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Prophecy: Episode Four: “The Home of the Bandits, Part 1” (01/08/04)

Episode Four: “The Home of the Bandits, Part 1” (01/08/04)

[Featuring Serenity, Aerdaluna, and Lorel, and introducing

After the confusion involving the Prisius’, Wondo asked if the
investigators might be able to help him with a problem with some
local bandits. The heroes agreed even before they knew there was a
reward for their capture, dead or alive. Before they could leave,
Ioco was summoned back to the Seer. The bandits had so far
consistently evaded Wondo’s attempts to locate their hideout. He
believed that they were based out of a ruined keep, but every time
he and his men investigated they found nothing to indicate that the
keep was occupied.

The heroes travelled through snowy hills to reach the keep just
as a large snow storm was about to set in. Watching the keep from a
distance they determined that there was activity at the keep and so
snuck up on the inhabitants.

Aerdaluna approached the front gate, and in a fog cloud disabled
the one guard and charmed the other guard, Charley, who where
guarding the gate. Charley was convinced that there was a coup
afoot and tricked his fellows inside the keep to come out to help
with his “drunken” companion (in actuallity Serenity). The heroes
ambushed the bandits and quickly killed or captured the small first
guard. Injured, low on spells, and with a few captives, the heroes
headed back to Melina’s Dream to rest and recover. Early the next
morning, the group headed back to the


Supporting Cast

Wondo Brecken


Charley, a bandit

Randi, bandit liuetenant

various bandits

Experience Gained

1600 xp

Treasure Gained