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Prophecy: Episode Two: “The Burning Plague, Part 2” (11/20/03)

Episode Two: “The Burning Plague, Part 2” (11/20/03)

[Featuring Ioco, Aerdaluna, and Lorel]

Returning to the mines, the heros went deeper into the caverns.
Before entering the main mining cavern, they were accosted by traps
laid by the kobolds and Luna, lost his hunting hound.

The main cavern was littered with scree. The remaining kobolds
were holed up in the mining ledge where the recent silver ore was
discovered. Inching their way towards the ledge (hiding behind
stalagmites and hugging the cavern walls), they slowly picked off
the kobolds while taking minimal damage.

Luna, summoned a celestial
who not only killed one of the kobolds; but, more
importantly, provided the distraction needed for the others to
climb the cables to reach the ledge. Once there, they heros made
short work of the humanoids.

Finding two immature kobolds the warriors put them to a quick
death against the protestations of Luna.

Advancing deeper into the mines, the party encountered a cesspit
full of dead and decaying, disease ridden bodies. A few zombies
briefly accosted the heros as they ran across the chamber,
apparently content not to follow after they left the chamber.

Finally, the party encountered the true source of the disease.
An orc, Jakk of the
Tornclaw tribe, had created an altar to
Gruumsh. Jakk was carrying out revenge against the humans who
had attacked his tribe years ago. The battle was frought with
trepidation until the pivotal moment when Luna managed to charm
Jakk. While they had him in their trust, the heros convinced Jakk
to remove his armor and weapons (so that they could be repaired).
Thus defensless, they quickly slaughtered him. <mike’s pc>
took special relish in slaying one of his hated foes. Immediately
upon Jakk’s death, the fouled wellspring began to clear and all
traces of Gruumsh’s presence
quickly faded.

Returning to the town to rest, Ioco spent the next week in bed
recovering from a combined attack of the Burning Plague and Slimy
Doom. During that time, Luna and Lorel cleared out the remaining
threats in the mines and began to clear out and burn the diseased

The inhabitants of Duvik’s Pass hailed the party as heroes and
were especially grateful that the party hauled the silver ore (that
had been mined before the miners died) to the town.

Supporting Cast

villagers of Duvik’s Pass


Jakk, an orc of the Tornclaw tribe

zombie kobolds

Experience Gained

1 level

Treasure Gained

scroll, 5th (Lesser Restoration, Dispel Magic) (Ioco, 525

1300 gp in coins and gems

+1 good bane heavy mace (desecrated/destroyed)

+1 cloak of resistance (Aerdaluna, 1000 gp)

Equal Share = 433 gp


Prophecy: Episode One: “The Burning Plague, Part 1” (11/1/03)

Episode One: “The Burning Plague, Part 1” (11/1/03)

[Featuring Ioco, Aerdaluna, and Lorel]

The heros, after meeting with the Seer, introduced themselves and planned a
trip to Camarin to stock up on supplies
and check out the local landscape. Before they left, the Seer
mentioned that they should seek out Father
Samual while in Camarin, though she wouldn’t say why. While
there, <brian’s pc>, was talking with
Evet Skarm and restocking his component pouch. Feeling ill, he
excused himself and headed back to the Inn of the Rose, where he
was to meet the rest of the adventurers.

Upon the arrival of the rest of the heros, they found
<brian’s pc> lying in a bed feverish with huge blisters on
his body. Inquiring of the locals, they thought that he had come
down with the Burning Plague, an as yet incurrable disease that
originated from Duvik’s Pass. Looking for Father Samual, who they
thought might have some answers, the discovered that he was in
Duvik’s Pass. Leaving <brian’s pc> in the tender care of
Ydna Rose, the propriator of the inn, they left for Duvik’s
Pass to see if they could find some way to alleviate the plague
that had incapacitated their new comrade.

Arriving in Duvik’s Pass the party sought Father Samual who
revealed to them the recent history of
the plague and the current status of the town of Duvik’s Pass.
Father Samual has been at a loss to counter the plague, but has
been diligently praying for succor. When the heros get to town, he
saw it as a sign from the gods that they have sent relief from
their suffering. A local townsboy, Tobin Tungstan, was able to lead
the adventuerers to the mine and described the final sounds,
screams and shouts of battle and fear, he heard from the miners who
last ventured into the mines, one of whom was his father.

Luna, Ioco, and Lorel ventured into the mines to
discover answers. They were rewarded with the discovery of what
they think is the cause of the plague, large plague infested
rats. Setting fire to the larder, they hope to have disposed of
the infected creatures. <mike’s pc> was bitten by one of the
rats before they were put to fire and briefly succumbed to the
plague, his elven constitution hardened by the rigors of outdoor
living, quickly threw off the disease though it left him slightly

They also discoverd what they think is the cause of the missing
miners, a warband of
kobolds. Catching the kobolds by surprise as they ate in the
mess hall, the heros killed the invaders, but were sorely injured
during the battle. Realizing discretion is the better part of
valor, they retreated to Duvik’s Pass for the evening to recover
and heal up.

Supporting Cast

The Seer

Father Samual




Experience Gained

1 level

Treasure Gained

none yet