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Prophecy: Episode Eight: “Welcome to Brindinford: Rats!” (05/13/04)

Episode Eight: “Welcome to Brindinford: Rats!” (05/13/04)

[Featuring Aerdaluna, Lorel, and Iris]

Ioco was summoned again by the Seer. Not sure if they could
tackle the wererats alone, the rest of the party made plans with
some trepidation.

They decided on an pre-dawn run hoping to keep the possiblity of
bystanders being hurt to a minimum, and perhaps, to even catch the
wererats sleeping. The decided to start from the top of the bell
tower and work their way down. So, quietly casting a wizard lock on
the bottom door, they climbed the stairs to the top. They
encountered a trap half way up that they were unable to disarm, but
that they were able to carry people across to avoid. Once they
reached the top they were attacked by two gargoyles who they were
able to destroy in short order.

Cautiously starting down the tower they entered the topmost
room. There in they found three wererats who were hiding in the
rafters among the pulleys and ropes that controlled the bells. They
fought a hard battle and were largely successful due to the use of
a sonicball that Aerdaluna had recently gained access to.
Though more wererats tried to surround the party (approaching from
the outside), their numbers were not enough to seriously threaten
the party. The wererats had a wererat bard who was aiding them, but
even he eventually succumbed to the magical forces unleased by the

Charming one of the surviving wererats, they investigated the
remaining levels only to find them abandoned and two (Turvin, the
bell ringer, and Guido, a rogue) of their number having escaped.
The party looted the tower before turning over the surviving
wererat and informing the town guard of the nest the party had
found. They returned to the inn to rest and consider their next


Supporting Cast





more wererats

Nathan, wererat bard

Experience Gained

2000 xp

Treasure Gained

6000 sp

23 gp

10 gp Azurite gem

70 gp amber gem

800 gp topaz gem

Potion of Invisibility (Aerdaluna, 300 gp)

Potion of Jump (Charley, 50 gp)

Cloak of Resistance +1 (Iris, 1000 gp)

Scroll of (Arcane Mark, Comprehend Languages, Mending, Read
Magic) (Aerdaluna, 75 gp)

Scroll of (Charm Animal, Detect Poison) (Lorel, 37 gp)

Minor Shocking Spike (Aerdaluna, 750 gp)

Equal Share = 501 gp