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Prophecy: Episode Five: “The Home of the Bandits, Part 2” (02/19/04)

Episode Five: “The Home of the Bandits, Part 2” (02/19/04)

[Featuring Ioco, Serenity, Aerdaluna, Lorel, and Iris]

Returning to the ruins early the next morning, the heros again
attempted to use trickery to defeat their opponents. Ioco had
returned after having talked briefly with another Bard who had
known Peragro. Charley had agreed to be bound in service to
Aerdaluna in exchange for his death sentence and so became
Aerdaluna’s body guard. Realizing that the remaining bandits would
be missing their fellows, they determined to come up with another
ruse. This time Serenity went in disguised as one of the missing
bandits. He explained to the remainders that they needed to come
out and help him with the other missing bandits. This worked the
first few times, but eventually the remaining bandits became
suspusious. The group of them followed Serenity out to investigate
and a battle ensued wherein the heroes were victorious.

There being no surviving bandits, they decided to investigate
the lower level where the real leaders were. The first encounter
was a viscious fight as the heroes battled against zombies lead by
a ghoulish priest. They next encountered, ???, a bugbear who was
not going to let them travel deeper into the ruins, but Serenity
convinced him (with a telepathic nudge) to step outside for a few
minutes while they continued on. They next encountered some bandits
resting in their bunks with Fredrick their half-demonic lieutenant.
The battle again was fierce, but quick; and, the heroes captured
all these bandits alive, including Fredrick. Again low on spells
and having too many prisoners to keep track of, they decided to
head back to Wondo and Melina’s Dream.

The heroes interrogated Fredrick while Iris read his mind to
verify his statements. Not sure what to expect if they ventured
back to the ruins (the remaining bandits were just as likely to
flee as to set a trap for the heroes according to Fredrick), they
warily prepared to return…


Supporting Cast

Charley (now Aerdaluna’s bodyguard)


more bandits

Fredrick, a fiendish bandit Lieutenant

Experience Gained

1600 xp

Treasure Gained