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Prophecy: Episode Six: “The Home of the Bandits, Part 3” (03/11/04)

Episode Six: “The Home of the Bandits, Part 3” (03/11/04)

[Featuring Serenity, Aerdaluna, Lorel, and Iris]

Returning to the ruins, the adventureres again braved the lower
level. They successfully used the same trick on the bugbear as they
did the previous time…

Encountered dueragar…

Encountered bandits…

Supporting Cast

various Duergar

Gralie, Duergar leader


Wolfie, Lorel’s pet wolf


Drendel, half-red dragon, bandit leader

Bart, bandit illusionist

various bandits

Experience Gained

1600 xp

Treasure Gained

Potions of Cure Light Wounds (10) (all)
Potions of Fog Cloud (15) (all)
Potions of Pass w/o Trace (15) (all)
Studded leather +1 (two sets) (Charley and Iris)
Poison (mild alteration) (Aerdaluna) – destroyed
Scroll (divine, CL 2): Bane, Bless (Iris)
Bag of holding (Type I) (Serenity)
Various masterwork weapons and armor (“sold” in Brindinford for
silvering of various weapons)
Dragon Egg chest with 6 ioun stones
-deep red: +2 Dex (Ioco)
-incandescent blue: +2 Wis (Iris)
-pink with green veins: +2 Cha (Serenity)
-scarlet with blue veins: +2 Int (Aerdaluna)
-pale lavender: absorbs spells of 4th level or lower
-lavender with green veins: absorbs spells of 8th level or lower

Gold found in ruins: 350 gp
Reward for capturing/routing bandits: 690 gp (20 gp per bandit +
100 gp for Fredrick and Drendel + 50 gp for Bart)

Gems/jewelry in ruins:
Non-magical gold ring (40 gp)
Two Malachite gems (10 gp each)
One Citrine gem (50 gp)
Silver serving pieces and goblets (400 gp)
Alabaster box filled with ungents (200 gp)
gold neclace with small garnets (850 gp)

Total value of monetary treasure: 2600 gp
Divided amoung five people is 520 gp each.

Everyone gets 2 CLW, 3 Fog Cloud, 3 Pass w/o Trace (1150 gp)
Serenity (Bag of Holding, 2500 gp; +2 Cha stone, 8000 gp) = 11650
Aerdaluna (Studded Leather +1, 1175 gp; +2 Int, 8000 gp; absorb
4th, 20000 gp) = 30325 gp
Lorel (absorb 8th, 40000 gp) = 41150 gp
Ioco (+2 Dex, 8000 gp) = 9150 gp
Iris (Studded Leather +1, 1175 gp; Scroll, 50 gp; +2 Wis, 8000 gp)
= 10325 gp