaluna charmed one of them to try to interrogate him.
Serenity, while he could not see his attacker, was able to blast
the area with his developing psionic powers and eventually caused
the villian to appear (dead at his feat). Serenity also noticed
that the cultist had Chaostech implanted in his body.

The interrogation of the cultist didn’t go too well as the
cultist, while friendly, was not able to provide many rational
answers to questions. Loyal to The Blessed, he did her bidding and
awaited the opening of the gate to usher in the great ones who
would cast the world into the void. He agreed to lead his new
friends to his home so that they could talk to The Blessed as

Torea, the rescued temple guard, informed the party that other
cultists had left a few minutes ago with her mentor, Alein. She
identified the cultist as having come from the bookstore, The
Reality Wrinkle, where a strange death had occurred recently.

Following tracks and the cultist, the group headed for the
bookstore with Torea to rescue her abducted priest.

Just before entering the building, Aerdaluna decided to offer
the charmed cultist the potion of poison that the party had
recently identified. Upon drinking the potion, the cultist was
freed from the charm and tried to defend himself. In the ensueing
struggle he blasted himself and Charley. Charley was hardly
injured, while the cultist was killed.

Upon entering The Reality Wrinkle, the group discovered that the
inside of the building was “not quite right,” as space and time
didn’t seem to match up correctly. The proprietor was abruptly cut
off as Halfred charged past him searching for the missing woman.
The others tied him up as he protested that he didn’t know what
they were doing in his store, but that he was none too pleased at
their actions.

Heading up the stairs, Halfred encountered a sage having a bowl
of broth. The sage informed him that if there were a missing woman
in the building she would probably be in the basement and then
asked Hal if he wanted any broth. Halfred ignored the offer and
continued up the stairs calling back to his companions to check the

Ioco had entered the rear of the building and was already
heading down the stairs by this time. Where he discovered cultists
with an incapacitated, babbling, incoherent woman–Alein.
Unfortunately, there was also a gibbering mouther gibbering there
as well. Using his bardic powers, he began singing to counter the
gibbering confusion as Aerdaluna and Charley arrived to assist

Serenity, hearing combat from above began to head up stairs to
assist their companion, Hal. Iris followed soon thereafter.

Hal had been attacked by The Blessed, a mage who had enhanced
her combat prowess with spells and Chaostech and was pummelling Hal
severely. Just after Serenity arrived and started to assist Hal, he
was attacked by the sage who Hal had passed; revealed as a cultist,
he cast a spell encasing Serenity in a huge fist of stone. Iris
arrived and began to attack the cultist.

Aerdaluna cast a stinking cloud into the room where the cultist,
gibbering mouther, and Alein were in preparation for Charley to
enter the nasuating cloud of fog and retrieve Alein while the rest
were unable to see him. Charley entered, but as he picked Alein up,
he was attacked by the mouther who blinded Charley with acidic
spittle. Ignoring the pain he ran Alein out of the stinking cloud
while Aerdaluna cast a deep slumber spell putting the cultists to
sleep. Ioco entered and quickly killed the cultist, staying away
from the mouther. Aerdaluna was attacked by an invisible cultist
who quickly disappeared again after his attack. Aerdaluna and
Charley took Alein upstairs and found that the proprieter was
missing and that Torea had been knocked unconscious. After waiting
a few moments for Charley to regain his vision and waking Torea,
they sent Charley, Torea, and Nebula with Alein to take her to a
nearby safe location.

The cultist who had been attacking Serenity turned his attention
to Iris but was soon killed. Serenity tried attacking The Blessed,
but finding her too powerful for his attacks decided to head
downstairs to get the others to help the hurting Hal who had been
trading blows with the martial powerhouse and bravely calling upon
the power of Heironeous to protect him as the woman continued to
batter him.

Serenity was shocked to find Iris attacking him as he tried to
pass. Surprised he realized that Iris was under some kind of
compulsion that was causing him to kill anyone in his path.
Unwilling to fight his friend and thinking that Iris just needed to
get to The Blessed to kill her and low on mental energy, he tried
to jump out the window to safety. Unfortunately, the window bars
were stuck and so he had to aviod (and not avoid) some attacked
from Iris before he got the window open and jumped out landing not
too gracefully no the street 20′ below.

Ioco had just head up the stairs when he encountered Iris who
began to attack him, now that Serenity was no longer in sight.
Slowly backing down the stairs as he avoided most of the swings of
the greatsword, he ran into Aerdaluna who was just startnig up the
stairs as well.

Hal, realizing that he needed to get away from The Blessed to
recover his wits, followed Serenity’s example and leapt out the
window. Landing a little more gracefully than Serenity, he quickly
began to use potions and spells to recover his strength. The
Blessed desirous of more glorious combat, headed down the stairs to
deal with the rest of the invaders and encountered Iris.

Aerdaluna cast a web spell hoping to prevent The Blessed from
getting away from the crazed Iris and hoping to prevent the crazed
Iris from getting to the rest of the party. Ioco ran outside to
follow Hal’s example and began to use spells and potions to recover
his fading strength as well. Aerdaluna followed quickly as he had
just about run out of spells to defend himself with and didn’t
relish the prospect of opposing either of the physically powerful
combatants with his own physical combat abilities.

The fighting inside continued while the party was restoring
their strength and soon they noticed smoke coming from the
building. Someone had lit the webs on fire. Hal and Ioco reentered
the building ready to attack any hostile person coming down the
stairs. Within moments however the flames were coming out of the
building and it was starting to collapse. The two of them ran out
the front of the building as the ceiling was beginning to fall on

Suddenly, The Blessed flying, burst out the top of the building
holding the defeated Iris in her arms. Flinging him back into the
shattered building, she flew off; her plans foiled.

The party assisted the local fire fighters in preventing the
fire from spreading to far into the neighboring buildings and in
keeping them safe from the possible remaining mouther who might
have survived the fire. However, within the wrecked building they
only found a pool of icor where the mouther had been. They also
found the battered and broken body of Iris, his life long gone, and
two tomes that had survived the fire.

The townspeople were overjoyed that the party had saved them
from the machinations of a group of insane cultists and threw a
feast for them that evening. The party returned Iris’ body to the
Seer as they had no way of raising an outsider. The books they
discovered were the writings of Arnaud Vates, The Reality Behind
the Void. A tretise on reality including some incantations and
rituals designed to manipulate spells and creatures. The books they
eventually traded to the elves in exchange for some other magical


Supporting Cast





The Blessed, Vates cultist, Mage of the Far Realms

Cultists of Vates

Experience Gained

2000 xp

Treasure Gained

1000 gp (from sale of two Bracers of AC +1)
14 gp (from two of the Cultists)
250 gp (from sale of Silvered Guisarme)
Cloak of Resistance +1 (borrowing from Iris until he can be
Resurrected) (Serenity)
Ioun Stone (+2 Wis) (borrowing from Iris until he can be
Resurrected) (Serenity)
Studded Leather +1 (borrowing from Iris until he can be
Resurrected) (Ioco)
Light Crossbow +1 (Serenity)
Bracers AC +1 (Serenity)
3 Bolts of Voices (Serenity)
2 Stirge Bolts (Serenity)
Potion of Spider Climb (Serenity)
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (Serenity)
Wand of Burning Hands (CL1, 3 charges) (Aerd)
Wand of Color Spray (CL1, 4 charges) (Aerd)
Potion of Jump (Charley)
Scroll of Color Spray (CL3) (Aerd)
Ring of Spell Storing, minor (Aerd)
Cloak & Boots of Elvenkind (Aerd, in exchange for cult book
and his cloak of resistance)

Equal Share = 253 gp