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Prophecy: Episode Nine: “Welcome to Brindinford: Blind Luck”

Episode Nine: “Welcome to Brindinford: Blind Luck”

[Featuring Ioco, Aerdaluna, Lorel, Iris & Serenity]

Serenity and Ioco returned for their own business and caught up
on the wererat problem. Considering their options they decided to
investigate the missing bodies Southspur area.

Shortly after getting to the area, they encountered a small
troupe of actors putting on a lame farce. Within seconds the play
was interruped by the attack of creatures that turned out to be
grimlocks, sight-blind,bestial humanoids. Aerdaluna detonated a
sonicball on the stage, narrowly avoiding the surrounding
crowd. The grimlocks were shaken and the actors fell like stones.
The party quickly engaged and defeated the wounded grimlocks. Only
three bystanders were killed, two by grimlocks and one by
Aerdaluna’s attack. The other two actors were severely injured, but

The party were able to find tracks and followed the grimlocks
trail back to their lair, an abandoned warehouse. Ioco entered
through the broken window that the grimlocks were using to enter
and exit the building. The others tried to break down the door, but
having no luck most attempted to follow Ioco through the window.
While they were doing that Charley managed to pick the lock on the
door and he and Aerdaluna entered that way.

Within the mostly abandoned building, Ioco had engaged two more
grimlocks while someone was casting spells from underneath the
platform that he was standing on subjecting the room to both
and a fog cloud. The party slowly inched their way
through the darkened building while Ioco killed on of the
grimlocks. Aerdaluna cast a deeper slumber on the grimlock and the
unknown spellcaster, but only affected the grimlock and Ioco. Lorel
killed the sleeping grimlock and they began to search for the
hidden spellcaster.

Suddenly, another grimlock, the spellcaster, lept out of the
shadows and stabbed Aerdaluna, nearly killing him. While Charley
and Lorel tried to save their dying friend, the grimlock ran into
the fog. Seeing that their friend was not going to die, they chased
after the grimlock. Cornering her in another part of the warehouse,
they managed to kill her, but not before she had poisoned Lorel
with both deathblade and giant wasp poison. Ioco cast delay
hoping that help could be found soon.

The party took the grimlocks bodies to the town guard and were
thanked while they paid their weregild fine (for the death of the
actor). They then went to the druid just outside of town to see
about the poison. He was able to remove the damage that Lorel had
already taken and was able to further delay the onset of the
secondary effects, but he was unable to remove the poison from
Lorel’s system.

Lorel signaled the Seer that he need transportation back to the
caves and while waiting the party rested and recovered spells. The
party set out to invistigate the “laughing ghost” of West Hill
next. Again, shortly after entering the area, they were confronted
with a bizzare attack. A huge tentacled monstrosity from nightmare
appeared and began threatening the crowd. Aerdaluna quickly
recognized it as a monster summoning spell and cast dispel magic.
Almost as soon as he had done so, Lorel say a hooded figure on a
nearby roof cast a second spell summoning a second nightmarish
Wyste. While Iris, Lorel and Ioco engaged the monster, Serenity and
Aerdaluna attempted to follow the fleeing mage. Serenity climbed
the building and chased after the fleeing woman on the rooftop,
while Aerdaluna sent Nebula, his familiar, after her with a
shocking grasp. Ioco saw a chance to chase after the mage and
realized the Lorel and Iris had the monster well contained and so
he crashed though a glass shop trying to cut through the buildings
to intercept the fleeing woman.

The woman ran down the side of the building as the hawk familiar
zapped her with the spell. Just as Serenity reached the side of the
roof to see her. She disappeared in a flash of light, teleporting
to safety.

Just as they finished off the Wyste, Lorel disappeared, summoned
by the Seer. Seconds later a messenger from the Seer arrived
indicating that Lorel would be gone for an extended period while
they sought out someone capable of curing the poison.


Supporting Cast






Felga, the grimlock

an unknown mage

Experience Gained

2000 xp

Treasure Gained

1000 gp (from sale of +1 battleaxe)
100 gp
600 gp (black pearl)
Ring of Force Shield (Ioco?, 8500 gp)
Ring of Protection +1 (Lorel?, 2000 gp)
Scroll (Summon Monster I, Enlarge: CL 1, 50 gp, Aerdaluna?)
Scroll (Shield, Tongues: CL 5, 500 gp, Aerdaluna?)
Scroll (Summon Monster II, Mount: CL 3, 225 gp, Aerdaluna?)
castings of delay poison from druid (from donation of Scroll(Hold
Person, Summon Nature’s Ally II))

Equal Share = 340 gp