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Prophecy: Episode Seven: “Welcome to Brindinford: A Day at the Fair”

Episode Seven: “Welcome to Brindinford: A Day at the Fair”

[Featuring Ioco, Aerdaluna, Lorel, and Iris]

The heroes after returning to the caves of The Seer were asked
to go to Brindinford to investigate the disappearance of two of The
Seer’s operatives (additionally that was the only place nearby that
Ioco would be able to sell the masterwork equipment that they had
recovered from the bandits). Upon arriving they were innundated
with the throng of people–visitors, merchants, entertainers. Going
first the the Stony Gaze Tavern, they inquired about Nathan, the
most recent missing agent. They discovered that he had not been
back to his room for over a week. Purchasing his belongings, to
either give back to him or to dispose of, the investigators found
no clues that clearly stated that he had left suddenly.

Talking with the other patrons and tavern workers they
discovered the following rumors: 1) The captain of the town guard,
one Merdick Forren, disapeared the day before the fair began. He
was last seen in Chatterstreet Market. 2) There have been a number
of grisly deaths in Southspur recently. No bodies were found, but
the sheer quantity of blood found at the scenes leaves little doubt
as to the victims’ fate. 3) There is a story circulating about town
about the “laughing ghost of West Hill.” Residents and visitors in
West Hill have heard strange, otherworldly laughter through the
streets, with no definte source. Tales say that a scholar, driven
mad by his explorations into “things mortals were not meant to
know” took his own life, and his ghost now haunts his old
neighborhood. 4) There is a dwarven master smith off the market
that might be able to buy their spare armor.

They set out to talk to the town guard, but ran into some
trouble first. A group of wererats and dire rats were attacking
some of the merchants. The party killed most of them (though they
think a few might have gotten away). Realizing that there were
lycanthropes in town, they decided to head for the weaponsmith

Finding the Shoomma, an ancient female dwarven master
weaponsmith, they traded their booty from the bandits for getting
some of their weapons treated with alchemical silver. The weapons
would be ready by the next morning. She also gave them some more
information: 1) In light of the wererats’ attack in Eastgate and
the reported a large number of rats crawling over the bell tower,
there may be some connection. 2) She knew the pervious keeper of
the bells, Revven, very well, and she meet Turvin, the current
keeper when he was a baby, but isn’t famiiliar with him as an
adult. 3) The captain of the town guard, Merdick Forren,
disappeared just before the fair began. He was in Chatterstreet
Market last; in fact, she spoke with him just a few hours before he
was reported missing. He was on a routine patrol, not investigating
anything in particular, though he was asking questions about
reports he’d received of extortions. 4) A number of merchants in
the Market neighborhood have complained to Shoomma about crime in
the last few months. Some have suffered theft, while thugs offering
“protection” from theft and vandalism in exchange for money or
other favors have approached others. Those who refused to pay were
always victimized shortly thereafter. On reflection, Shoomma notes,
the crimes could well have been committed by wererats–that would
explain how the criminals remained undetected.

While Aerdaluna went to secure lodging for the evening, Ioco,
Lorel, and Iris continued on to visit the constabulary. On the way
there they noticed that they were being followed. Setting an ambush
for their tail, they captured two men who turned out to be
wererats. They took them to the town guards, who are going to hold
them for questioning (and to prevent them from reporting back to
the other wererats before the party attacks the bell tower). They
returned to the tavern where Aerdaluna had secured rooms for them
and rested up for an early morning attack.


Supporting Cast

Shoomma, ancient female dwarf master weaponsmith

various villagers and town guards


Nebula, Aerdaluna’s hawk familiar




Experience Gained

2000 xp

Treasure Gained

Cloak of Resistance +1 (Ioco, 1000 gp)

Bracers of Armor +1 (Aerdaluna, 1000 gp)

Potion of Enlarge (5th level) (Lorel, 250 gp)

Potion of Reduce (5th level) (Lorel, 250 gp)

Potion of Non-detection (Ioco, 750 gp)

+1 rapier (Ioco, 2320 gp)

Equal Share = 0 gp